Easy Fitness Tips | The 10 digit number 9856222110 to keep you fit!

Healthy Family Happy Family! Toral Shah (Nutritionist) has shared with us easy fitness tips that are really effective.

Browsing through nutritional and health advice which if flowing on the internet can be confusing for nearly everyone, children and their families, including Paramedics like physicians, dietitians, nurses and fitness experts!

easy fitness tips

So, as a nutritionist, I am trying to simplify some sound recommendations and easy fitness tips that you can use in guiding your family and friends towards a healthy lifestyle.

In this smart world remember The 10 digit Health number 9856222110 to keep you fit!

Easy Fitness Tips

9: 9 hours of sleep

It can help protect both mental as well as physical health. While we are asleep our brain forms new pathways to help us learn and remember information. Sleep helps to maintain hormonal balance and build strong immunity. Kids, keep your screen off at least one hour before bedtime for sound sleep.

8: 8 glasses of plain drinking water

It is important to lubricate our joints, cushion organs and maintain body temperature. Reach out for more plain water whenever you can, don’t wait till you are thirsty. Watch out for the colour of urine, if its dark, pay more attention to fluid consumption. Try for buttermilk, coconut water, Jaljeera, lime water instead of any packaged bottle.  

5: 5 servings of fruits and vegetables as a power punch

We know how powerful our punch is when it comes to hitting anyone, similarly, we get this power when we eat daily 5 servings of colourful fruits and vegetables. It helps us to maintain our weight and immunity. Start your day with the colourful seasonal fruits, indulge into creating edible art with it. Kids will love to eat edible art created by them. Letting children help in planning and preparing meals to solve battle over mealtime.

6: This number indicates 6 servings of carbs in our diet

They are the primary source of energy, but currently, we are getting this from pav, bread, pasta, pizza, noodles, fried rice, doughnuts, cookies, etc. These give you only energy and has no other nutrients leading to lifestyle diseases. Friends, swap these with our grandma’s millets like Bajra Rotla pizza, Whole wheat cookies, Jowhari, Bajri Rotis or parathas, ragi dosas and pancakes. This will help you maintain your energy level and you will not feel cranky, dizzy or drowsy.

2: 2 servings of (protein) – meat and pulses

For boys and girls, it’s a beauty nutrient! Helps to keep skin and hair healthy and build a strong body. My vegetarian friends, consume a minimum of 2 bowls of dals/pulses/soya beans/peanuts etc. Motivate children by using tools like they can become like their favourite superhero or model if they eat a good amount of rajma, chana, dals, eggs, fish etc.

2: 2 servings of dairy

Start depositing a good amount of calcium in your bone bank with 2 portions of milk/curd/homemade paneer/buttermilk etc. If you ignore this soon your body will need the support of a stick to walk. Vitamin D is a companion of calcium to get deposited in our bones and teeth, so spend some time in sunlight to maximise use of calcium deposition.

2: No more than 2 hours of screen time a day

For this, don’t substitute your social and family time with screen time. Too much screen time can have unhealthy side effects of snacking on junk and idle time wasted before it. While watching, teach children to analyse food commercials like, how companies use various techniques to sell their products. Having knowledge about their nutritional content and these easy fitness tips help to make choices that are based on sound information, not by getting carried away with sales gimmicks and empty promises.

reduce screen time

1: 1 self-love

After mindful eating, don’t deprive yourself of your favourite food. Remember the rule of 10. It says 9 healthy + 1 favourite treat = 10

This 1 is for ‘The comfort food’ that we eat to love ourselves. We need it because we feel good after eating them, like chocolate cake, pav bhaji, panipuri, ice-creams, chat etc. This self-love and staying positive are very important and easy fitness tips.

1: 1 hour of daily physical activity

Instead of meeting your friends at restaurants, cafe or cinema halls, meet them at any playground to enjoy your favourite sports. That will solve the purpose of the meeting and your physical activity. Be active daily for an hour. Exercise like running, walking, jumping, tennis, football can help to strengthen bones. Play on your favourite music and make up your dance moves.

0: Avoid sugary sweetened beverages

Sugar consumption has increased dramatically, they are doing so much harm to your body that taste is not worth it! Eating food rich in sugar will give you instant energy, but soon you will feel a big let-down. This food comes with only calories and it will fill the stomach with little room left for healthy food. Children need a more balanced diet with all nutrients to support and strengthen their growing bodies.

Simple foods which come from Mother Earth, are far better and keep them much more energetic than any factory packed food. Money can buy medicines but not health. Dear parents, children’s health is the first goal of your life, nurture it with the 10 digit health number and these easy fitness tips to stay fit!

Have more easy fitness tips to add to the list that worked for you and your family? Please share with us your favourite easy fitness tips in the comments section below.

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Wish you a very Happy and Healthy Parenting!



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