9 Tips To Manage A Toddler’s Mealtime

Meal time is a creative and fun experience. Feeding a kid is a messy task. Toddlers are mostly picky eaters. They eat when they’re hungry unless they keep playing. To maintain a routine for kids we need to observe them and attract them with accessories from BIBS. Cool and attractive accessories full attention of the kids at meal time. Parents should learn some tips to manage a toddler’s mealtime.


  • Cleanliness

You should wash your kid’s hands before mealtime. Toddlers play on the floor and keep touching everything. Washing hands will develop a habit of cleaning before a toddler’s mealtime.

  • Use a dinner bib

A dinner bib will help to keep kids’ clothes clean during a toddler’s mealtime. An attractive dinner bib will make children excited for mealtime.

  • Avoid force-feeding

When kids are young they are exploring their taste buds. A toddler is in the stage of deciding which food he wants to eat. Using force-feeding methods will decrease their interest in certain nutritious food.


  • Serve a variety of food

If you keep eating the same kind of food every meal you will soon get bored and will start hating that food. Try to make different types of food in different ways so that they will start eating them.

  • Don’t expect to clean the plate every time during a toddler’s mealtime

Sometimes kids don’t know how much they want to eat. Expecting that they will clean the plate even after they are full will develop over-eating habits. Like they eat the portion they like and when they grow up allow them to serve their portion.

  • Don’t put a value on food

Many parents use dessert as a price for eating dinner. This is not a good habit because this will allow them to rank food according to their taste buds. Treat every food equally and avoid using greed for filling nutrition during a toddler’s mealtime.

  • Be their role model

Kids learn from you. They will imitate even the smallest thing you do. If you avoid eating broccoli or bitter gourd then they will also do the same. Try to set a better example for them. 

  • Limit screen time

According to a study, when kids play video games or watch TV they do mindless snacking. This increases body fat. If you limit screen time during a toddler’s mealtime they won’t eat more snacks and will feel hungry at mealtimes.


  • Make them eat with family

When a kid eats with the family he will start to feel a sense of belonging. Kids will feel they are equal in the family. It will make them feel that meal time is necessary. They will start eating new food from the table. This will also develop a good habit of eating solids.


Developing a habit will take time. They will learn how to eat and when to eat with time. You need to be patient during a toddler’s mealtime and keep trying with them. One day they will have a proper routine for meals.


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