5 Ways To Celebrate Navratri With Kids

Navratri, the nine-day festival honoring Goddess Durga, is a time filled with spirituality, devotion, and enthusiasm. It’s a time that offers numerous opportunities to instill cultural values in the younger generation. Are you pondering how to celebrate Navratri with kids in a way that’s both engaging and informative? Let’s dive into five innovative and interactive ways to ensure that your children enjoy the festival and grasp its significance.

Celebrate Navratri With Kids In These 5 Ways

  • Crafting a Personal Puja Corner

Engaging kids in setting up a dedicated puja corner at home can be a delightful way to celebrate Navratri with kids. It can be as simple as a small table adorned with a picture or idol of Goddess Durga. Let your child’s creativity flow by using handcrafted decorations, rangoli, and diyas. 


  • Dance & Music – Embracing Garba & Dandiya

One cannot think of Navratri without picturing the lively beats of dandiya and graceful swirls of garba dancers. Introduce your kids to these traditional dance forms as a fun way to celebrate Navratri with kids. You can enroll them in short workshops or teach them basic steps at home. 

  • Culinary Delights – Cooking to Celebrate Navratri with Kids

Food plays an integral role in any celebration. To celebrate Navratri with kids, introduce them to traditional recipes that are made during this festival. Cooking together can be an educational activity, where they learn about the significance of fasting, and the ingredients used, and relish the dishes they’ve helped create. From sabudana khichdi to fruit chaats and kuttu puris, let them have a hands-on experience in the kitchen.

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  • Narrating Legendary Stories

Stories are powerful tools to instill values and impart knowledge. Every night of Navratri can be dedicated to narrating a tale related to the festival. It’s a serene way to celebrate Navratri with kids by helping them understand the significance behind the rituals and the deeper spiritual messages. 

  • Community Engagement & Temple Visits

Navratri is celebrated with enthusiasm in communities and temples. Visiting temples adorned with grand decorations or attending community events can offer a holistic experience. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate Navratri with kids, where they can observe rituals, listen to devotional songs, and interact with peers. Such experiences can evoke a sense of community belonging and foster respect for traditions.


Choosing to celebrate Navratri with kids isn’t just about introducing them to a festival; it’s about sharing the rich tapestry of traditions, values, and stories that come with it. Navratri can be an enriching time for kids, filled with fun, learning, and spiritual growth. By integrating interactive and informative activities, you ensure that the essence of the festival is passed on to the younger generation in the most joyful manner.

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How to celebrate Navratri at home simply?

Celebrate Navratri at home by setting up a small altar, performing daily puja, observing a fast (if able), and engaging in devotional singing and dancing, all while adorning your home with festive decorations.

What rituals to follow in Navratri?

During Navratri, worshippers engage in rituals like Ghatasthapana (pot establishment), performing daily Aarti, reciting scriptures, fasting, and venerating different forms of Goddess Durga across the nine nights, concluding with Vijaya Dashami celebrations.

What Prasad is offered during Navratri?

Prasad offered during Navratri varies but commonly includes sweets like Laddoos and Halwa, fruits, and specialized dishes like Sabudana Khichdi. Depending on the day and tradition, offerings may also involve dairy products, sugar, and dried fruits.



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