Breast Pumping Tips for Nursing Moms

Did you know that breastfeeding helps protect children against short- and long-term illnesses and allergies? Besides the numerous health benefits, breastfeeding is an incredible opportunity to connect with your baby because it is a physical and emotional bond that stays with you for many years. However, it is not easy if you do not know about breast pumping.

Here are the best tips for nursing moms to ensure they are breast pumping the right way:

  • Before Baby’s Arrival

Before the baby arrives, do some prenatal prep. This will make the entire breastfeeding process a lot easier. The first step is to research the right types of breast pumps.

Regarding breastfeeding essentials, you need to buy a quality pump. Some of the best pumps are single-electric, double-electric, double-electric with hands-free, or manual pumps.

Single-electric breast pumps are excellent for parents who plan to supplement their breast milk. Double-electric pumps are the best choice for mothers who plan to return to work soon or if they must be away from their child for a long time daily.

You can also get the hands-free version of this for more flexibility. Alternatively, a manual pump can be used as a backup option if you do not have an electric one. It is also crucial to note that your breast pump must fit correctly.

Do not wait until the baby comes out before you open the breast pump out of its box. Try the product first to know if your breast shields or flanges fit right. View this fitting chart for more information.


  • After Baby’s Arrival

Remember that breast pumping is a slow-going process. You should not expect to produce much milk, which is normal. There is also no specific time when a mother should pump.

Some people need half an hour to pump, while others can do it in less time. However, stimulating the breast for 15 mins is helpful, so you should always pump for a few minutes past this mark.

This sends a message to your body to let it know that you need to produce more milk. There is also no rest for the weary, and new mothers must breast pump around the clock.

Do this when your child typically eats. The minimum amount that new parents should pump is up to 8 times daily. It is always best to mimic your child’s meals as time passes.

Follow a breast pumping schedule at about the same time each day to help your body adjust. Then you can ensure you have the right amount of milk when it is time to pump.

Use the power pumping technique where you pump-rest-pump-rest. You will also have the most milk in the morning, so you should pump straight after your baby’s first feed. Finally, ensure you consume enough calories and hydrate well to maintain your milk supply.

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Gather Your Breast Pumping Essentials Today

Now that you know the best tips for breast pumping, it is time to pick up the essentials you need before the baby arrives.

Remember that breastfeeding protects babies against medical conditions like allergies or ear and chest infections.

You can bond with your baby by holding them close and ensuring they are fed well. If you enjoyed reading these breastfeeding essentials tips, check out some of our other posts.


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