Kids Bedtime Stories |Top 6 Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

Reading out to your kids in this gizmo freak world of lifeless interactions is the best thing you can do. And, of course, it is one of the best things to build a bond with your kids and spend quality time with them in this fast pacing lifestyle. Cognitive faculties also get boosted along with the bonding. There are ample benefits of reading kids bedtime stories to them.


Nothing can beat the feeling of snuggling next to your kids as you read out to them. Short moral stories for kids are not only a source of joy but also teach them life values. It is rightly said that there is no substitute for books in one’s life.

It has been proved that 18-24-months-old kids who have been read regularly by their elders were able to speak and understand more words comparatively. Reading at an early age stimulates that part of the brain that helps in enhancing language skills. It will improve their communication skills.

Before reading the list of best bedtime stories for kids, let’s take a look at 5 benefits of bedtime stories for children.

5 Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Children

  • Develops healthy bonding

It facilitates a healthy and positive relationship. Kids’ bedtime stories help you to spend quality time with your kids.

  • Enhances communication skills

Your child gains valuable communication skills by interacting with the characters of classic bedtime stories for kids.

To make reading more alive, use your body language during the storytelling sessions of kids bedtime stories. It will develop curiosity about the world around them. Short stories for kids develop language and communication skills.

  • Boosts imagination

Reading short stories for kids in English or any other regional language gives wings to the child’s imagination. Short moral stories for kids raise the IQ by over 6 points and also the curiosity levels.

  • Increases concentration level

When you are narrating short stories for kids, they are seated in one place for some time. It helps them to increase their focus as they interconnect the sequences of the story.

  • Develops the love for books

Storytelling at an early age helps in developing a love for books. Reading habits of kids bedtime stories leads to success in life.

After reading the benefits of bedtime stories for children, let’s read the best bedtime stories for kids in English. You can also translate these short stories for kids in English to Hindi according to the understanding level of your children.

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Top 6 Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

  1. The Magic Pot – Kids Bedtime Stories

There was a girl who used to live with her mother. They had nothing to eat and were very poor. One evening, the girl was very sad and sitting quietly under the tree. An old lady came and gave her a little pot. She told her it’s a magical pot that cooks sweet porridge. All she needs to say is “Cook little pot”. And to stop cooking, say, “Stop little pot”.

The girl gave this magical pot to her mother and they tried the pot. Soon it was full of sweet little porridge. Both ate it happily. One day, the girl was not at home, her mother said to the pot, “Cook little pot”. The pot cooked the porridge but she forgot how to stop it.

Now, the pot overflowed and spilled over into the street. All the villagers got scared of the porridge flood. Finally, the girl returned and said, “Stop little pot”. And the pot stopped cooking! Her mother then never forgot the magical words.

  1. The Princess And The Frog – Kids Bedtime Stories

Once there was a king who had a gorgeous daughter. She was playing in the forest when her ball fell in a pond. Suddenly, a frog jumped out of the pond and said, “I can get your ball, but you have to promise me that you will love me in return.”

The princess agreed but as the frog took out his ball, she ran away. The next day, the frog reached the king’s palace. He told everything to the king. The king told her daughter that she should not break her promise.

The frog started living with the princess and she started liking him a lot. One day, that frog turned into a young and handsome prince. He told her that a curse had made him a frog and her true love broke that curse now.

Both were then married and lived happily ever after.

  1. Sugar Bakes Cupcakes – Kids Bedtime Stories

There was a rabbit who was very sweet and loved to bake sweet things. Her parents called her ‘Sugar’! Cupcakes were her favorite. One day, she told her brother, Bunny, to bake carrot cupcakes together. He also used to enjoy baking with Sugar.

She got all the ingredients and mixed them well. Bunny put the batter into cupcake molds and set the oven. They were excited but it was taking time. So, they left the kitchen to watch their favorite TV show.

Soon the aroma floated into the living room but it was foul. They were burnt! Both rushed into the kitchen and cleaned up the mess. They were upset but Sugar again started making the batter with the remaining ingredients. She didn’t want to give up! This time they stayed in the kitchen and cleaned the kitchen counter instead of watching TV.

Sugar and Bunny enjoyed their carrot cupcakes one after the other!

  1. Off To Candy Land – Kids Bedtime Stories

There were twins, Andy and Mandy, who were very fond of candy. Their mother had to hide all the candies. One day, a strong wind blew as if their room was spinning. And when the wind stopped, both were surprised as they landed somewhere else. The place had grand trees, full of candies and a blue pond full of candy syrup. Yes, they were in Candy Land!

They explored the Candy Land and collected as much stuff as they could. They came across a Candy House and knocked on the door. The Candy-maker, Brenda came out with pink cotton-candy hair. She showed them how to make candy and gave them all to taste.

Andy and Mandy both came to know that it is all made up of sugar, which is not healthy if eaten too much. Now it was time to go home. Brenda waved her ladle like a magic wand and they landed in their room. Now they did not want to have any more for a long, long time as they have eaten so much candy!

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  1. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – Kids Bedtime Stories

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the fairy tale stories for kids, which they love to hear again and again.

Once there was a princess who was extremely fair and thus named as Snow White. Her mother died at a young age so her father got married again. But the new queen was evil and had a magical mirror that spoke.

One day, the magical mirror said that Snow White is the most beautiful. Out of jealousy, the queen ordered a hunter to kill Snow White. But the hunter left her in the forest instead of killing her, where she found a small cottage of seven dwarfs. She started living with them.

After a few days, the queen again asked the same question, ‘Who is the most beautiful woman?’ The mirror again answered the same. She got angry and started searching for her in the disguise of an old lady. Finally, the queen found Snow White and gave her a poisoned apple. She ate it and fell down, as though dead! Dwarfs kept her in a glass coffin.

One day a young prince came and took the coffin to his palace as he fell in love with her. One of his servants suddenly hit her back and the poisoned apple came out of her mouth. The prince was happy to see her alive and they both got married happily.

  1. Magical Skipping Rope – Kids Bedtime Stories

Once there was a princess, who was very lazy and never exercised. All-day long, she used to eat and sleep. Soon, she fell sick. So, the queen called the doctor for her checkup. The doctor knew the major problem behind her sickness is her laziness.

So, the doctor made a plan and gave a skipping rope to the princess. He said that it was a magical skipping rope. She had to skip half an hour twice a day and she will feel better soon.

The princess was not aware of this exercise. She thought it is a treatment and she followed it as told by the doctor. Within a few days, she became healthy. She asked the doctor about how this magic worked.

Then, the doctor told him that it is not magic and we all need to do exercise regularly. By doing exercise daily, we will never fall ill again.

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Reading kids bedtime stories is a way to teach them good manners and moral values. By making the kids bedtime stories more interactive, you come to know about your kid’s thinking and viewpoint. Kids bedtime stories also open a doorway to creative writing and storytelling in a different manner. It is another way to teach good habits to kids.

You can also translate the above short stories for kids in Hindi. The above kids bedtime stories are bedtime stories for boys as well as girls. Please share your innovative way of telling kids bedtime stories in the comments section below.

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Wish you a very Happy Parenting and Happy Reading!


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