How To Put A Baby To Sleep In 40 Seconds?

Once a woman gives birth to her child, that baby becomes her world. She does everything to keep her baby comfortable and happy. Nothing else matters much. Not even herself. How helpful would it be for them to have a guide – how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds

Therefore, here is how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds for all first-time mothers, new mothers, and mothers with newborns. Yes, in just 40 seconds. While some might laugh or get furious, the old mothers know it is possible. They would also have some methods that they follow in how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds.  

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The sleep cycle of the babies

We all have varied sleep cycles. The sleep cycle is when we go to sleep and the sleep duration. This should happen in a fixed time and duration. This time and duration varies with age. That is why it is crucial to know how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. Newborns and month-old babies need more sleep than others. 

The newborns do not know of day or night. Hence, they sleep from 12 to 16 hours a day. In comparison, month-old babies would start learning the day and night time, making it simple to learn how to put a baby to sleep. 

You need to set a strict sleep routine and help them follow it. Set a time, and make the place quiet, tidy, and soothing enough to sleep. Here are some practical methods for you about how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds.

How to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds?

Several tried and tested sleep techniques are used to put a baby to sleep. These sleep methods on how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds are guaranteed. 

1. Warm bath

Running them a warm bath completely relaxes the babies. The sound of the water running, the mild water temperature, and the relaxing body massage after the bath will soothe the baby. This is how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds or less than a minute. Sometimes, the baby sleeps to the sound or body massage itself.

2. Feeding

A complete and satisfied tummy will put anyone to sleep. Hence, feed the baby before sleep time. Either breastfeeding or formula feeding the baby prevents the baby from waking up in between its sleep. Feeding a baby is also how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. 

Satisfied tummy + sound sleep = happy baby.


3. Tissue trick

The tissue trick is the famous trick that has been blowing the blog pages on putting a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. Take a dry and soft tissue or a clean cloth and gently stroke the baby’s face. And that’s it. The baby is asleep; you can lay it down.

4. White noise

Creating white noise is another trick to putting a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. The silent noise of the hairdryer, washing machine, and similar sounds will relax the baby. You can also install a baby monitor to check on your baby. 

5. The “S” techniques 

These are century-old tips that all the grandmas taught their daughters on how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. The techniques are

  • Swaddling – hold the baby in your arms and slowly rock it back and forth. You can also hold it against your chest. 
  • Shh sounds – the shh sounds are said to be therapeutic to the baby, and it is highly recommended how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. 
  • Singing – you can also try humming or singling a melody to your baby to help it sleep well.
  • Swinging – the swinging motion helps the baby relax more, and soon the baby will sleep. Gently swing the baby and maintain a rhythmic movement. The baby would be asleep in less than a minute. 

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6. Touch

Touch is another method in the book of how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. Hold the baby while it sleeps, or gently touch your baby’s hands and legs. This will place your scent on the baby, making it sleep soon and stay asleep even if it wakes up in the middle. 


Benefits of sleep cycle maintenance 

Sleep is a vital necessity that your newborns and month-old babies need. It is a time when the growth is rapid. And hence to heal and develop, the baby needs quality sleep. Therefore, knowing how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds becomes crucial. 

Here are the benefits of maintaining the sleep cycle,

  • Healthy immune system
  • Improved growth rate
  • Healthy appetite
  • Enhanced memory and other brain functions
  • Strong emotional mind
  • Proper physical development
  • Weight maintenance 
  • Promotes heart health

These are the benefits for the baby when the mother knows how to put the baby to sleep in 40 seconds. There are also perks for families. Smooth relationships, equal sharing with the baby work, and less tension in the family lead to a happy one. 


There are several sleep stages in a baby. The drowsiness, light sleep, and deep sleep. Deep sleep is when the baby sleeps calmly and quietly without any movement. Light sleep and sleepiness are not as vital as deep sleep because the baby might wake up if there is any sound. Hence, know how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds or less than a minute. 

Be sure to try the tips and methods on how to put a baby to sleep. A newborn baby can sleep from 16 to 24 hrs in a day. And as they grow, the sleep cycle and the duration would change to 6 to 8 hours a day.

Therefore remember to keep the surroundings quiet for a peaceful sleep of the babies. Maintaining sleep is also as crucial as making a baby sleep. 

Happy Parenting!


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