How to Learn Math Fast Online in a Fun and Easiest Way?

Are you not able to spend much time with children for teaching along with your house chores and work-from-home? You cannot even send them to coaching classes or call tutors at home. Maybe your child is advanced in math and you are looking for AMC math preparation from experts like RandomMath. Don’t worry! We have an easy way for you to solve your problem. You can help your children to learn math faster and easier and of course with more fun than ever. Read below for the solution.

Why Mathematics is important in daily life?

Numbers are as important for us as the alphabet or any other language. To survive independently we must know the basics of counting, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Everything is related to calculation around us and this is the basic concept of mathematics.

We need to do various calculations every day – be it costs, revenue, investment, cooking, traveling, buying something or even if we are eating something. Our body is itself a calculation if we want to keep ourselves healthy and happy. We need to look after the quantity of sleep, nutrition, and exercise in our daily life. So, now you know how important is mathematic in our daily life.

Mathematics helps children in learning various skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, logical reasoning, intellectual skills, and the list goes on. Math needs energy and time to learn. Many people find it difficult to understand the basic concepts or due to lack of practice, they lag behind. Consequently, this weak structure collapses at one or the other point.

To keep your mind active, you need to do more of Math as it is the best exercise for your brain. Mathematics also helps to learn other subjects easily such as science, social studies, or even music, dance, and art. It is one of the ways to encourage discipline in kids.

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How to Reduce Math Anxiety?

  • Know the basics from an earlier grade. Relearn concepts from the beginning and you will see how smooth structure will build up in your brain on its own.
  • Never give up and try to solve your problem the other way out.
  • Build up your self-confidence.
  • Practice math on a daily basis.
  • Take academic help.


Take Help from Cuemath

During the lockdown when students cannot take help from their teachers by visiting school or coaching classes can take help from Cuemath. Cuemath is India’s No. 1 learning platform for students from kindergarten to 10th grade.

Cuemath could be your savior when it comes to learning math at home without any extra effort.

2 variants are available for students learning with certified Cuemath teachers:

  1. KG (Kindergarten) – 6th grade online classes during the lockdown and Covid-19 that could be later shifted to offline classes as per the interest of parents.
  2. 7th – 10th grade online classes.

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Why Cuemath?

Cuemath understands the importance of the continuation of learning and studies in these times of crisis.

  1. Online Curriculum for FREE

Non-enrolled children around India will have Access Online Curriculum for Free to the Leap Course so they can learn from home and free sitting at home until the lockdown.

  1. Certified Teachers

A video can’t solve all the problems alone every time. Children can get enrolled and learn from a teacher online in a better way. The teacher will focus on the child’s weaknesses and will help to overcome the problem areas.

  1. Unlimited Practice Platform

Students can do unlimited practice with Cuemath due to free access to the curriculum on every topic. Practice will help students to rise from 85% to 95% score.

  1. Clear Doubts Quickly

 Students can learn quickly and faster with a teacher and solve doubts in 3 minutes. The teacher gives personalized attention and helps students to move ahead by explaining in a unique way.

  1. Live Sessions

A student gets 3 times more attention from a Cuemath certified teacher during the live session. Teachers help students to learn math with reasoning and visualization instead of cramming and memorizing.

Summer Camp Kit & Coding Module

Take 12 sessions of 60 minutes each and cover the content in 12 hours as per the activities below divided grade-wise.

  • Puzzles based on logic – Ken-Ken Puzzles, Futoshiki, and Sudoku.
  • Mini projects on data-based – learning and understanding bar graphs, histograms, and pie charts.
  • Spatial Development Activities – Tangram and Origami.


Coding Module

Total 12 activities in 12 sessions (6 online and 6 offline – 1 activity per session).

  • Offline sessions cover basic coding principles like sequencing, etc.
  • Online sessions cover games and coding to move characters – tab/laptop based.
  • All directions will be provided in summer camp books.

What are you waiting for? Get your child enrolled in Cuemath in just one click. You will surely love it and Math will no longer be stressful for you and your child. Learning Math will be more fun and easy than ever.

Happy Learning!


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