Indian Republic Day 2022 – 10 Facts Children Must Know About Republic Day Celebration

Patriotism is neither an age-dependent nor a seasonal thing. We need to transfer knowledge to our children to grow up as a responsible citizen of the hardship behind getting the country independent. Republic Day Celebration of India, January 26, an auspicious day, is a touchable part of the history and a grand affair of India.

On 26th of November 1949, the Constitution was adopted in the Indian Constituent Assembly but came into effect on the date of 26th January 1950.

26th January was the day in 1929 when Purna Swaraj was declared by the Indian National Congress and clearly opposed to the Dominion status offered by the British.

Lots of effort and sacrifice by our freedom fighters and leaders make India a Republic Country. Never assume that our children are too young to know the fact of the Republic Day Celebration. 


10 Facts of the Republic Day Celebration

Fact 1: Significance of Republic Day Celebration

Republic day of India is performed on the date of January 26 as on this auspicious day, the Constitution of India which was written by Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar came into force.

Purna Swaraj was declared in 1930 on this day. Long before India became an independent nation, the Indian national congress and many other parties used to celebrate 26th January as a symbol of Independence.

On August 15, 1947, when India gained independence, the colonial Government of India Act 1935 was the Law of governance. 

Fact 2: Number Of Days Taken To Finalize The Constitution

Though a draft of the constitution of India was finalized on 4th November 1947, it took 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days to present the constitution of India. On 24th January 1950, in the Assembly, two copies of the documents were signed.

Fact 3: Time and Date

The constitution of India came into effect on 26th January 1950 from 10:18 am. 

Fact 4: The Longest Constitution And Is Calligraphed

It is not possible to go through our constitution in a single day as this is the longest constitution in the world. More important, our constitution is not printed but calligraphed.

There are two original copies of which one in English and the other in Hindi and both are preserved in the Parliament of India.

Fact 5: Republic Day Is Addressed And Awards Presented By President

Republic Day Celebration is started by the President of India every year.

Every year on Republic Day and the President of India handed over the prestigious bravery awards on this auspicious day.

Indian Armed Forces and civilians for their acts of bravery and their courage, these prestigious awards are given to them.

Also, acts of bravery are awarded the National Bravery Award to the children as a part of the Republic Day Celebration.

Fact 6: Meaning Of The Word Republic

A country whose matters are public that is Re Public means in any Republic country, people formed the Government and any matters are taken care of considering the people only.

It is opposite to a monarch’s rule means not ruled by a King.  

Fact 7: Presidents Of Different Countries Are Invited As Chief Guest

Every year, in the Republic Day Celebration, heads of different countries are invited as chief guests.

Fact 8: Celebration

The parade in Delhi at Rajpath by our Armed Forces – The Army, The Air Force, and The Navy.

Guest of Honour is invited from other countries.

Salute by the President of India in Republic Day Celebration organized by Govt. of India

Fact 9: Difference between Republic Day and Independence Day

On 26th January every year, Republic Day is celebrated to mark the democratic country

15th August every year, Independence Day is celebrated to mark the freedom of India 

Fact 10: Republic Day is celebrated for 3 days

The Republic Day celebration continues for three-days which comes to an end with the Beating Retreat. At Raisina Hill where the Army, Air Force, and the Navy display their bands.

The hymn, “Abide with me” is played while the flag is brought down. The Republic Day celebration comes to an end with the tunes of “Sare Jahan Se Acchcha”.

This year Republic Day Celebration will take place in a very cautious way as the Pandemic is still going on but we will all celebrate the day with pride and honor. 

Happy Republic Day!


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