Life of a Mompreneur versus Stay-at-home Mom

Motherhood brings all the joys and contentment in the life of a woman. But when it comes to the life of a mompreneur, motherhood churns her through the wringer when she has to make that dubious choice. It is the most difficult pick between being a stay-at-home versus a mompreneur.

Mompreneur is a female business owner who actively balances the role of a mother and an entrepreneur. All the moms are working moms and that too 24/7. The difference is just financial independence.

Life of a Mompreneur versus Stay-at-home Mom-wonderparenting

It is a never-ending debate about the pick between a mompreneur and a stay-at-home mom. There are so many factors that make you feel like a champ or a loser.

Considerations of Mompreneur and Stay-at-home Mom

  • Work hard to give your kids a better life

Undoubtedly you have a stronger role as a mother when you are a stay-at-home mom. But you also run the risk of defining your identity strictly as a mom. A woman has to play various roles and mompreneur is one of them. Don’t forget that motherhood is one of the roles you are playing. So, it should not be the only one.

You ignore your own emotional and intellectual growth when you focus entirely on the role of a mother. You forget about all the other roles you have to play even the role of a wife! Eventually, when your kids grow up and they start pursuing their goals in life, you might feel empty. You might have nothing to do and this emptiness can lead to frustration and resentment.

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The trick is to do things that keep you happy and contented without compromising on your child’s future. By constantly sacrificing and deprioritizing yourself for others will end up in frustrations and exploitation.

  • Monitor every aspect of your child’s life

It is important to establish such a connection with your child where you respect each other as individuals, and not only as a parent and child. Your children should respect the talents, strengths, and abilities that are uniquely yours.

You also need to respect their space but always keep an effective communication channel built with equal measures of honesty and discipline. Try not to be a helicopter parent.

By not being a mompreneur, you may be constantly beating up yourself with guilt for not being perfect. If you do not respect yourself and your time, your children won’t. So, to avoid helicopter parenting, you can become a mompreneur! You can also work from home during specified hours.

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  • Spend time with your child

Stay-at-home moms have more time to spend with their children. They can attend every school meeting or exhibition. There is more flexibility with the routine. But make sure it should not make your child more dependent on you and your company.

On the other hand, in the absence of mothers children become more independent and confident too. They value the time they share with their moms. Being a mompreneur you need to use your time more judiciously.

Mompreneur is a multi-dimensional personality who is not frustrated living in domesticity. Break the gender stereotypes and teach your children these values. The son of a mompreneur would be more respectful of his wife’s career. The daughter of a mompreneur would also know that she does not need to sacrifice her goals simply because she decided to have a baby.

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