7 Significant tips to take care of your dental bridges-wonderparenting

Dental Bridges | 7 Significant tips to take care of your dental bridges

Tooth loss is something that is considered to be almost inexorable and previously, most accepted it as a natural phenomenon of life that none can escape. But that is not the case anymore! Thanks to the advancement in dentistry, now you do not have to give in to the so-called inevitable fate and you can retain your million-dollar smile for life with the help of modern dental implants like dental bridges and crowns.

7 Significant tips to take care of your dental bridges-wonderparenting


Dental bridges are nothing but prosthetic devices that are fixed which are cemented into the original teeth or implants fixed by dentists.

Once you opt for dental bridges you can expect to chew without any difficulty but for that, you need to take good care of your dental bridges so that they can keep functioning as they are supposed to for as long as possible.

Here are some tips to retain your dental bridges for the longest time

  1. Brush in the normal manner 

Taking care of your dental bridges do not differ much from caring for your natural teeth, fortunately. Make sure to brush normally twice a day with a quality toothbrush for keeping the teeth and bridge healthy and clean. A specific type of brush can be recommended by your dentist in this case.

2. Floss thoroughly

Flossing happens to be a very important factor for keeping your mouth clean between the teeth and the gums in order to prevent gum disease and decay from developing between the dental work and the natural teeth.  To clean your mouth thoroughly you should floss every day and preferably prior to brushing in order to clean your mouth properly.

3. Water Flossing is also an option

Water flossing is another option that many dentists recommend. The water flossing involves a small device for cleaning the teeth with water. This a great way for a comprehensive mouth cleaning.

4. Refrain from chewing ice

The ceramic dental bridges are the ones that are most commonly used. They are durable, strong, and match the color of your teeth almost exactly. But if there is excessive pressure placed on the dental work it can fracture. So try to avoid opening bottles with your teeth or chewing ice or biting nails that can enhance the chances of damaging the dental bridges.

5. Have your food thoughtfully

Just stay away from the sticky and hard foods as much as you can. And if you do indulge consume with care.  If you munch on something that is too hard there is a high risk of cracking or removing the bridge. If you observe any damage to the bridge, try to consult your dentist as soon as possible.

6. Opt for fluorine rinse 

The main purpose of the dental bridges is to restore the function and strength of the tooth crown that lies above the gum line. But you should pay special attention to care for the original gumline to prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria in the region. Though flossing and brushing are mandatory but using fluoride toothpaste and thorough fluoride rinse will boost up your oral health further against decay. This is specifically vital for those people who are at the risk of developing gum disease or high amounts of dental decay.

7. Visit the Dentist

The thing that you just can’t ignore in order to take care of your dental bridges, as well as your teeth, is to never miss an appointment with your dentist and to keep in touch with her regularly. If you have recently relocated or are in search of a proficient dentist, you can type in “orthodontist near me” in your search engine to find the right one for you. It is recommended by most dentists to visit them twice a year but consult with your dentist to know your specific requirement.

The above are some of the most significant tips that you should keep in mind in order to care for your dental bridges.

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