5 Other Uses For Baby’s Swaddle Blanket

To keep your baby warm, safe, and comfortable during the swaddling process, Crane-Baby’s swaddle blankets are designed with the perfect mix of premium quality, softness, and style that you’ve come to expect from their brand. However, while they may be intended specifically for swaddling, they can also be used in other ways around the house or on the go to make your life easier! Here are five other uses for your baby’s swaddle blanket that you may not have considered before.

1. Pet bed cover

A swaddle blanket makes a great pet bed for small dogs and cats. It’s soft and cozy, and the perfect size for them to curl up in. Plus, you can machine wash and dry it, so it’s easy to keep clean.

Just throw it over an old pillow or pad and voila! our pet will love the extra warmth and coziness, and you’ll love not having to worry about fur or drool stains on your furniture. Plus, it’s a great way to upcycle an old baby blanket.

2. Walking sling

Did you know a swaddle blanket can be used to help your baby walk? By twisting the blanket into a sling and using it to wrap around their chest as a restraint from falling when they are in a standing position, your baby can get some practice taking steps.

Remember that this should only be done under close supervision! Stretchy cotton fabric is perfect for helping babies walk and feel secure. Crane-Baby.com has blankets made from muslin that will be soft enough to place around them. 


3. Pack ‘n Play sheet

A Pack ‘n Play is a lifesaver for busy parents. It provides a safe, comfortable place for the baby to sleep or play while you’re on the go. But did you know that a Pack ‘n Play can also be used as a changing station, travel crib, or even a makeshift high chair?

If you’re planning on using your Pack ‘n Play for a crib, a swaddling blanket can be used to make sleeping more comfortable for the baby. If your swaddle blanket is long and stretchy, then it should be big enough to wrap around the bottom pad for the baby to sleep on, while also protecting the pad from spit-up and other messes.

And if your baby is old enough to sleep with a light blanket over him, a swaddle blanket is safer than a quilt or a throw blanket because it’s more lightweight and breathable in some cases. 

4. Nursing cover with a swaddle blanket

Your baby may have outgrown its swaddle days but is still nursing. A swaddle blanket can also be used as a nursing cover. This is especially convenient if you’re traveling with your baby and need to breastfeed in public. To use it as a nursing cover, simply drape the blanket over your shoulders and wear it like a poncho.

The blanket will provide privacy while you breastfeed and keep your baby warm. Even in their Ergobaby carrier, a swaddle blanket can be used to feed your baby in private. Some nursing mothers feel that having a baby in a carrier is more convenient when it comes to breastfeeding. 

5. Picnic blanket

We’ve all been there. You’re out on a picnic with your family, enjoying the nice weather, when suddenly you realize you forgot the blanket. Well, never fear! Your baby’s swaddle blanket can double as a picnic blanket in a pinch. Just lay it out on the ground and it’s ready to use. 

You may not be able to fit the whole family on it, but it does come in handy if it’s just you and baby enjoying the park together or enjoying a mommy and me lunch outdoors in your own backyard. 

Before you get rid of those swaddle blankets consider repurposing them for one of these items. You may be surprised to find out how many other ways your child’s favorite blanket can be used.

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