Embrace The Wings Of Adventure And Imagination With “In The Book” Personalized Book Series For Kids

Reading bedtime stories to kids is one of the practices that parents usually follow. Starting from the simple stories that teach morals to the stories of princesses with the enchanted end, there is an endless collection available to select from.

Usually filled with poems, rhymes, and plots, these stories are great and a source of inspiration. There are even a few stories like Cinderella or Alice In Wonderland that will take you to a dream world as well.

But what if your kids can create stories of their own with perfectly curated pictures and themes? Sounds great, right?

The “In The Book” Personalized Book Series is one great selection that allows you to curate the story of your choice. With a complete storyline perfectly based on your kid’s imagination, these books are filled with stories of adventure and discovery. One such amazing series offered is “Personalized Me and My Pet Avatar Book.”


Personalized Me and My Pet Avatar Book – A Quick Review For you

Published under the name “Me & My Pet” with the “How We First Met” tagline, this is one classic addition to the book collection. 

This personalized book is about a young kid and his first pet, a captivating story that takes you on the journey of discovering the various aspects of getting and taking care of pets.

The day when your dream of getting a pet comes true is amazing. The pet can be anything, a dog, cat, rabbit, dragon, horse, unicorn, elephant, and a lot more.

With the name of the characters printed at the bottom of the cover page, holding this personalized book in hand is one ravishing experience. The blue book cover has the beautiful avatar of a child with a pet.

The one I got had a picture of my daughter all smiling with her bulldog. It read at the top “In The Book With Me & My Pet” and “How We First Met” tagline that ended with “With Vachie & Gucci” at the bottom.

But this is just the start. You name him, play with him, tame him, and have a little adventure with him. 

But what if your sweet furry friend creates a mess around? Getting angry at such a point is quite obvious, but considering the aftermath is crucial too.

Leaving your pet out alone and making him flee away is sure to give you goosebumps. But as said, everything falls into place in the end, but the things you learn are quite important.

What this book has?

With a great plot, amazing characters, and great picturization, this book has everything a parent needs to have for their kids. Filled with the avatar of your kid with a pet in the way you wish, this is bliss.

A personalized and creative book, it takes your kid and their pet on an adventure. Indeed, this book is amazing with a simple story that inculcates reading habits in kids.

Made from responsibly sourced paper from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper manufacturers, the books are safe.

And that’s not it; this book is available starting from the very affordable price of just $29.99. Now, if you have decided to get this book for your ki, let us share how to create one.

Quick Steps to Design The Book – Click Here

“In The Book” has made every arrangement to make the process of creating the book simple, easy, and user-friendly. You are not required to be a writer, editor, or illustration artist to create this book. You just need to pick some crucial points, and the personalized book will be ready for you.

  • Select the book

There is a plethora of options available, so select the book which you wish to create. There are multiple titles and themes all linked to the adventure. So just pick the one that inspires you.


  • Choose the avatar

It is a very interesting part. You are required to select the avatar of the story. Decide your hair, dress, color, eye color, and everything that you want. Also, this is the time when you select your pet and specify every characteristic of him.


  • Give the name

Your character is now ready, and it’s time to name them. It will be the name that will appear in the entire book for your characters and also on the top of the cover. 

For the book which was received, the names were of my beautiful 12-year-old daughter and her sweet bulldog, i.e,  “Vachie & Gucci”. 


  • Add personal message

A book for kids, especially curated by you, is a treasure. Add the message that you want to be printed at the end of the book for your kids.

  • Upload the picture

If you need the picture of your kids to appear on the backside, then upload the picture here. It can be a picture of your kid alone, or of your kid with a pet.

The last two steps are optional, and with this, your personalized book is ready. Just wait for around two weeks and get the book delivered to your address. 

Few Other Books For You

If you loved the personalized “Me & My Pet” book, then try the following two as well:

  • My Personalised Unicorn Book will take you on an adventure in the world of unicorns.
  • Personalized Disney Princess Book is a great story for your little doll to feel like a princess in the adventure book series.

Final Words

Cultivating the habit of reading in kids is great, but creating engaging and personalized stories will make your kid feel more connected and attached to the stories. 

Experiencing such a great personalized book with a story designed for my daughter Vachie with her bulldog, Gucci was amazing. The simple aesthetic cover with blue background and the name “Vachie & Gucci” stated at the bottom is truly marvelous.

So, let your kids’ imagination get wings with the perfectly designed and curated storybooks offered by “In The Book” and experience an entirely different world full of dreams and adventures.

Happy Reading!



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