ZEE5 EDUAURAA – Key Benefits of Video-Based Learning and E-Books

Covid – 19 is a misfortune that not only affected our life and world but also the entire education system. The education system is disturbed and thus have impactfully affected the students. It was one of the finest decisions and the formation of schools devised plans for the schools to shift to the online mode of education. Teacher’s honest efforts have been nourishing tons of futures by taking day-to-day online classes. Keeping an eye on rapid race and ethnicity in education, Eduauraa intervenes as a backbone for the students.

About Eduauraa

Eduauraa is a visualizer for the young generation that leads to determination, achieving goals, and build a strong educational background. It was created with a vision for the students to establish a connection with education, knowledge, and its roots.

This platform is the potential to democratize education by using the best technology that helps to learn concepts through e-books, solve test papers, and to analyze the concept of knowledge. It helps the students to bring innovative ideas to the spotlight, making premier quality education to reach every corner of India at an affordable price.

The platform has set up a benchmark to change any problematic situations for a wider and a good purpose. Being a transformer in the Indian education landscape, it can position a child’s mind where it belongs to. Eduauraa and ZEE5 collaborated on a valuable note, strategized and designed to serve the kids’ knowledge with entertainment which leads to score better.


Features & Highlights of Eduauraa

  • Online Learning – A Positive Source

Eduauraa steps in to break the stereotype culture of learning with books and slates. Its specialty shines for the best experience on desktop and laptop. It has indulged in the growing generation by providing education in a fun and interactive way. This platform serves techniques that keep the students engaged in considering motion graphics for learnings to help students readily understand concepts.

  • High-Quality Education

It has prominently signified the importance of education and served top-notch quality of learnings. The quality of content has especially structured by the expert teachers keeping in mind student’s capability and convenience. Eduauraa is centered with an ideology to make every session interactive and include the usage of mind maps for a variety of subjects.

  • Friendly & Easy Going Teachers

No doubt about the experts hired on the platform, Eduauraa has an excellent team of high profiled monitors and teachers who deliver the best services. A team of wizards to ensure the students are well-aimed. It holds key benefits to make the learnings entertaining by delivering video-based learning education and e-books.

  • Providing Compelling & Good Quality Content

Students get engrossed in a subject only when it comes across to their point of interest. Eduauraa ensures that the content is been servings hits straight to their mind. To better understand the landscape of education, the content is well explained with examples and stories.

The virtual classrooms combine all kinds of minds and create a friendly environment for the students. The primary outcomes are documented for literacy development, cognitive development, and social development.

Aims & Objectives of Eduauraa

Eduauraa maintains the balance between providing valuable knowledge and serving entertainment at the same time. Engaging virtual studies have been targeted to report strongly positive responses and outcomes.

The syllabus has been constructed in the simplest form including maps and is designed by experts according to ICSE, the CBSE board. The social interaction holds a visualization that synthesizes the educational environment to be leisurely and pleasurable.

To make it more interesting, the platform comes across and collaborates with ZEE5, one of the Top OTT platforms with all the exclusive shows and movies. The students are more involved and invest their more interest in it as it becomes a worth-good interactive session with ZEE5.

Eduauraa partners with ZEE5 to provide valuable educational content and world-class online at an affordable price worth Rs. 999. Education is now with ZEE5 Premium offering kids a safe environment with a limited time offer up till 31st Oct. Basically with the Annual ZEE5 subscription you can avail for entertainment and education.

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If you are looking for an eye to brighten and enhance your child’s future, I think it is the best platform to hop in. It denies to disappoint you in terms of setting up an educational factor. With the help of Eduauraa, the raising scores and the increasing knowledge of your child will make your heart settle the faith in it.

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Happy Learning!



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