15 Easy New Year Decoration Ideas

Want to host a new year’s eve party? Here are some new year ideas to be kept in the mind to make your party stylish and chic. Create a festive atmosphere and a glimmering look by adding glitters and confetti for extra sparkle and shine as new year decoration. Be the perfect party hostess and engross yourself in the fun and frolic along with the honored guests.


  • New year decoration of your house is a must with lights and balloons.
  • Invite close friends.
  • Organize drinks if your budget is big.
  • Buy or cook yummy desserts and food.
  • Organize some dancing and music.
  • Plan out some games.
  • Arrange return gifts if possible.
  • Arrange some spectacular fireworks if you can.

The most exciting part of planning a party is to think out some out-of-box new year decoration ideas of the place. It provides you a chance to be creative. The happy new year party must be full of Glitter and sparkle to usher in The New Year.

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Here are some easy New Year Decoration Ideas

1. Confetti Dipped Balloons

Confetti makes everything bubbly. Balloons with confetti are perfect as New Year Decoration. Use gold foil confetti so that there is no risk of popping. It will take only a little time and some adhesives to make the place glamorous.


2. New Year Celebration Centre Piece

This is one of the most elegant New Year decorations. Spray paint a few empty glass bottles black and white, gold and silver. Then hot glue some large new year’s numbers onto these glasses. Now put some glitter to complete this new year decoration. This will make a style statement!


3. Sparkly Cake Toppers 

New Year party ideas are incomplete without a cake. Put some cake toppers as new year decorations to make it stand out! Make some peppy designs using sparkly pipe cleaners. Attach them to straws of different lengths to protect the cake from these pipe cleaners. Now insert these straws into the cake in a decorative way. 

4. Clock Mantel Decor

Clocks are used for the new year’s countdown. So new year decoration of clocks can be done by creating a beautiful mantelpiece with them. I love this idea! This will make your party elegant and stylish.

5. Bubbly Bar

Build a beautiful and elegant bar counter for your New Year’s Eve party. Put some colorful glittery balls and bells, leftover after Christmas, to make it a show-stopper. This is a bubbly New Year decoration


6. Hanging Holiday Décor

Hang the decorations above the serving table. This ensures that there is enough space for all the food and drinks. They will prevent the table from messing up. These hanging new year decorations will also not encroach your precious footage.

7. Lighted Background

A beautiful poster to usher in the next year will bring elegance to your table. Add lights to it to make it extra flashy. The color of the poster may match the items you are putting on display as new year decoration or maybe a contrasting one. Make a catchy poster to make everyone pop out their eyes.

8. Glittered Lanterns 

Put glue and add glitter to the light shades as this year’s new year decoration. If you can make the light flicker then these can act as makeshift disco balls. Arrange a music system and make the floor ready for some disco dance in this Indian new year. Your party will become a hit!


9. Sparkly Pom Pom Toothpicks

Add some pom poms to the toothpicks. This will make your New Year’s appetizers look party-ready. This simple addition will make a striking statement as a new year decoration. The appetizers will vanish in no time. So prepare a little more than usual.

10. Champagne Glasses

Fill up some champagne glasses with different sparkling beverages. Display them on a shelf as new year decoration. On reflecting light they will create a fairy tale atmosphere. This is just a simple way to create a stunning splash.


11. Gold Glitter Dessert Table

 Many people will make New Year’s resolution to eat healthily and stay fit and trim. So your party will be the last place for them to enjoy. Serve the dessert on a beautiful glitter dessert table. All you need is a tablecloth, glue and glitter. This awesome table will make the guests, and their tummies very happy and the new year decoration very catchy.

12. Paper Lanterns

Hang white paper lanterns all around as new year decoration. Use soft light in them. It will create a fairy tale atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if the prince proposes Cinderella just at midnight in this serene ambiance.


13. Use photos as décor

If you are a partyholic you must be having pictures of the previous new year party. Arrange them on strings and display them as a new year decoration. Your guests will love to see their own photos of yesteryears!

14. Go Floral

Flowers are adored by one and all. Make some tissue paper flowers in different colors and sizes. Arrange them like a wind chime or a chandelier and hang it at the center of the room as new year decoration. Guests will be surprised by seeing your innovative idea. They will definitely praise your creativity.

15. Make your party hats and masks

Use glitter paper and pom-poms to make the party hats for your guests. Create as many different types of masks as you can. Other than glitter paper and pom poms you will also need a hot glue gun and strings. Surprise your guests with this unusual new year decoration.

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New Year Resolution Ideas

Although it’s a little past midnight, yet the night is still young. Tweet, text, call or access the social apps, take a snap and post, but friends do not forget to mane the new year resolutions. Don’t know what to think? Here I give you some New Year Resolution Ideas for you to follow in the new decade:  

  • Drink More water. Keep a track of your water intake with a measuring water bottle.
  • Move more, sit less! Sitting for long hours is unhealthy. Between long hours of the desk-work walk a little or do some stretching exercise. 
  • Send more handwritten letters. Grandparents would love to get snail mail. This will brighten up their days. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet and a proper timetable. Be punctual of the bedtime. Eat the measured quantity of food at the correct time. 
  • Turn on music instead of the TV as it is motivational instead of a distraction.
  • Quit one bad habit like smoking, eating snack food, continuous use of mobile, etc.
  • Take time for self-care. Keep my time and ponder about you for some time of each day.
  • Clean out your email inbox. Unsubscribe some of them. 
  • Take a full day off from social media once a month. Believe me, you will feel relaxed and unintoxicated.
  • Clean out your closet. This will declutter your life.
  • Do a little act of kindness daily. Help someone to cross the road or buy a packet of food for the hungry street urchin.
  • Deep clean your keyboard! It will keep you away from vices.
  • Delete apps on your phone that you don’t use. Your mobile will run smoothly.
  • Put your phone away an hour before bed. This will improve your sleep habits.
  • Send thank-you cards. This will make both the sender and the receiver happy.


The countdown has already begun. Plan yourself and get started with the new year decoration.

 Happy New Year!!



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