Baby Toys | How to Keep Your Baby Happy During Quarantine?

The world may have come to a standstill, but ask the person who has a baby at home, they would tell you that little children do not have any button called pause or stop. With families across the globe confined in their homes with no “will be over soon” date in sight, the idea of striking a balance between office work (the current work from the home situation) and managing the kids at home seems like a nightmare. But desperate times need desperate measures such as baby toys. 


We have compiled a list to help you find the best baby toys for your kid. It is difficult to understand where to find toddler toys that suit your child but with a few tips from us, you will have some idea of what is available in the market today. Today almost all toddler toys come with an age-appropriate marking on it. So when you find such a toy make sure you read through the details and ensure no hazards are attached to them. Small toy parts can be dangerous for your baby. So you have to research well.

Tips to Buy Baby Toys

  • Beware of tiny parts:

Look for warnings that say “choking hazard” these baby toys are not for babies who are left alone to play. It simply spells disaster.

  • Think of the type of toys you want:

Planning your purchase saves you a lot of time, you can choose to buy water toys, old fashioned wooden toys, or look for educational toys that can help your baby to have fun and learn at the same time.

  • Think of your baby’s personality:

We all know that not every boy loves cars neither every girl loves dolls. Think of what they like and what they don’t like, some kids love colors or textures, so think through your child’s personality and buy a matching toy, it will interest them longer.

  • Plan your Budget:

Toys can be expensive when buying the latest models and gizmos, you may end up spending a little too much. Remember your baby will run out of interest in the toy sooner than you realize, so be careful about what you buy and how much you buy it for.

Some Ideas To Choose Baby Toys From

  • Building Builders:

This toy is designed to unleash your baby’s creativity, they come with easy to use building blocks and other unique objects, the idea is to make a house that has doors, windows, maybe a garden, a tree, you need to leave that to your baby. They will learn to give names to different characters or make a story of their own of the home they made.

  • Puzzles:

Puzzles are the most effective brain teasers and have the potential to engage kids for hours, especially if they are old enough, buy a puzzle that is for the right age group as your baby. They are mostly marked in the packing, it will not only help in developing problem-solving skills but will also boost their memories. Think of puzzles that make an animal or a face or maybe the map of a country you want your baby to learn.

  • Science Kit:

Science is fun and a fantastic way for toddlers to learn about how things work, they would for sure need the help from you as parents to do the experiments or maybe at times read them the instructions but it will for sure stimulate their brains. Some toddler toys like the science kit that helps your kid complete a circuit. It can be exciting for your kid when they see that they lit a bulb or maybe a planting kit, teach your baby to plant a seed and water it daily, they would love to watch the plant grow and you can tell the science behind it.

  • Tablets:

One cannot ignore the power of technology. Today kids learn to use smartphones before they learn to walk. Getting a tablet that gives knowledge about science, arts, or history with pre-loaded videos or stories can be a good way to engage your baby. Some even come with bedtime stories and lullabies.

  • Creative Art:

Another good choice for your baby. Get a painting set with sketched outlines and get them painting, guide them with colors of walls, trees, water, etc. This is a great way to keep your toddler busy while you complete your work.

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By now, you must have got some ideas on the baby toys that are available for you to choose from. So go ahead make your choice and make this quarantine a happy learning and fun phase for yourself and your baby. Be safe!

Happy Parenting!



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