51 Best Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Boys & Girls

Participating in a fancy dress competition is a childhood memory for all of us, right? But, nowadays, the fancy dress ideas in schools have gained new limelight. The whole angle of fancy dress costume ideas has changed.

The logic behind organizing such fancy dress competitions and events, according to the present scenario, can be that through the organization of fancy dress competitions and the implementation of various fancy dress ideas, the schools are indirectly raising the level of students’ knowledge about the respective culture, history, and traditional practices.

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The fancy dress ideas, these days, are also fun oriented as they also include the various entertainment world characters such as superheroes, princesses, and fairies.

This article will catch the attention of its readers towards the numerous fancy dress ideas and trends which prevail in the present-day situation.

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Fancy Dress Themes

The fancy dress idea is such an idea that can be a part of any event in the schools or in children’s birthday parties. This part of the article is all about the fancy dress themes which can be chosen to add flavor and base to the fancy dress event.

There can be various themes that can be chosen as the base behind the fancy dress ideas depending upon the occasion on which the event is supposed to be held and also according to the audience for which the event is organized.

Few themes which can be chosen to add fun and quality to the fancy dress ideas as a whole can be as follows-

Theme 1: What is your future?


In this, the participants can be asked to choose any particular profession of their choice and dress accordingly. These fancy dress ideas will invoke a sense of ambition and thought about the future in your child. Few professions which can add a base to the fancy dress ideas and grace the fancy dress event are:

1. Doctor

Help your child dress up as a doctor and enact likewise on the stage. For this, you will need formal attire combined with a lab coat and a stethoscope to let your child feel like and appear as a doctor while he graces the dais with his presence.

doctor fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

DialogueI am the one who has a solution to almost all your illnesses. Always there to help you!

2. Fireman

Like the job of a doctor, the job of a fireman also holds great responsibility for saving peoples’ lives. If you choose this fancy dress idea, you will perhaps be able to inculcate the values of kindness and helpfulness in your child in lieu of enacting these roles on the stage.

firemen fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

DialogueAlways there at your rescue in the time of need!

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3. Sports Person

With this profession as a choice for your child, you are perhaps going to succeed in adding team spirit and a sense of fellowship to your child’s personality.

sportsman fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

The choice of sport is completely upon you and your child’s preferences. All you need once you frame your mind is a suitable dress or uniform. It will enable your child to take the face of a sportsperson and glorify the fancy dress ideas.

4. Policeman

For this profession, you can hire a costume of a policeman and team it up with a toy gun. You can also use a mustache and goggles to give a look of Singham or Dabangg.

5. Artist

All you need for this fancy dress costume is a paint-splattered apron, a palette full of paint and a few paintbrushes.

6. Astronaut

Encourage your child’s ambition with this type of fancy dress ideas. You need a spacesuit or a silver jumpsuit that is worn inside the space shuttles with an astronaut’s helmet.

7. Rockstar

One of the most favorite fancy dress costume ideas for kids these days is a look of a rockstar. You just need ribbed denim with a glittery t-shirt and a guitar. Highlight it with a unique hairstyle and your kid is ready to perform.

Theme 2: For any national occasion

Indian National Leaders and Freedom Fighters

One of the most favorite fancy dress ideas at the time of any national occasion is this theme. The fancy dress ideas addressing the Indian National Leaders and freedom fighters is the easiest to recreate but, at the same time to carry that impact along is equally challenging.

Here are some fancy dress ideas which can be worked upon:

8. APJ Abdul Kalam

This Late former President of India marked his presence as a youth icon and a national hero for all the generations to look upon. A scientist by profession, his role is hard to play because of his talking style and strong personality. To recreate his attire, all you need is a simple man suit and a tie, a white wig to add a real touch to the look would do wonders.

APJ Abdul Kalam fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue– For a wonderful impact on the stage, the kids can quote, “You have to dream if you want your dreams to come true.”

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9. Shaheed Bhagat Singh

No fancy dress event is complete without the inclusion of this amazing freedom fighter. This national hero and revolutionary were executed at the age of 23.

The costumes for this look are easily available at any such store all around India. A formal white shirt, a hat of his style along with a mustache are the requirements to complete the look of Bhagat Singh at any fancy dress event.

bhagat singh fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

The choice of this character for your child will most probably help him be the ambassador of the fancy dress ideas as a whole.

Dialogue- The children quote, “They may kill me but, they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body but, they will not be able to crush my spirit.”

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10. Indira Gandhi

This is the perfect character choice to leave your mark and be remembered whenever people think of any fancy dress ideas.

This former Prime Minister of India was not only an amazing politician but also a style icon and a woman of substance. She has been a popular choice amongst kids for fancy dress competitions.

indira gandhi fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

The requirements to carry her look well can include a plain and white saree with a thin line of the border. To replicate her hairstyle, you can use a blunt, black wig that has a streak of white in it. You can also use a little bit of talcum powder to give a white tint in hair.

Dialogue– The most famous dialogue of this lady was “You cannot shake with a clenched fist.”

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11. Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known by the name of Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader famous for his non-violence, honesty, and path of truth. Kids and mothers love this fancy dress costume idea as it is simple. You just need a dhoti, stick, head skin, and glasses.

Dialogue – Be the change you want to see in the world.

Theme 3: What do you like to eat? (Food preferences)

Another theme that can be chosen as a fancy dress idea is the food items. These fancy dress ideas will enlighten your child’s thinking about the nutritional value of the food which he or she eats. And builds a sense of awareness about which foods are healthy and which are not.

The thought behind these fancy dress ideas is not condemning the comfort foods but, spreading awareness about what kind of foods are actually good for the health of children.

In the case of a kids’ fancy-dress event, one can always choose certain junk foods and throw light upon the ill effects of that particular bunch of food items by portraying them through your child’s attire.

Jotted below are a few examples of food items that can be chosen to take the shape of your child’s attire for the particular theme based fancy dress ideas.

12. Candy Bar

The candy bars are one of the junk consumables in the list of children’s favorites. They are perhaps unaware of the ill effects that these candy bars tend to have upon their health. However, occasional consumption is not a matter of concern.

candy bar fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

All you need to prepare your child for this roleplay is to use cardboard and numerous candy colors or the regular chocolate color to portray your child as a candy bar in the fancy dress event.

Dialogue- I am candy, I am sweet and I share the goodness of chocolates with whoever I meet.

13. Burger

You can make your child dress up like a burger while educating him/her about the negative impact that it can have on his or her health while once again reminding that an occasional consumption has no harm.

burger fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

The costume might not be easy to prepare all by yourselves. So, it is advised that you purchase or rent a burger costume for the fancy dress event.

Dialogue- I am filled with patties, onions, lettuce, and sauce. But people love me anyway.

14. Vegetable

Vegetable fancy dress costume ideas are ideal for both boys and girls. You can select any favorite vegetable of your kid and make a paper costume or use cardboard. The kids can also carry original vegetables in their hands such as eggplant, carrot, radish, corn, peas, cauliflower, etc.

Dialogue – I am a (vegetable name) and I am rich in (specific vitamins and nutrition of particular vegetable).

15. Fruit

Fruit fancy dress costume ideas are loved by preschoolers such as pear, grapes, banana. These fancy dress costumes are easy to make and are also easily available online if you want to buy or hire for a day. Kids can carry a bunch of grapes in hand or a few bananas to depict their idea.

Dialogue – I am a (fruit name) and I am rich in (specific vitamins and nutrition of particular fruit).

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Theme 4: All-Time Favourite – The Harry Potter Series

One of the most popular literary fictions, the Harry Potters series is yet another cool and in trend fancy dress idea, around which the fancy dress event can revolve.

Listed below are a number of characters that can be imitated in order to add spark to the fancy dress event.

16. Albus Dumbledore

The principle of the Hogwarts school, where Harry Potter studies. To grace this look, you need a grey colored frilled robe with a collar and a long and white artificial beard.

dumbledore fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue- “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

17. Hagrid

The character of the fictional giant, who is the professor who cares about the magical creatures at the Hogwarts School. To grace his look, all you need is a woolly robe which is very hairy. Choose this character for your child if he is on a heavier side of the body weight or is large in size to add to the reality quotient of the character played.

hagrid fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue “What’s comin’ will come. An’ will meet it when it does.” (Take note of the accent.)

18. Sirius Black

Sirius Black is the character which is Harry Potter’s Godfather, who dresses with utmost simplicity and has long hair along with a mustache which adds to his personality. You get to choose from a variety of looks if you opt for his character for your child, as the Prisoner of Azkaban, a resident of Gryffindor House or you can also go in for a simple striped suit to portray his regular look.

sirius black fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue“We’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

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19. Professor Severus Snape

The character of Professor Severus Snape is seen working as a potions master at the Hogwarts School. He has wavy hair, wears a black robe and carries a wand along with him. It would be easy to carry his look for any regular child.

severus fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue“The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing, Potter.”

Fancy Dress Ideas List

The fancy dress ideas can be decided upon the population which has to participate in or attend the fancy dress event. One of the most important ways of listing down the fancy dress ideas can be thinking if the idea is to be thought about a girl child or a boy child or can the idea be gender-neutral.

This part of the article will talk about certain fancy dress ideas separately for both boys and girls while discussing the gender-neutral ideas at the same time.

Fancy Dress Ideas for Boys

Best fancy dress themes for boys can be anything like the superheroes, technology-based or the digital games which are so in trend these days.

All of the above-mentioned categories are discussed in detail in the coming part of this article.

A) Superheroes

Boys usually, pretend to be superheroes in their real lives which can potentially be an impact of the fictional superheroes whom they admire a lot. The superheroes which can be chosen by your son to mark his presence in the fancy dress event can be either of the two superheroes which are to be talked about in the coming part of this article or for that matter, any superhero whom your child admires can be his choice.

20. Batman

Batman is an all-time favorite superhero of the young boys, whose stories they might have read in comics or watched on their television sets. All you have to do to give your child the look of Batman is use a completely black cloth to make a cape and a mask which you can combine with a black t-shirt, pants and a pair of black shoes to complete the look.

batman fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue“It is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me!”

21. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is the most liked fictional character in the books of young boys as they must have seen certain movies based upon his action sequences or in the cartoon series which featured long back.

spiderman fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

The creation of Spider-Man’s attire would be a bit difficult. So, it is advised that you approach a fancy dress material shop that can serve your purpose well.

Dialogue- “With great power comes great responsibility.”

22. Superman

A DC Comics character that has superpowers and can fly anywhere is a Superman – the most favorite fancy dress costume ideas for boys. The superman red and blue t-shirts and cloaks with its logo are easily available in the market.

Dialogue – You are much stronger than you know. Trust me!

23. Krishh

Another Indian superman fancy dress idea is of Krishh inspired by a Bollywood series. he wears a full black tight suit with a bespoke mask. It is one of the cheapest fancy dress ideas and the most comfortable one!

Dialogue – I am Krishh and I am your friend.

24. Wonder Woman

One in between will be a fancy dress idea for girls as a superhero is of Wonder Woman created by DC Comics. The character of a Wonder woman depicts an intelligent, beautiful and brave girl who can beat the enemy.

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B) Technology

Technology in the form of gadgets and gizmos is a boy’s favorite thing. It can also be seen in the form of toy motor cars, play bikes and a wide range of toy cars which they possess from their early childhood. This section will talk about two from the many faces of technological intelligence which the boys can portray in the fancy dress events to showcase their interest in the same.

25. A Television set

The parents can use cardboard and paint it like a television screen along with the panel of buttons at the bottom of the television set. Attaching a few strings and creating a hole at the top will make it easy for your boy to carry it on the stage.

television fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue“I am a TV which entertains and informs people.”

26. Mobile Phone

You can also dress up your son as a thing which the current generation probably cannot survive without, that is, the mobile phones. All you need is a piece of cardboard and some paints to create this look.

mobile phone fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue- “I am the most inevitable part of the lives of people from the current generation. I am so in.”

27. Robot

In this digital world of technology, one can opt for a robot fancy dress ideas that can be easily made with cardboard boxes.

Dialogue – I am your future friend.

C) Games

The second most unavoidable part of a young boy’s life is the games which he prefers to invest his childhood in.

28. Angry Bird

You can dress your child in the angry bird’s attire in correlation to the game or the movie. You can catch hold of the angry birds’ costumes at any shop which provides the prerequisites for the fancy dress events.

angry bird fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue- “Seriously, this is my happy face.”

29. Dora

Girls love the fancy dress ideas of Dora the Explorer. All you need is a pink top with orange shorts and a purple backpack of Dora. Team it up with yellow socks and white shoes.

Dialogue – We did it-Hurray!”

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Fancy Dress Ideas for Girls

Fancy dress ideas for girls can be chosen keeping in mind that they are God’s pure creations who are a symbol of life on Mother Earth and are also the bearers of life. Few fancy dress ideas which are best suited for girls are to be talked about in the coming part of this article.

A) Nature

Girls can be seen as symbolic of nature. Hence, it would be justified to dress them like the various gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed us with, for nature-themed fancy dress ideas, like-

30. Sun

Dress your girl in a bright sunny yellow dress and let her shine as she makes her presence felt on the stage. You can use sun rays headbands to give definition to your daughter’s look.

sun fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue“I am the sun, I am bright and I provide you with bright light and a lot of energy without even charging for it.”

31. Earth

This is a very creative one amongst the fancy dress ideas for girls. You can create a globe-like structure that goes through the body of your daughter while she acts as the axis which is rotating around the globe.

earth fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue- “I am the planet Earth, which is your home. Please protect and care for me for the sake of your own protection. I shall safeguard you forever.”

32. Flower

A flower is a perfect fancy dress costume idea for your preschooler. You can make a costume of sunflower, rose or lotus by using particular colored card sheets to make petals and leaves.

Dialogue – “I am (flower name) and I am (name) in color. I make the world beautiful.”

33. Tree

Tree fancy dress ideas are ideal for fancy dress competitions and also cheap to make. You can dress up your kid in a brown dress and add a few leaves. Leaves could be natural or made with paper.

Dialogue “Save Trees and Trees will save you!”

34. Cloud

You can simply draw a cloud on cardboard and paste cotton on it. Cut out a small shape to show the face of your kid. You can also paint it white and blue as per your convenience and the availability of material.

Dress up your kid in full white dress.

Dialogue“When you need rain, I am always here to give you water!”

35. Star

Who doesn’t want to be a star and shine! Make a star with cardboard or thermocol, apply glue all-over it and sprinkle glitter. Let it dry and it is ready to use.

Dialogue“Twinkle-twinkle little star. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky!”

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B) Fruits and vegetables

Fruits are suitable to be chosen as fancy dress ideas for girls as they are the child-bearers which is a fruit that the girls have received from the Almighty God. These will add various flavors to the fancy dress ideas as a whole.

36. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is not only a favorite fruit that is usually chosen to be dressed like, by children but, it is also very healthy as it is rich in fiber. This fruit attire will attract the kids’ attention to the fruits and vegetables fancy dress ideas. It is because of the interesting color mix of green and orange in it and also because of its cute appearance.

pumpkin fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

All you have to do is cut out a pumpkin shape cardboard or you can also stitch a pumpkin-like costume for your child and let her glorify the fancy dress ideas.

Dialogue- “I am a giant orange pumpkin, not eating me is a sin.”

37. Watermelon

This is yet another favorite choice for fancy dress ideas as it is widely loved and because of the vibrancy which the natural colors of this fruit carry along.

Dialogue- “I am a yummy watermelon, the one which can cool you down on hot summer days.”

fruit fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

38. Apple

Alongside the fact that this word begins with the first letter of the alphabet series, this fruit is very likable by the kids of almost all the age groups.

You can use a completely red attire for your child along with a cardboard cut in the shape of an apple attached to their body.

Dialogue- “Have me once a day to keep the doctors away.”

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Fancy-Dress Competition Ideas

Fancy-dress competitions can be organized on various occasions such as national holidays, in the honor of famous personalities or as a competition between the superheroes, fairies, and princesses in the fictional world.

Listed below are certain child fancy dress competition ideas for both boys and girls.

A) Fairies or Princesses for Girls

fairies fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

39. Snow White

You can turn your little angel into a pretty maiden with the help of a lovely Snow white costume.

All you need for these fancy dress ideas is a double color frock, socks, shoes, and a matching hairband to complete the look.s

Dialogue“I have lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow! Who am I?”

40. Cinderella

This is yet another fairy tale character which is one of the favorites. For this look, to grace fancy dress ideas, you will need a pastel color costume, glass/crystal look slippers, and a bright and radiant smile.

DialogueOh my goodness! It is midnight, I have to go!

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41. Alice In Wonderland

This is one of the most imaginative and innovative workpieces from the Disney world. Dress your child like Alice, who is the protagonist of the story in a white frock which has a blue lace on it for the Disney fancy dress ideas. Combine these with white socks and black buckle shoes to complete the look.

alice fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue- “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it is not.”

B) Cartoon Character for Boys

42. Chhota Bheem

Chhota Bheem is the dhoti kid who fights the bad guys to protect his friends and the village people. You can purchase or rent the Chhota Bheem attire and let your child grace the stage with his presence.

chhota bheem fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue“I love Laddoos.”

43. Mickey Mouse

A famous cartoon character by Walt Disney is Mickey Mouse. The most energetic mouse in red shorts and a black top. This fancy dress costume idea completes with a pair of black shoes and mouse ears topped on a black cap.

Dialogue“To laugh at yourself is to love yourself.”

44. Aladdin

Kids love this fancy dress idea for fancy dress competitions. All you need is a colored satin half jacket, white harem pants, and a small red cap/turban. If you can arrange a magic lamp (Chirag), it will be an add-on.

Dialogue “You are only a fool if you give up.” 

45. Goofy

Goofy is a Mickey Mouse friend. This dog character by Disney wears orange turtleneck vest, blue pants, brown shoes, white gloves, and a tall green hat.

Dialogue“You are never too old to do the Goofy stuff!”

46. Mr. Potato Head

Kids love this toy story attire for fancy dress costume ideas. You can dress up your kid in brown and stitch eyebrows, eyes, a small nose, and red lips.

Female against Male famous personalities

A) Female Famous personalities

47. Mother Teresa

A humanitarian and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, she was a simple person who wore a simple white saree with a Plain border on it. She was known for her selfless nature.

mother teresa fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue- “I alone cannot change the world. But I can cast a stone across the water to create ripples.

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48. Rani Lakshmi Bai

Any fancy dress idea is incomplete without the thought of the role of Rani Lakshmi Bai in it. With these fancy dress ideas as a choice for your daughter, you are giving her a chance to come to terms with the life of such a strong and influential personality.

rani lakshmi bai fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

To completely justify this personality, use a nice bright color saree along with some colorful jewelry pieces. Drape the saree in a Marathi way to add a spice of reality to your child’s look. Don’t forget to add a fake sword and a shield to complement the look.

Dialogue- Make your daughter practice this dialogue with the sword raised up in the air- “I shall not leave my Jhansi.”

B) Male Famous Personalities

49. Albert Einstein

It is every mother’s dream that their child possesses a sharpness like that of Albert Einstein. Follow these fancy dress ideas and you can live this dream by making your child play this character in any of the numerous fancy dress competitions which happen every now and then.

albert einstein fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

All you need to complete this look is a grey or black jacket and pantsuit along with a messy white hair wig and a mustache.

Dialogue- “It is good to know. But imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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50. Abraham Lincoln

He was the sixteenth American President who abolished slavery. He is one of the favorites personalities who the children want to dress like in an event. It supports the male famous personalities fancy dress ideas.

abraham lincoln fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

Dialogue- “When I am good, I feel good. When I am bad, I feel bad. This is my religion.”

51. Charlie Chaplin

Perhaps the funniest characters who could make us laugh even without uttering a word. His distinct dressing style is what distinguishes him from all others.

charlie chaplin fancy dress ideas-wonderparenting

For these fancy dress ideas, you will need a black three-piece suit along with a black hat, leather shoes and a half mustache to complete his look on stage.

Dialogue- “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

To conclude this article, we can say that the costumes for various fancy dress events and competitions can either be stitched or purchased readymade. What needs to be kept in mind is that the fancy dress ideas have thoughts and a reason for which it is taking place.

The reason is through these fancy dress events with unique and innovative fancy dress ideas, the participants and the audience who are children gather some knowledge about the world in which they live and the things which are happening around them. It is a great way of adding to the knowledge of the participants as well as the people who are attending the event as an audience.


Have more to add to the list of fancy dress costume ideas? Please share with us your favorite and best fancy dress ideas in the comments section below.

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