Gaming Party – The Ultimate Birthday Bash for Kids

If your teenage offspring is fast approaching a birthday, you are probably already thinking about the birthday party and as teenagers can be very finicky, have you ever considered a gaming party? There are special venues that you can book, which means your home won’t get wrecked and an all-inclusive price means you can budget. 

Ultimate Gaming Room

When you book a gaming party in Sydney, the kids have access to a state-of-the-art gaming set-up, with 6 large flat-screen TVs and gaming ports for up to 24 players. They use top-rated gaming platforms such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation, so everyone can play their favorite games. Talk to your son/daughter about the arrangement and we are sure they will love the idea. Make sure that you book early to avoid disappointment, as these parties are extremely popular. 

Huge Games Library

The venue offers the largest gaming library in Australia and when you visit their website, you can view the long list of games, which covers every genre. The friendly staff arranges teams and there are many ways that the kids can compete, with some creative pair-ups and great prizes that are included in the cost. Click here for Children’s Day activity ideas.

Online Solutions

Sure, you can book the party via the provider’s website, or you can visit the venue and get a clear idea of what is involved. The staff can help you to plan the perfect party; take your son or daughter along so they can prepare for the event. The venue has all the amenities that you would expect from a leading activity provider, with after-school kids’ activities and team sports.

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Party Packages for Gaming Party

If gaming isn’t on your child’s list of favorites, there are other activities, such as sports and other outdoor activities. Birthday parties are popular, while summer holidays are a time for extra-curricular activities; if you are concerned that your teenage offspring will have too much time on their hands during the school holidays.

Preparing for the Event

Like any party, a gaming event needs to be planned and the venue staff are very experienced in planning gaming parties; all they need to know is the number of children attending and what games they enjoy playing. This means that all you have to do is get everyone to the venue and the venue staff will do the rest. Once you have made the booking, which you should do well in advance, your party group will be taken care of by the friendly venue staff.

There are other benefits to arranging a gaming party; you don’t have to apply for any outdoor event permits, as the venue is automatically covered for this. Start by searching the web for suitable gaming party venues and create a shortlist of places to visit.


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