6 Benefits of Wearing Orthopaedic Shoes

When people hear about orthopaedic shoes, their minds instantly go to the elderly. But the truth is, only around 20% of people worldwide have the ‘perfect feet.’ All this means is that the shape of their foot is neutral enough not to require any additional support. But for the rest of us, investing in proper shoes with quality support can go a long way in reducing pain and mobility issues that might be present. 

Orthopaedic shoes are no longer the dull, beige blocks we all have in our minds. Nowadays, they can be found in various stylish colours and designs, making them appropriate for all ages to wear. So grab your favourite Birkenstock stockists NZ and stop denying yourself the relief you deserve. 

Excellent Foot Support

If you fail to provide your feet with the necessary support they need, the problem can quickly escalate into more severe issues like flat feet and plantar fasciitis. The longer these ailments are left to develop, the more likely it becomes that your mobility will start to suffer.

Orthopaedic shoes do more than just support your arches. They offer a cushion to the entire foot, which can further help with foot alignment, minimising pain and keeping any existing feet issues under control. If you are unwilling to invest in the entire shoe, consider buying customised orthotics that you can put into any of your current shoes for continued wear. 

Enhanced Circulation

One of the most significant issues for those suffering from illnesses like diabetic neuropathy is that the condition itself prevents people from feeling foot-related pain and discomfort. Logically, this means that noticing these types of issues becomes a lot harder because unless you are actively looking for them, you are likely to miss them altogether. If left untreated for too long, the path to fixing this problem becomes much more challenging. 

But orthopaedic shoes are designed to allow maximum movement and circulation. Additionally, they offer relief from pinched nerves and swollen feet. And because of their comfort levels, wearing them for the entire day won’t feel like a burden.  


Better Mobility

It is very simple biology. The more comfortable you feel moving around, the more likely you will do it. And regardless of what that mobility might look like, be it running, walking, jumping, or swimming, using your feet and legs is unavoidable. Increased pain in the back, knees, hips, and feet makes you less inclined to get up and move around and causes your body to feel lethargic much quicker as it has to work harder to counteract the discomfort. 

The benefits of wearing these shoes far outweigh any negative associations you might have regarding them. For some people, it feels nearly impossible to overcome the stigma attached to orthopaedic shoes, but seeing the improvement in pain management and mobility is often enough to convince you to make the switch. 

Less Pain With Orthopaedic Shoes

The average person takes approximately 10 000 steps a day. That is a lot of walking and a lot of opportunity for the pain to rear its ugly head if you pick the wrong footwear. If you are prone to foot issues, this cycle is sped up even more. 

The best and most straightforward way to prevent this is to buy shoes that fit correctly and offer plenty of support for your busy day. In today’s market, orthopaedic shoes are just as stylish and fashionable as regular shoes. The shape of the shoes is explicitly made to prevent your toes from feeling too constricted and your feet from rubbing against the sides. Additionally, they are widely available in non-standard sizes, making them ideal for people who don’t quite fit into regular sizing. 

Potential to Heal & Repair

The majority of issues caused by the feet come from the arches or misalignment problems. If you are experiencing pain with your arches, simple things like walking will further agitate this. If left untreated, it could cause the problem to develop into long-term damage that will require invasive surgical procedures to repair. 

By switching to the correct footwear early on, you are reducing the likelihood of more severe issues down the line and providing the necessary support for your body to rectify any current problem areas. 

Overall Body Comfort

All things considered, you will be doing your body a huge favour if you invest in proper orthopaedic shoes, regardless of age. It might be a mental barrier you need to overcome or the acceptance that your body is starting to age and needs extra help. But once you make the change, you will be grateful you did. Your feet, back, knees, and hips will get back more movement, and simple everyday tasks will no longer feel like a burden. 

If you find yourself struggling to say goodbye to your favourite pair of shoes, then invest in quality insoles that will offer the same benefits as regular orthopaedic shoes. Just remember to get professionally assessed before buying any variation, as you will cancel out any help by wearing the incorrect size and style. 



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