New Moms! Are you looking for a survival guide? 10 best tips

For all those brand new moms who are expecting or gave birth or already experienced motherhood, I also have been once in your shoes. But I guess whether it is once, twice or thrice the feel would be the same. And if you think that motherhood is all lovely, cozy, rosy, bright sunshine and rainbows – hold on for a minute new mom!

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Signs of Motherhood – Journey of paradise

Variety of stretch marks, blast of poops, loads of leaky boobs or sometimes they feel like
stone, smiles, fears, bliss, vaccinations, undereye dark circles, unexplainable crankiness, weeping and at times without any reason puke. Last but not the least when you are not holding your baby still and he is moving back and forth, you feel unskilled in a bouquet of diapers.

If you experience all these then my dear new moms you are in the right direction of motherhood. These feelings are the first crossing of the motherhood journey. Congratulations! you are on board now….

bonding with a newborn baby

Whatever we feel is altogether new and strange but trust me it is the most beautiful journey of a mom’s life. New moms – you have to be patient and just know that it will get better with time. You must have heard that time flies, this time will also fly soon and you will miss these memories with your little munchkin.

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So new moms calm down! Let me share with you a few things which I followed in my journey of motherhood and tried to made it easier.

Best tips for the new moms

1. Share the chores and responsibility

The most important ingredient of the motherhood journey is the father of the newborn. If your husband wants to help you with any chores, let him do. Don’t think whether he will be able to do it or not, will he fix the diaper appropriately or not. Just relax and let him share the responsibilities – no harm in it.

How Fathers can help in Breastfeeding?

Throughout my journey, my husband was the most helpful person on the earth from waking up till late night for our baby, giving him bottle-feed or nursing, baby massage, medicines, diaper change to even cleaning of the baby poop. Undoubtedly, I was one of the blessed new moms.

2. Remove slippery objects

Remove all the slippery objects like carpets, doormats from your house because this can cause you to trip. If you have slippery floors then take special care of it to avoid unfortunate events.

nuclear family

3. Make bath time organized

Before giving a bath to your baby, set everything within your reach rather arms reach like soap, baby wash, a tub filled with lukewarm water, towel, etc. or anything which you might require during bath time. Always soap one part of your baby at a time and wash it with water immediately to avoid slipperiness.

baby bath toys

4. Umbilical stump

The stump will fall off within a week or two. You don’t need to touch that area for no reason. Carefully wipe it off with spirit as recommended by doctors twice daily and once it comes out, don’t use spirit just wash it off with water.

sleeping baby

5. The soft spot

The soft spot is on the head of the baby. It is highly said that you should not touch that area. You should be careful about bumps and falls and after some time,
it gets normal.

6. Trim carefully

Be careful while you trim those tiny nails. Luckily, I have never nicked my baby’s fingers. But new moms you need to be careful while trimming the nails. Use a clean pair of infant nail clippers to gently cut the nails along the curve of the finger in one or two snips. You can also file it up to avoid scratching.

baby massage

7. Don’t get sleep-deprived

Brand new moms, please sleep when your newborn is sleeping. Don’t get sleep deprived while looking at your baby constantly, it will not make you a super mom – be a wonder-mom. Your newborn can still survive, he or she does not require attention. Get some sleep whenever you get a chance.

breastfeeding newborn

8. Don’t panic

Don’t rush to your doctor every time for small things like when you hear some noise coming from the tummy of your gummy bear. It’s absolutely normal. Chill!

9. Baby growth charts

Cynical new moms who believe and go by these charts, they are not 100% right in practical lives. If your baby is healthy, eating, sleeping well on time, playing, and active yet don’t meet the requirements of these charts please don’t worry. The baby is absolutely normal. Each baby has their own pace of development.

10. Diaper Rashes

To avoid diaper rashes, change the diaper frequently and always use coconut oil in the diaper area as I used. You can also use rash cream or anything which your doctor prescribes. The area should be clean all the time. Even if they occur, do not get panic. Use the same rituals every day.

nappy hygiene

Well, no amount of preparation and perfection can save you from rashes to reactions or maybe colic, diarrhea, etc. I can assure you one thing to my dear new moms…those tiny things will happen but stay positive. A positive mind comes with good health.

If you want to have a healthy baby then you need to be careful with yourself first. Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy for healthy parenting…enjoy the moments, make memories, capture them and break free yourself!

soft baby skin

“The knowledge can increase the capacity of doing things but the experience can make you understand to do things.”

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Have more tips to add for new moms that worked for you and your baby? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

Author: Richa AG | Mommy Blogger | SAHM

Richa AG

Wish you a very Happy and Healthy Parenting!


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