Parenting is not as tough as it seems. Although things have drastically changed since we were kids but love and concern of parents can never change. It is still the same – as pure as the untouched snow.

Wonder Parenting is a blog for all the parents who want a positive shift in parenting and child development. We aspire to make parenting experience more joyful and to reduce the anxiety level of new parents.

Parents of this generation are conscious of everything. They do proper research and planning before doing any task. Be it studies, health, shopping, lifestyle, family planning or be it parenting. Parenting styles have been changing for generations. Wonder Parenting aims to provide information to parents through its website on positive parenting and much more.

Parents are the first teacher in a child’s life, who not only provides knowledge and learning but also inculcate values in a child. The goal of our website is to promote happy parent-child relationship and healthy child development.

Wish you a very Happy Parenting!

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Divya is a writer, who loves to read and write. She is a Company Secretary by profession. She is passionate about art, reading, writing, music, and creativity. She loves to do research on ‘Parenting’ and discover new things now and then. Her passion about positive parenting pushed her to write on ‘Wonder Parenting’. Her loving daughter, Vachie, helped her to dig deep and reach new heights on Parenting. She believes that ‘Parenting is Patience’ and shares her own journey to express that parenting approach differs for every individual.
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