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How to celebrate Green Diwali with kids?

Diwali is a festival of lights which people consider a festival of firecrackers. But this festival of lights can also be celebrated without the smoke of firecrackers. We can make it Green Diwali by avoiding the choking smoke and celebrate it in an eco-friendly way. We need to teach our kids the awesome ways to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali which do not harm Mother Nature. Know how to celebrate Green Diwali with kids?

How to celebrate Green Diwali with kids-wonderparenting

The noise and air pollution caused due to firecrackers harm environment and also the animals around us. Try to connect your kids to the true spirit of this festival. Make sure they enjoy and celebrate Green Diwali in a more joyous way. It will help them to grow up as an environmentally conscious and more responsible adult.

Parents do not need to give their kids a long boring lecture on eco-friendly Diwali. They just need to involve them in the preparations of Green Diwali in a creative manner. It will help them to flex their creative muscles too.

5 Fun ideas for How to celebrate Green Diwali with kids

  1. Buy and paint earthen lamps

Go for shopping together to the local market and buy earthen lamps (diyas) from artisans. It will help them to earn a livelihood and celebrate this festival of lights. Let kids choose themselves the shapes and let them paint with the vibrant colors.

Later on, these diyas are easy to decompose as compared to tin candles and string of lights.

  1. Make rangoli with flower petals

As Holi is incomplete without colors, Diwali is incomplete without rangoli. Involve kids in making rangoli with flower petals instead of synthetic colors. You can outline the design and let your kids separate the petals from the flowers and fill the design. Kids can buy the stencils also available in the market to draw the design.

You can also make rangoli colors at home by using kitchen ingredients such as pulses, rice flour, turmeric powder, dried orange peel or rose petals powder, etc.

  1. Gift a plant

To make Green Diwali a great success, pass on a gift that will stay for a long time. Create mini plant pots by adding a few flower seeds in wet mud and place it in pots. To make it more interesting let kids paint the pots themselves or write a message on the pots.

Another alternative of how to celebrate Green Diwali with kids which are trending these days are eco-friendly cards. These can be later torn and mixed with the soil to grow into plants.

  1. Wrap it differently

This time instead of wrapping the gifts in shiny plastics use old newspaper. Teach kids how to reuse and recycle the old stuff. They can make newspaper bags and decorate it differently by using the old stuff at home.

  1. Say no to firecrackers

The pomp and show during this festival of lights gear up the noise and air pollution. Firecrackers emit a loud noise which is harmful to children as well as it affects animals badly. It also causes air pollution that affects children by spreading respiratory and skin allergies. Skip the firecrackers completely on this Green Diwali.

How to celebrate Green Diwali with kids-wonderparenting

Have more tips to add to the list of how to celebrate Green Diwali with kids? Please share with us your Green Diwali tips in the comments section below.


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Wish you a very Happy, Safe, and Green Diwali!




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