10 Fun Things To Do In Nashville With Kids

You read the title; we will be talking about some fun things to do in Nashville with kids. The place is practically filled with parks, zoos, sights, and rides, enough to tire a kid. And that is saying something. Nashville is a great vacation place for everybody to have some time off from their routine life.

So, here are the ten best places and things to do in Nashville with kids – a wonderful holiday or a fun tour. Read the article to the end for some fun tips and facts. 

Parks to play

Kids are unpredictable these days with their changing nature and tastes. For kids who love to go out and enjoy nature, a park space offers, then you have to visit the parks in Nashville. Parks and gardens come first on the “Things to do in Nashville with kids” list. Nashville has different playgrounds: nature parks, sightseeing parks, landmark parks, and more. 

Here is a list,

  1. Fannie Mae Dees park
  2. Shelby park 
  3. Cumberland park
  4. Two rivers park
  5. Richland park

And more. All these parks have dog parks and playgrounds for a fun-filled day out in Nashville. 

Wonder Museums

Kids are the most curious ones of all. What better place than a museum to keep them filled with wonders and wows? Include these majestic museums in your itinerary as cool things to do in Nashville with kids while you are still there.

Some of the must-visit ones are,

  1. Nashville Parthenon 
  2. Lane motor museum
  3. Adventure science center
  4. First art museum
  5. All of the Hall of Fame and music museums of the place

If you are looking for exciting yet mind-blowing things to do in Nashville with kids, visit the county Hall of Fame and music museums and all other museums. 


Picnic spots

What is the point of the tour if you can’t sit and enjoy a nice snack and a fantastic view? Picnics are a must on the list of things to do in Nashville with kids. It is one of the rest points for a quick bite and a frisbee match with your puppies. 

While you are in Nashville,

  1. Riverfront park
  2. Picnic cafe
  3. Walk of fame park
  4. Public square park
  5. The Natchez trace 

These parks also have other things to do in Nashville with kids. Give these a visit and enjoy the view. 

Cool history sites

Nashville is a musical city and is also known for its Greek history. There are parks and other historical sights that proudly behold the Greek nature and culture in its builds and monuments. If you think you have better things to do in Nashville with kids, think again.

  1. Centennial park
  2. The hermitage
  3. Belmont Mansion
  4. Bicentennial Capitol mall state park
  5. Nashville Parthenon

If you are looking for multiple things to do in Nashville with kids in a single place, these are some of the best historical sights to visit.

Fun topped with a fun

If you are thinking of finishing your trip without some fun rides with kids along, then forget to finish it. It is impossible to return when it is full of fun things to do in Nashville with kids. Every kid likes a fun ride, and for them, here is a list of some super fun places. 

  1. The escape game
  2. Dabble studio
  3. Trampoline park
  4. Nashvox: The Nashville studio experience 
  5. The rabbit hole VR

These are some fun things to do in Nashville with kids for that extra fun and adrenaline.

Wildlife visits

The next stop is at zoos and other wildlife places. Great forests, treks, and amazing animals to visit, surrounded by bridges, trees, and rivers. These places are adventurous and offer an extraordinary exploration of things to do in Nashville with kids. 

Some of the incredible wildlife places to visit in Nashville are,

  • Radnor lake state park
  • Nashville Zoo
  • Anderson road fitness trail
  • Edwin and Percy Warner parks
  • Beaman park nature center


Shopping spree

A vacation without shopping is a sin, and no, this is not an exaggeration—some souvenirs, clothes, or bags to remember the fantastic Nashville trip. As you go around with the things to do in Nashville with kids, enjoy shopping through the famous markets and malls of Nashville. 

  1. Shopping malls and district
  2. Music City shop
  3. Nashville’s fashion scene
  4. Nashville’s farmer’s market
  5. Opry mills

Theatres to tour

Who likes a good play? What is the best movie time to add to the things to do in Nashville with kids? Then visit these places with your popcorn tub and drinks. The genre can be anything, but an exciting and memorable time is guaranteed.

  1. Grand ole opry
  2. Ryman Auditorium
  3. Marathon music works
  4. Nashville nightlife theatre
  5. Nashville’s Children’s Theatre

Famous foods

It’s time to talk and take a bite after all those visits because the food comes next on the list of things to do in Nashville with kids. Nashville has some of the best restaurants and foods to offer. Dive into the delicious taste palette of Nashville in these best places. 

You can take out some picnic spots and snacks during the wildlife tour.

  1. Blue aster
  2. Biscuit love
  3. Assembly food hall
  4. Butcher and bee
  5. Lockeland table

Jolly rides

Let’s get back to the last round of fun. Before you end your stay, check out these exciting things to do in Nashville with kids. Not just kids have fun on these rides; sometimes, adults have a great time too. And here are those places for you to visit. 

  1. Fox trot carousel
  2. Wave Country
  3. Joy ride Nashville
  4. Fair park
  5. The wagon tours



If you go for a vacation or a tour with your kid, it doesn’t matter the number of days spent there, but the memories and the way they were made. So be sure to be safe and enjoy everything that Nashville has to offer. 

Do all the planned things to do in Nashville with kids and give yourself a breather from the routine. Another thing is that the perfect time to visit Nashville is in spring and fall times. The weather is suitable and apt for all kinds of activities and things to do in Nashville with kids. 

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Happy Touring!


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