6 Things To Bring On A Family Camping Trip

A family camping trip is a wonderful way to bond with the family and create long-lasting memories. Whether tent camping, RV camping, or going with a cabin rental, the outdoor adventure industry has loads of great products to add to your camping basics.

Here are six items you won’t want to do without once you have them. 

1. Portable Camping Sink

Life will be a little nicer out in the wilderness with a portable camping sink. They come with drains to get rid of dirty water so you can wash your face and hands or do the dishes with ease.

There are several types to choose from including collapsible and non-collapsible sinks with drains, and foldable sinks. Non-collapsible sinks are hard-sided and can be used in a variety of settings.

They can double as storage containers for camping gear or food. Collapsable sinks can be neatly folded away yet are strong and sturdy.

Folding camping sinks have built-in faucets and are similar to your sink at home. They’re not as compact as the other types, but folding legs make them more portable. 

2. A Space-Saving Stove

Prepare tastier, more nutritious meals outdoors with a portable electric stove. Look for one that you can easily carry so it’s convenient and doesn’t add a burden to your family camping trip load. A portable stove will also come in handy back at home.

During power outages, a small generator  (3,000 to 4,000 watts) will allow you to have hot meals for the duration of a power outage. You can also use it to supplement your outdoor kitchen or prepare side dishes when cooking large holiday meals. 


3. Insect Repelling Lantern

Mosquitoes and biting insects can ruin your outdoor fun with bothersome buzzing and painful bites that itch for days afterward. Now you can eliminate those pesky pests without DEET, torches, lotions, sprays, or even citronella.

Look for a mosquito-repellent camp lantern for hours of scent-free mess-free defense from biting insects. These lanterns use a bright 220-lumen light to repel insects for at least 15 feet. They come with hanging clips and need no cord. Definitely an item you’ll use back home!

4. An Easy-to-Carry Cooler

No matter what your family camping trip type, you’ll appreciate an easy-to-carry soft-shelled cooler. One with a 20-quart capacity will turn into your mini-fridge on your next family camping trip.

With a little ice, it’ll keep food and drinks fresh and cold for up to three days. They feature premium-grade thermal insulation, food-grade interiors, leak-proof seals, and compound latch systems. With an included mounting system, you can attach a bottle open and other accessories. 

5. Shower Bag

Even if you stay at a campground with showers, an extra shower will be more than handy. Wash dirty kids down with a solar camping shower bag that heats water to 113°F (45°C) with three hours of direct sunlight.

It can hold up to five gallons of water for refreshing outdoor showering. The environmentally friendly shower comes with a hose, water tap, and shower head. An upgraded shower head features an on/off switch and low and high water flow control. 


6. A Family Camping Trip Table

Add a little hominess to your family campsite with a lightweight, easy-to-pack family camping trip table. Just add chairs and gather around for a meal, a game of cards, and more. The table frame is made from lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy for enough strength to support up to 110 lbs.

The hard top is UV-resistant and will withstand harsh weather and sunlight.  An internal bungee cord self-assembles the poles to make setup fast and easy. You can also use it at home for parties and backyard barbeques.

Happy Camping!


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