7 Essential Monsoon Baby Care Tips

Monsoon season comes every year and brings a lot of things along with it. We all know that the rain brings uninvited guests in the forms of mosquitoes, disease-spreading germs, infections, etc. For many new parents, it can be the first rainy season for their baby. Therefore, you should concern about some monsoon baby care tips to take care of your babies to keep them healthy and infections-free.

Childcare in the monsoon needs to be stepped up a notch to keep them away from any kind of infections. There are many things that you should have to take in terms of monsoon baby care tips, which will keep them safe and healthy.

Here we are advising you on essential monsoon baby care tips, which you can apply to keep your baby safe from any kind of monsoon-related diseases.


7 Monsoon Baby Care Tips

1. Keep your home clean

Monsoon baby care tips start with the cleanliness of your home. Clean up all areas of your house properly. Such as balconies, gardens, bathrooms, kitchen, and every corner to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes and fungal infections.

You can use Dettol diluted water for dusting and moping to clean germs properly. Don’t bring dirty shoes inside your home, clean up all drains to avoid clogging, and check if there are any water puddles in any corner or area of your home.

2. Clothes must be dry and a tad warm for your baby

Your baby’s clothes should be dry and clean. Because wet clothes can cause rashes. Use a hot iron to run over the baby’s clothes before wearing them or storing them.

A hot iron will remove the moisture from clothes and will do them slightly warm and will make that cozy to wear. Change the nappies and clothes quickly if you find them wet.

Don’t use them again without washing. You should use Dettol too for washing your baby’s clothes in terms of monsoon baby care tips to avoid any kind of germs.

3. Keep mosquitoes away in terms of monsoon baby care tips

As we all know that mosquito breeding has been fast during the rains, so you have to keep them away from your home. Because mosquitoes can bite your baby and can give pain and swellings to them.

Hence, you can choose a mosquito net to cover your baby’s crib so that your baby can sleep without the disturbance of mosquitoes and flies. Wear them fully covered clothes in the monsoon season. Use mosquito repellents for your home but they should be made from natural ingredients.


4. Make fresh food for your baby

If your baby is grown-up and taking solid food then you must make fresh food for them. Every meal should be prepared fresh to avoid any kind of stomach infection.

Water must be boiled, utensils should be sterilized, and food must be well cooked and warm while you feed them. In monsoon baby care tips, we would suggest you do not feed them leftover food.

5. Your hands must be clean at all times

In monsoon baby care tips, your hands must be clean before carrying your baby. Because our hands are the first gateway of germs. Dirty hands can carry germs and can enter your baby’s body.

To avoid that, keep your hands clean, and disinfect them before engaging with your kid. Do the same for your baby’s hand too, especially if they are crawling on the floor. 

All toys must be clean and dry before giving them to play with. Wash them too on regular basis to avoid germs.

6. Change nappies regularly or can leave for some time nappy-free

Wet nappies could give your baby a cold and a diaper rash. And it can turn into a breeding ground for germs and fungal infections. To avoid this situation, check nappies more frequently than before during monsoon season.

You can let them be nappy or diaper-free for some time too. Their skin gets breath or air for a while.

7. Vaccinations are the best protection for your baby

Many doctors advised that get a flu booster when the monsoons are around. So, keep in touch with your baby’s doctor and give your baby timely vaccinations to keep them healthy all the time.

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These are some essential monsoon baby care tips, to keep your baby healthy and safe!!

Stay Healthy!


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