10 Points Checklist to Organize a Birthday Party

Birthday, Born-Day, Cake-Day, Manufacturing-Day! Call it by any name, it always brings excitement. It was our own birthday when we were kids and now it is our kids’ birthday party, for which we always do lots of planning to make it special for them. Be it any festival, celebration, or your little buddy’s birthday, it is incomplete without a party. Plan a party to be remembered without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Here are a few tips to help you organize a birthday party for kids:

  1. Decide a Theme

Organizing a theme-based party always makes it easy to manage things and make them look attractive. So decide on a theme for your child’s birthday party on the basis of his interests or hobbies.

It will make it more exciting for him. For example, my daughter went crazy for “fidget spinners” when her eighth birthday was approaching and it was so easy for me to decide the fidget spinner theme for her eighth birthday.

You can match the party’s decor, gift wrapping, birthday cards, and more with the party’s theme for a fun and cohesive event.

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  1. Prepare the Guest List

When you invite so many people and make the place crowded, kids cannot enjoy the party. You get busy with your guests and kids get ignored. until my daughter’s 5th birthday, I used to throw a mom-n-kids birthday party as it is easier when each child gets managed by her own mother. After that, it was comfortable to organize only the kids’ party.

According to research, we should always invite the number of kids equal to the age of the birthday child plus one. If your child is turning 5, you should invite 5+1 = 6 kids for the celebration.

  1. Digital Invitation

Instead of getting birthday cards printed, design birthday invitations online. So many free templates are available online. I made one this time using canva.com, it is simple to use.

Share it online through messengers or emails. Don’t forget to add RSVP and receive a quick response online to make the arrangements accordingly. (RSVP is written so that the invited guests must tell the host if they will attend the party or not.)

  1. Return Gifts and a Thank You Note

Try to select age-appropriate return gifts that are useful for them. Children love to get personalized return gifts, they feel special when they see their name on the gift. Pack the return gifts nicely and economically and do not forget to stick a Thank You Note on it.

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Arrange four to five return gifts extra as you never know if any sibling, cousin, or friend will turn up with the invited guest. Of course, you would not like to see a little sad face due to the shortage of a return gift!

  1. Happiness is a Cake 

Either bake the cake at home if you love baking as we tried (Spinner Cake with lights – I always get the designs from my favorite Pinterest) or order it from your favorite bakery. If you want a cake to go exactly with your theme, you can opt for fondant cakes but it will be a bit expensive as compared to a simple buttercream cake. Icing cakes are easy to do at home. You can simply bake a pre-mix easily available in the market and top it with creamy icing and a few sprinklers. Kids just want a yummy cake!

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  1. Décor Speaks it all

It is advised not to do party indoors until it is hot outside or due to lack of space. The indoor party leaves your home messy after the bash. It is always better to make arrangements outdoors as you get a lot of space for games and it saves electricity too!

Get the area decorated with multi-colored balloons. You can decorate the plane balloons with binders and dot-stickers to cut down the cost.

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In case you have a good budget, get your theme-based cut-outs for the décor. You can also get the centerpieces for tables or you can keep jars simply filled with marbles and keep a few colored pens in it for written games.

  1. Selfie Corner or Photo Booth

Everybody loves to get a few clicks at a birthday party when they are specially dressed up for the occasion. You can make a backdrop for the selfie corner and also keep a few photo booth party props or accessories to make it memorable.

  1. Fun Games

Kids come to the party for cake, games, and gifts. You can keep a few written games for their age and a few no-cost activity games. Some of the most favorite birthday party games of kids are freeze dance, musical chair, three-legged race, charades, Simon Says, treasure hunt, and the list goes on.

Avoid too many games as it will spoil the fun of a birthday party, instead keep more gifts in each game. Instead of 2 winners, make it 4 or 5 so that most of the children could get the gift.

  1. Pinata

Do not forget to fill a piñata as kids love to loot the favors filled in it. Throughout the year kids bring home lots of stuff in goody bags, every mom has this collection! Use them all as piñata filler which would be favors for kids and an add-on activity too.

  1. Good Food gives a Good Mood

Danielle Walker, author of Against All Grain: Celebrations suggests the best time for a party is in the afternoon (2 to 5) as no full meals are needed after lunch and before dinner.

Keep a limited number of snacks, desserts, or drinks to make it easy for kids to choose from and do less wastage. Use disposables to serve the food and drinks to save your time and energy after the birthday party.

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Have more points or tips to add, something that worked wonders for your party? Please share them with us in the comments section.

Wish you a very Happy and Joyous Parenting!


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