Help for New Moms | How to Help a New Mom?    

How much ever we talk about pregnancy care, but it is still not enough. The increase in the rate of new mothers calls for more information to be passed around. And asks to be repeated, at least one more time, so a new mother herself or someone who wishes to offer some help for new moms.  

Being outside the circle of motherhood, talking about how the mother has to take care of the baby and that she should not be spending time for her with a baby in the picture is entirely narrow-minded. As we have evolved into beings with much more care and a broad-minded brain, it is still difficult to stand in the shoes of a new mom. The least we can do is provide as much help for new moms as possible. 


The Mom schedules 

The schedule of the new mothers is so packed that she cannot even afford some free time to get some decent sleep. And if a new mom has another outside job, then ‘bye-bye me time’ for them. The schedule will have a minute of free time if people around come around to help for new moms. So, we can form 2 different programs. One with help for new moms and one without it. 

Schedule – without the help for new moms 

  • Bath baby 
  • Feed the baby 
  • Diaper duty 
  • General house chores 
  • Sanitization of the baby products 
  • Doctors visit for the baby 
  • Entertain the baby 
  • Put the baby to sleep 
  • Some more time for the baby 

Without including the job. Sleep goes off the radar with the baby waking up people. 

Schedule – with help for new moms 

  • Bath baby 
  • Feed the baby 
  • Diaper duty 
  • Sanitization of the baby products 
  • Doctors visit for the baby 
  • Put the baby to sleep 
  • Some sleep time

As we compare, the new mom still does all of the baby’s work. When people outside show empathy towards her and offer help for new moms, they can get the rest they deserve. The help that she deserves is common sense, not rocket science.

The Stress 

The postpartum has the same amount of stress, if not more. The baby and the mother are both vulnerable and need care and support. The baby has the mother for it, but the mom? That is where help for new moms comes in. Too many stress factors affect the new mother physically, mentally, and psychologically, and toxic people.  

Physical stress 

As she had just undergone childbirth, a new mother would be in immense body pain. She gets prescribed medicines for all physical problems. Only a good sleep can help her.  

  • The constant body fatigue 
  • Breast pain from feeding  
  • Pain due to childbirth  
  • Sleep deprivation  

Childbirth takes a lot from a woman as she is responsible for delivering life to this world. A small physical help for new moms would make her day for sure. 


Mental stress 

A new mom is an entirely new person. She is not the person she once was before the pregnancy, and she could not be that person for some time. Having loving and understanding people around her is all she would ever wish for. Because after giving birth to a baby, imagine being cast out by her own family. That is ‘The Hell’ for new moms.  

As they go through  

  • Postpartum Anxiety 
  • Dealing with baby weight 
  • Constant crying baby  
  • Inexperience with the baby care 
  • Toxic family members 

The list does not need a difficult partner and workplace stress to add to. A little empathy would be a great help for new moms. 

Physical help 

Physical help for new moms is something that anyone around her can help with. Be it her partner, friends, other family members, or even hiring a maid to help with the house chores. It would be better than letting a new mom take care of everything. 

  • Chores like laundry, dishes, watering plants, and dusting around the house can be done by anyone. 
  • Running some errands for her. 
  • Being with the baby gives her some well-needed privacy, at least to get a good sleep or relaxing bath time (Which becomes so rare at this time). 
  • Accompanying her to places to offer to carry stuff 

These are some of the small things that are a great help for new moms.  

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Emotional support 

Emotional help is the next luck or blessing in the form of help for new moms. Almost heaven. Surrounded by people that love her and understand her rants, mood swings, insecurities, fears, anger, and frustrations with being a mother for the first time. She can be helped with, 

  • An open-minded person to talk to 
  • Someone to tell her to take rest and take care of herself too. 
  • Helping with the baby to some quality time with her partner 
  • Helping with her body’s insecurities 
  • Listening to her rant and being there for her let her know that “it’s okay! Everything would be fine. We’ll help you.” 

She does not need someone to relate to her. A good help for new moms is to be a good listener—an emotional shoulder to lean on whenever she feels tired and worn out.  

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If pregnancy is a separate world, aftercare is another different world for the mother and the whole family with the baby at hand. The baby is not the only one who needs to be taken care of, but it is also essential to provide help for new moms—the same importance because she is as fragile as the baby, both physically and more so mentally. 

A significant amount of stress in providing help for new moms is not because they need help to do it. The point of providing help for new moms is to contribute some humanity towards a woman with some respect. She had just given birth to a beautiful life and provided the family with an heir. The least that the people around her can do is to be there for her as her support.


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