Best Moral Stories for Kids with Valuable Lessons

Reading out to your children in this gizmo freak world of limited interactions is one of the best things you can do today. Once kids will grow out from your lap, you will miss all these. Also, obviously, it is perhaps the best thing to fabricate a bond with your kids and invest quality time with them in this quick pacing way of life. Bonding is boosted with this cuddling and reading. There are abundant advantages of reading moral stories for kids.

It is appropriately said that there is not a viable alternative for books throughout one’s life and no app is better than a parent’s lap!

Nothing can beat the sentiment of cuddling by your kids as you read out to them. Short moral stories for kids are a wellspring of delight as well as encourages them life values.

According to research, 18-24-months-old kids who have been read routinely by their parents had the ability to talk and see more words comparatively. Reading at an early age improves communication and language skills.

Before perusing the list of best moral stories for kids, how about we read 5 advantages of moral stories for children.

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5 Benefits of Moral Stories for Kids

1. Creates healthy bonding

It encourages a solid and positive relationship. Stories with good morals help you to invest quality time with them.

2. Builds up the affection for books

Narrating at an early age helps in building up the affection for books. Reading habits of moral stories for kids prompt achievement throughout life.

3. Improves relational abilities

Your kid increases significant relational abilities by associating with the characters of motivational stories for kids.

To make reading progressively alive, utilize your non-verbal communication during the narrating sessions of moral stories for kids. It will create interest in their general surroundings. Stories with morals in English or any language improves communication skills.

4. Expands concentration level

At the point when you are describing moral stories for kids, they are seated in one spot for quite a while. It encourages them to build their concentration as they interconnect the sequence of the story.

5. Lifts creative mind

Reading short stories in English with moral offers wings to the kid’s creative mind. Very short stories for kids raises the IQ by more than 6 and furthermore the curiosity levels.

After reading the benefits of moral stories for kids, let’s check out the best moral stories in English for your kids. You can also translate these moral stories for kids in your regional language according to the understanding level of your kids.

Best Moral Stories for Kids

1. Sera Learns to Fly

It is a short story for kids by Vinitha who always believed that each girl should fly.

Sera was a tiny black Ant who had a dream. She always wanted to fly. Her elder sister used to tell her that ants don’t dream and can never fly. Her ant colonies used to laugh at her. But Sera never stopped dreaming.


Her cousins and sisters had worked all day and they used to hum.

“We have crumbs to pick,

We have crumbs to stack!

We have routes to find,

We have doors to mend,

We have walls to climb!”

So Sera too stacked crumbs and helped mend doors. She used to look after the baby ants too. But at night she climbed up the hill and stared at the sky. She sighed, “I wish I could fly, I wish I had wings!”

Sera was lost in her dreams and then she saw the leaves of the pipal tree which were drifting down slowly. Here she got an idea. She smiled mysteriously and took her sister Hira along with her.

Sera hauled the leaf and ran up the tree. They ran up the trunk and to the top branch. A breeze stirred and Sera clambered on to the leaf. Her sister gave the leaf a mighty push and Sera flew that night. Her laughter woke up the entire colony of ants and all the ants flew that night.

2. Gatila

It is a short story with moral in English by Lisa Dias Noronha and Anjora Noronha dedicated to their grandmother who had Gatila as her pet.

Once upon a time, there were two skinny sisters in a small village of Goa. Their father brought home a black cow to give fresh milk who was named Gatila.

Gatila used to wake up early in the morning and get milked. Then she used to roam around until sunset and return to the shed for her meal. She was a happy cow but she did not like her single black color.

One day she saw a frog and wanted to be green like him as nature is also green. She found a tin of jungle-green paint and set to work.


The next day she was all green and met a swarm of bees who laughed at her green color. Now she started liking their color – yellow like the sun and black like the night.

The next morning, there was a yellow and black striped cow grazing in the field. A group of white egrets laughed at her and told her that white is right. Late-night Gatila painted herself white – bright and light. But she soon had brown mud spots all over her.

Now, she could not stop looking at a peacock and a peahen – royal! They said you look so terrible and muddy brown is not your color. She asked them what is the best color and Peacock spread his feathers. She thanked him and quickly ran home.

The next day was the worst day as everyone laughed at her that cows are not supposed to be blue. She got tired and sad. She also tried the creative colors of a butterfly but nothing made her happy.

Gatila hid in one corner of the garden and the very first monsoon shower helped her. It began to rain that slowly dripped all the color off her. When the sun came out finally, Gatila stood with her head bowed but her coat shining.

Both the sisters told her that she is the most beautiful cow. Now, she was a happy cow who looks at her jet black hide and smile!

3. Little Cloud’s Quest

This is the shortest story with moral by Stephen Aitken and Sylvia Sikundar.

There was a little cloud who was sad and lonely. The wind carried him up in the sky and they flew really high. When they reached high up above the tall windmills, the air had thinned. They met lots of wispy cirrus clouds that float high up in the sky.

(Cloud Fact: Cirrus clouds generally appear grey or white in color and are formed 20,000 feet above the sea level. It is a sunny day when thin cirrus clouds are high up in the blue sky.)

Little cloud tried to stretch up to get thin but cirrus clouds laughed at him for being so slow. He went away to find other friends.


Now, he saw a cluster of fluffy clouds but they did not want to play with Little cloud. Sadly, he moved from the high mountains to the low lying valleys.

(Cloud Fact: White fluffy cumulus clouds means no rain and grey cumulonimbus clouds brings the rain!)

Suddenly, Little cloud heard a chorus from desert children who wanted him to stay with them. He laughed with delight and his sad tears turned into a shower of joy.

Children were so happy that all the cirrus, cumulus, and cumulonimbus clouds joined in. They all became good friends.

4. Polar Bear

The shortest moral story for kids by Norbert Rosing.

Some years ago, he was in the icy wilds of Canada with his dogs. Suddenly, there was a big polar bear in front of them. His dogs were frightened. Then, guess what happened! The polar bear came near to the dogs. He only wanted a friend to hug.

An adorable tale about a most unlikely friendship!


Polar Bears are our friends, their world is getting smaller because of cutting down of trees. The climate is changing and the sea ice in the Arctic is melting. Take a pledge to take good care of your animal friends and Mother Nature.

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5. Bonding with Grandmother

One’s Own, Yet Different is one of the best kid stories in English by Meena Kakodkar.

Banu is a chatterbox with loads of questions for her mother, Sunanda, and her grandmother, Aatibai. Banu calls her Aaje and loves to spend time with her. Both of them were lying down on the mattress on the floor and talking. When Banu asked “Aaje, did you go to school?” She replied, “No, in those days girls were not sent to school.” After a long pause, she said, “Back in those days, girls were married off at an early age.” Banu got upset and snuggled up to her Aaje and slept.

The next morning, Banu was on Guava tree and anyhow Aaje managed to get her down. She bribed her to show toys. She showed her delicate porcelain dolls which Banu asked her to gift. Aaje said this is not for you. These are for your Prakash Mama’s children.

Suddenly Banu noticed trunk under the bed of her Aaje and was curious to know what it contains. On Banu’s request, Aaje opened the trunk and showed her old saris, sandalwood, and gold ornaments. Banu asked for a necklace but Aaje said it is for her daughter-in-law. She cannot gift it to her daughter as she is an outsider after her marriage. Aaje explained to her that Sunanda belongs to a different family now. But Banu did not like this. Her eyes brimmed with tears by a thought that after her marriage, her mother will also think Banu as an outsider. Aatibai could not get any words to make her understand.

But a voice inside her said that a daughter is not an outsider. As a son, a daughter is also her child. The holidays got over and Banu went back. One day Aatibai slipped in her bathroom and got her leg fractured. She was almost bedridden. Sunanda arrived and packed her bags and took her home with her.

Banu was thrilled to see her Aaje and was excited about the endless chatter. After a few months, Aatibai got well and able to walk around on her own. She realized that it is not a stranger’s house. Then she decided to divide her trunk things equally between Sunanda and Prakash. She decided to give that necklace to Banu. She got all the answers and planned to change old, thoughtless traditions. She taught Banu that girls can transform families, communities, and nations.


6. One Magical Morning

It is a story of Jishnu, the Sarpanch of a village, Vikaspur by Geeta Dharmarajan.

On his way to the fields, he found a glowing and warm stone like the Sun. A mysterious voice boomed, “I am the Sun God. Make a wish!” Jishnu had no sons so he asked for a son. And promptly his stomach began to grow.

He spluttered that men don’t have babies. This news of his pregnancy spread like wildfire. After a few months, he began to wonder how his wife Ranu had done all the housework when she was pregnant. He moaned and called the town doctor to look after him. He realized that many women die during childbirth. He promised himself that he would not die.

Jishnu ate and rested often as his doctor suggested. He got a new idea and started a community kitchen for all pregnant women in his village. He ordered that no pregnant women will do fasting. He also helped to raise Dai Fund. He took a pledge that all children must be born healthy and no baby shall be born without a dai.

He also took all women in a tractor to get the anti-tetanus injection. He was declared as the best Sarpanch in newspapers all over India. When his big day arrived, he delivered a girl and he was shocked that God had tricked him! But until now, he understood that a son or a daughter doesn’t matter. What matters is a healthy mother and a healthy child.


Reading kids’ moral stories is a way to teach them moral values and good manners. By making the moral stories for kids more interactive, you come to know about your kid’s thinking and viewpoint.

A story with a moral in English also opens a doorway to creative writing and storytelling in a different manner. It is a good way to teach good habits for kids.

Happy Parenting and Happy Reading!


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