benefits of walking

Benefits of Walking during Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, she gets different advice from her relatives and friends and one of them is the benefits of walking during pregnancy. During pregnancy, as the body does not allow a woman to be active and energetic, walking becomes a good solution. This is the safest and best exercise for a pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, most of the expectant mothers think that walking and doing light workout sessions can affect the growing fetus. However, in reality, it is the opposite. Walking during pregnancy is associated with many benefits.

benefits of walking

Walking is one of the best exercises, which can be done during pregnancy. It is easy and mind-refreshing activity. You all must have heard from your grandmothers that they used to keep themselves active and fit during pregnancy majorly by walking and hence giving normal birth to their child. Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits of walking during pregnancy.

Benefits of Walking during Pregnancy

  1. Walking regularly during pregnancy minimizes the risk of gestational diabetes, miscarriage, birth defects, etc.
  2. It keeps you active, which helps you further during labor pain and childbirth.
  3. Walking provides you with the strength to carry the weight of your growing fetus.
  4. It helps you in giving relief from unpleasant pregnancy signs like nausea, mood swings, depression, constipation, etc.
  5. Walking helps in maintaining blood pressure and diabetes level.
  6. If you practice this healthy habit of walking regularly, it will help you lose weight post-delivery.
  7. Walking helps you to keep your heart strong and muscles toned which is of utmost importance for an expectant mother.
  8. A regular walk keeps your weight as well as your baby’s weight in check. An active mom delivers an active and healthy baby.
  9. Walking helps you to stay away from stress and exertion, which occurs in daily life.
  10. It helps to get you deep and long sleep which maintains your energy level, sound sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Habits

Furthermore, if you are planning your pregnancy and want to know how to get pregnant then a regular walk could help you to receive this good news soon. An active and healthy lifestyle always adds benefits to human life.

How much walk is sufficient during pregnancy?

If you are habitual of walking in your daily routine, then do not stop it. However, if you are going to start this healthy activity after reading this blog then start with 15 to 30 minutes of walking. Thrice a week would be good, and then you can increase your days and duration gradually. In addition, if you feel comfortable then you can continue your walk until your full-term pregnancy, otherwise, do not force yourself to get indulge in that activity wherein your body is not comfortable. Do not take any kind of stress.

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Along with the benefits of walking during pregnancy, I would also like to discuss a few precautions for the pregnant lady.

Precautions to take while walking

If you are willing and comfortable to start walking during your pregnancy, then you should follow some precautionary measures. These are as follows:

  • Always ask your partner or any of your family member or friend to accompany you at the time of the walk. Never go for the walk alone.
  • Prefer to wear walking shoes rather than choosing fancy footwear or slippers. It could cause one to slip while walking.
  • It is good to carry a water bottle with you so that in case you feel dehydrated or thirsty, this handy water bottle will help you out.
  • Never walk too fast during your pregnancy. Walk slowly and in a relaxed mood.
  • Be attentive, if you are walking in a traffic prone area.
  • When you walk, prefer to choose the location, which is safe and comfortable for a walk.
  • Never go empty stomach for a walk. Have a glass of milk or some quick snack while going for a walk.
  • If you feel tired while walking, take a break, and relax. Once you feel fine then restart.
  • Discontinue walking if you experience dizziness, breathlessness, vaginal bleeding, or an increase in your blood pressure.

Consult Your Doctor

consult doctor

Walking during pregnancy is the best way to stay active and healthy, yet it is good to discontinue your walk if you are feeling uncomfortable or your gynecologist has suggested you to take rest. Before starting any activity during pregnancy, it is good to consult with your doctor first.

Remember, if you experience breathlessness or exhaustion while walking, stop right there and make yourself relaxed and comfortable. Never push yourself to do something wherein you are not okay with the act.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for a woman. It must lead to positivity and activeness. Walking gives positivity to the mind as well, because when you go out for a walk you meet different people and see the beautiful nature, which gives a positive impact on the growing baby inside you.


Hope this blog will help you to understand the benefits of walking during pregnancy. Feel free to share your suggestions and experiences in the comments section below.

Happy Walking and Parenting!

Take Care


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