Childbirth | 6 Ways to tell you it’s time for labor

Childbirth is known as labor and delivery. When one or more babies leave a woman’s uterus either by the vaginal passage or cesarean section, it is the end of pregnancy and called as childbirth.

Childbirth 6 Ways to tell you it’s time for labor-wonderparenting


A woman’s body is designed to give birth. Childbirth includes complications and is a challenging one. After keeping a baby inside you for nine months and countless midnight pee trips, every twinge of back pain feels like a contraction. You might feel that your baby is about to arrive soon. It is impossible to believe that labor will happen. Know six science-based ways to tell if your baby is about to arrive.

6 Ways to tell you it’s time for labor

  1. Upset stomach

During the last weeks of pregnancy, cervix gets soften and the hormones called prostaglandins can also cause soft stools or diarrhea. The hormones are accelerated to contract the uterus. By default, it also affects the intestines and stomach that are located right next to the uterus. It also gives a premenstrual feeling and cramps.

  1. Discharge

The baby is protected from bacteria by mucus near the cervix. The mucus plug comes out and there is a normal increase in jelly-like discharge before four weeks of delivery. Sometimes it also comes out with pinkish blood streak. It happens after your prenatal visit at 36-week. It keeps on varying at different times such as a big lump or a little bit.

  1. Change in sleep

This is the first sign of labor when it is impossible for you to get sleep. You cannot get comfortable in any position due to cramps or constant back pains.

  1. Downward push in the belly

Two to four weeks before the delivery, the baby starts moving downward towards the pelvis bony part and behind the bladder. It is followed by frequent visits to the bathroom, easier breathing, and relief from the heartburn.

  1. Steady painful contractions

You are most likely in labor when you experience severe contractions every five to ten minutes for two hours. You need to breathe deeply to get through these irregular contractions. It is a sign that you might deliver the baby in the next several hours or the next day.

  1. Broken water

Water breaks after contractions start or it can also happen in the hospital when you are already into labor. But if you notice a sudden gush of amniotic fluid, it is water breaking. It could be a big splash to just a small leakage. If you are not sure about it you can put a pad in your underpants for half an hour and check if it is moist without a lot of mucus. The amniotic fluid is clear unlike the urine and has a fresh and sterile scent. Time to call your doctor!

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