What Parenting Style Is Associated With Child Aggression?

Parenting style has a significant influence on the health and character development of a child. It will impact how the children feel about themselves. So it is essential to ensure that your parenting style affects the child’s overall health and personal development. Parenting style will have a lifelong effect on a child. A parenting style’s impact depends upon the child’s character and the parenting style itself specifically in case of child aggression.

Some parenting styles tend to develop child aggression. Being too lenient and uninvolved or too strict could lead to aggressive behavior in children. So you should make sure to choose a style that best suits your child to help avoid issues like child aggression.


Parenting styles that can cause aggression in children:

1. Authoritarian Parenting

These parents act as though they are always correct, do not offer their children a voice, and don’t consider children’s feelings. They believe that children should follow their orders without any change.

They only concentrate on discipline and are not open to suggestions or negotiations. Authoritarian parents will not allow their children to explore new things and challenges. They are only focusing on rules. They tend to disregard the children’s opinions and enforce their laws.

To enforce their rules, they punish children rather than guide children. Instead of guiding them to make the right choices, they tend to let down their children even for minor mistakes. Kids that grow grown-up under authoritarian parents tend to develop child aggression.

Since authoritarian parents do not value their children’s opinions, their kids will struggle to gain the confidence to deal with difficult stages of their life. Being suppressed their whole lifetime, these kids tend to become hostile and aggressive during difficult phases of their life.

Being suppressed their entire lifetime, these kids tend to become hostile and aggressive during difficult stages of their life. Child aggression is common among children of authoritative parents.

To a certain extent, child aggression can be avoided by giving space to children to formulate their opinion on a matter affecting them and by allowing them to express their opinion confidently.


2. Permissive Parenting

Another type of parenting style that could cause child aggression is Permissive Parenting. Permissive parents rarely make rules or impose those which are already made. They believe that only a minor interference is needed to guide the child. Being lenient, these parents tend to involve only when there is a problem. 

They took a lenient approach towards children and are forgiving towards them. If the child promises that there will be no other mistake, they will step from the consequence enforced by them.

Parents following this style will try to be friends with their children rather than a parent. Children will feel free to talk with them about their problems and are good listeners to them. But after hearing about the kid’s issues, they will not try to change the wrong decision and attitudes made by the child.

Since there are no strict rules, these kids often struggle academically. Such kids show more child aggression as they will not allow any authority or control over them. Thus when anyone tries to control them, they show child aggression and become frustrated. So permissive parenting is one of the factors that lead to child aggression.


3. Uninvolved Parenting

Uninvolved parents don’t have any knowledge about their children. They did not bother to give proper care, attention, and nutrition to their children. They are unwilling to spend time and energy on the child’s development.

This un-involvement may be due to various reasons such as lack of time, health issues, drug abuse, or other reasons. Children of this kind of parents tend to develop behavioral problems like child aggression, learning difficulty, etc.


Raising a child is challenging; you should devote a lot of time and energy at each stage of their growth to help them develop mental and physical strength. It would help to choose a parenting style that best suits your child to avoid an issue like child aggression.

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