4 Tips To Keep Children Safe in Your Yard

Most parents want to encourage their children to play outside instead of being stuck indoors all day staring at smart devices. Too much screen time can cause learning difficulties and development issues in children, so it’s of vital importance that they take a break from tablets, smartphones, and game consoles now and again. To keep children safe following factors must also be considered.

However, no parent wants their child to play in an unsafe environment. Lots of parents spend a long time preparing their homes before welcoming home a new baby.

Baby proofing is key to ensuring your child remains safe indoors, but parents have to keep in mind that there are a lot of dangers outside too. Damaged trees or broken structures can injure a child so it is important that you examine your yard for potential hazards.

1. Keep Tools and Other Equipment in a Secure Area

A lot of tools used for gardening and DIY can seriously injure a child. You will want to avoid leaving hammers, garden rakes, hedge clippers, etc. close to where your kids are playing. As we all know, young children can be curious, so you can expect them to find these tools fascinating.

However, if they play with them they could sustain an injury. Keep all your tools stored in a secured area, like a garden shed to keep children safe. Make sure that the door is locked so kids are unable to gain access to the items stored inside.
If you are using power tools outdoors like an electrical hedge clipper, make sure children keep their distance while you are working.

Also, if you are using any chemicals to treat plants or flowers it is important that you keep children safe and as far away as possible. Weed killers and pesticides are major safety risks, so don’t leave them lying around your yard. If you are using fertilizer around your garden, you might want to keep your child off the lawn for at least two days to ensure their safety.


2. Consider Removing Old Trees To Keep Children Safe

Trees can help boost your property’s curb appeal and make your yard look fantastic, but old trees can do the opposite. Not only do old dying trees look less appealing, but they can also cause damage to the structure of your home and the surrounding area. If your child tries to climb or play near the tree, they could be in serious danger.

Although it might be tempting to remove the tree yourself, it can prove to be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have the proper tools on hand to remove the tree safely. Consider spending your hard-earned cash on a reputable tree removal company like Cutters landscaping Austin.

They will have the experience and the tools on hand to take on the task without putting others at risk. Although it might seem like a straightforward task, experts will understand the different trees and the best way to remove them.

If you do decide to remove the tree yourself, make sure that you wear the proper safety equipment such as a hard hat, a face shield, heavy-duty shoes, and gloves. If you are using power tools, consider reading the manufacturer’s safety guide before operating them.

3. Be Careful of Water Features and Buckets with Water

Most toddlers and babies find water interesting. They seem to love playing with hoses and almost anything that involves water. Leaving buckets consisting of water around your yard is very dangerous because if a young child were to fall into the bucket they could easily drown, even if there is only a small amount of water in the bucket.

Water features and swimming pools are other things you have to be wary of. Install a strong fence around your swimming pool or water features that are in your yard. Without a secure fence, your child will inevitably want to play with the water.

Also, consider investing in life jackets and other swimming safety gear if you have a pool in your home.

water town swim school

4. Hot Grills

There is nothing better than organizing a BBQ on a warm summer evening, but a nice day can turn into a nightmare in a split second if your child were to touch the grill. It is important that you screen the grill so kids are unable to make contact with it to keep children safe.

If your kids are old enough to understand you, explain to them the dangers of the girl. Toddlers might want to play with the knobs on the BBQ so do as much as possible to discourage them from doing so.
When cleaning the grill, avoid leaving sharp objects lying around. Also, when you are dumping the charcoal check to see if it has cooled down first. Kids might be inclined to play with the charcoal, and if it is still hot they could burn themselves.

Happy Parenting!


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