Inexpensive Winter Break Activities to Keep Your Kids From Being Bored

Winter break is a time of year when parents and kids alike are looking for something to do. Kids can get very bored if they don’t have anything to occupy themselves with, and this boredom often leads to trouble. This blog post will provide you with some inexpensive winter break activities that your kids can enjoy.

Inexpensive Winter Break Activities:

Playing in the Snow

One of the most obvious choices for an activity is to play in the snow. If it snows where you live over winter break, make sure your kids go outside and build a snowman or throw some snowballs at each other. 


Craftwork is another winter break activity to do with your kids. Start by letting them pick out some craft supplies at the store so that you know what items to buy when it comes time for you to go shopping together.

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Some ideas that kids may enjoy are painting paper snowflakes, making picture frames out of sticks and pinecones, or decorating plain mugs with paint.

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Puzzles can be entertaining for kids because they get to exercise their brains while trying to solve puzzles. If your kids like jigsaw puzzles (or if you want them to start liking them), buy a few jigsaw puzzle books that have the pieces already sorted into separate bags. 

Alternatively, you may decide to engage in some artwork by cutting out pictures from old newspapers and magazines.

A Trip to the Beach

Another fun winter break activity is taking a trip to the beach. Many people don’t live near the ocean, so they don’t realize how much their kids will enjoy spending an afternoon or two in beach chairs basking, building sandcastles, and playing in the water.

If your family does not have any plans for a vacation over winter break, you can save money by going on a day trip to the beach instead.

In addition to playing in the water, you can have your kids play some beach games like beach volleyball while they are at the beach. This is an excellent way to get their energy out and give them something fun to do all day long.

Cooking with Your Kids

Another fun winter break activity is to let your kids help you in the kitchen. If they are young, have them do something simple like stirring a pot of soup or putting ingredients into a bowl.


For older kids who are interested in learning how to cook from scratch, purchase some inexpensive recipe books that they can follow step by step and teach them how to make some meals. This is a great way for them to try out new recipes and get creative with cooking.

Movie Night

If your kids are already tired of being outside and playing sports, have a movie night with them. Some ideas include watching an old kid’s movie or letting them pick out their show to watch.

Movies can be fun, but they are also educational, so they’re a great way to spend winter break together as a family.

Winter can get boring for kids who have to spend most of their time indoors. However, parents can help their kids have fun by doing inexpensive winter break activities.

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