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10 Ways How to Raise Happy Children While Dealing with Stress

Raising happy children and parenting is not as tough as it seems. Although things have drastically changed since we were kids but love and concern of parents for ‘how to raise happy children’ can never change. It is still the same – as pure as the untouched snow.

how to raise happy children-wonderparenting

Bringing up a child was not my cup of tea!

I had never held an infant until I was a mother. I was afraid how to carry an infant, whether I would be able to hold my baby properly – whether I would be able to take care of my baby! Will I be able to become a good mother and take the responsibility of a newborn? All questions were resolved when I held my daughter for the very first time in my arms. All the credit goes to my mother and my mother-in-law who taught me each and everything, how to tackle her at every stage. Later I got a feeling that only I can hold her, the way she wants to be held. I am still learning from them and of course, every day gives me a new experience and learning, how to raise happy children.


As a reader, I gulped so many books on pregnancy and positive parenting during my pregnancy. There are a lot of books that tell you how to survive the initial days with your infant, how to raise happy children, and various parenting tips. But only your personal experiences give it the right direction and teach you parenting skills. Parenting is a mixture of your experiences and your mothers’ too. It is not rocket science. Both parents play an important role in the upbringing of healthy children and how to raise happy children. The family plays a pivotal role in raising happy children according to research.

Good Parenting Approaches are Different for Every Individual

Every parent is not perfect, but every parent is a real one who tries to be perfect. What do you think – only we as parents are coping with stress? No, it is the child also who is coping with stress and trying to be perfect each day. They are certainly more exposed to stress and it’s natural. There are no such parenting classes to teach how to raise happy children. We as an adult can help them to cope with stress and make them happier.

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Stress Source in Children

Being in stress is natural for each human being. It is a part of life but the one who gets above it survives. A child can get stressed mentally and physically. They may feel tensed and nervous from time to time.

Children go through major activities every day at school and at home during each stage of their development. They feel stressed while moving from one stage to the other. They also feel stressed while maintaining interpersonal relationships.

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Consequences and Effects of Stress

Physical problems– stress affects their nervous system which can result in physical illness.

Emotional problems– fear, anxiety, depression, shyness, anger, sensitivity.

Conduct problems– indisciplined, aggression, stealing, disobedience, refusal to move.

How to Raise Happy Children While Dealing with Stress-wonderparenting

10 Ways How to Deal with Stress and How to Raise Happy Children:

  1. Accept the stress and make your child understand that life is stressful, but we can reduce the stress.
  2. Set appropriate standards for your child according to his capabilities. Be willing to accept less than the best every time.
  3. Let your child set standards and rules for himself keeping in mind his radius of freedom.
  4. Give your child “do–nothing” time also to avoid overload.
  5. Try to balance work, play, and rest.
  6. Listen when they talk, it reduces stress to the maximum. Disconnect with your gadgets to listen to them. Let them express freely.
  7. Help them find a solution to the problem. Gradually they will learn how to solve on their own.
  8. Teach them to relax in various ways such as meditation, yoga, aerobics, and other physical activities.
  9. Strengthen your relationship with them by sharing your personal experiences on how to manage stress.
  10. Give them the opportunity to experiment in different situations and resist to interfere every time.

Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoilt when we substitute “presence” for “presents”. – Anthony Witham

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Have more tips to add to how to raise happy children and to deal with stress? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

Wish you Happy and Stress-Free Parenting!


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