Positive Parenting Tips - 10 Things Children Want from Parents-wonderparenting

Positive Parenting Tips – 10 Things Children Want from Parents

Whether you are an experienced parent or a new one, these are the Positive Parenting Tips and Tricks which works for all for sure. Parenting in a single word can be described as ‘Patience’. After a few years, your bank balance won’t matter for you, the sort of house you are living in or the kind of car you own. The most important thing which will be of major concern for you is your happy children and their upbringing – How important you are in your child’s life.

Positive Parenting Tips - 10 Things Children Want from Parents-wonderparenting


Both the parents work as partners in nurturing a child and play an equally important role in providing balanced and responsible care for the child.

We, as parents, expect a number of things from our children as they grow. Similarly, children also expect many things from their parents. Let’s read some positive parenting tips.

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By following these 10 Positive Parenting Tips, we can build a strong and healthy relationship with the child:

  1. Do not scold your children

The positive parenting tips start here – Do not shout at your children or scold them in front of others. It will discourage them. Try to make them understand by listening to them properly. Speak calmly and tell your children what they should do. Deal with the behavior and not the child. Make them hear your words instead of your loud voice. Cuddle them often is one of the best positive parenting tips.

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  1. Do not force or pressurize

Let your children be the way they want to be but guide them from a distance. Help them by telling them the pros and cons of the decisions they are taking. If they are taking up any hobby or sport of their choice, let them pick and ensure, they do it in the right way.

  1. Maintain a balance between work and play

It is rightly said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

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Help your children to develop a healthy mind and body. Provide a good balance of work and play by working out the timetable with your children. Set priorities together according to the capabilities and interest of your children. This will keep them happy and encourage them to work harder.

  1. Do not lie or make fake promises

It is important to build trust with your children. Either keep your promises or never make fake promises (one of the most important positive parenting tips), which you know you won’t be able to fulfill. Instead, tell them that you will try but not sure if it will be done. At least it will not break your child’s heart.

  1. Make clear rules and give positive instructions

Rules should be clear and fair, easy to understand. You should tell children WHAT TO DO instead of WHAT NOT TO DO. Instead of saying “Do not shout” tell them “Speak in a quiet voice”. Positive instructions will give a good impact and child will understand that he has to do this instead of that.

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  1. Spend time with your children

Try to get involved with them in their activities. Have fun with your children. Playing with them is one of the best ways to build a good parent-child relationship. Let your children know that you enjoy being with them. Try not to exchange your presence with the presents. Spending time with your child is the most valuable present your child could ever get in his lifetime and one of the crucial positive parenting tips.

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  1. Help in problem-solving

Teach your children how to find a solution to the problems. Do not provide a solution every time, be their partner in problem-solving. Listen to them patiently and understand the situation. Provide options and let them think of the consequences of each option. You can also share your experiences when you went through the same phase. Together you can reach the best solution. This will teach them an important life skill.

  1. Praise your children

Praise your children for their behavior and achievements is again one of the best positive parenting tips. It should be sincere and do not include criticisms. Instead of saying “good”, try to describe to your child what you like about his work. It will encourage them to repeat the things which you would like to see again. Praising a child develops self-confidence.

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  1. Pay attention to your child’s feelings

Your child must have gone through many things during a day, be it good or bad. He must have many feelings inside him, try to talk to him, listen to him and find out what is happening to your child. By paying attention to his feelings, you are telling him that someone is there to understand him and provide support in his tough times.

  1. Promote independence

Let your children explore the world. Neither hold them too tightly nor leave them free as if you don’t care. Let them take their decisions under your supervision. Guide them from distance for better child development. This will give them much freedom and provide security as well.

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“It is never too late to start and follow the positive parenting tips.”

Wish you a very Happy and Best Parenting!


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