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An infant’s skin is very delicate and can get affected by anything you apply on it. My baby has very sensitive skin and can react to any bit of chemical in the product within no time. So I need to be very careful when I pick up a skincare product for my baby. Many mothers think of Johnsons baby care products whenever such topics hit their mind, but we have a lot more to explore and choose the best products for our child. Today we will discuss Tedibar Soap Review.

I was searching around for soaps other than Johnsons and Himalaya which are good for my baby’s skin and then got to know about the Tedibar soap by Curatio Healthcare India and here I am presenting a brief Tedibar soap review.


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The Tedibar soap or the teddy bear soap is beautiful pink colored soap which can be easily found at any drugstore, you can also find this soap online easily.

The Tedibar soap price is 123 INR and weights up to 75 gms. It comes in various packages like a pack of 2,3,5 etc. Let us know more about the teddy bear soap for babies. You can also check the Tedibar soap review on Amazon and other product sites.

Here is a Tedibar soap review and some details regarding the same:

What does the Tedibar soap claim?

  •   It claims that the soap is skin-friendly and can be used right from the birth
  •   That the product is completely soap-free and does not have any harmful alkali.
  •   It says that the Tedibar soap has PH 5-6, the same as a normal skin has.
  •   The soap does not cause dryness and cleans up the skin very well.
  •   It is gentle on the skin and very cost-effective as well.
  •   The Tedibar baby soap has got the power to gently cleanse the baby skin and keep it healthy without causing any irritation from chemicals. Mothers can read the Tedibar soap review and find out what is best for their child.

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My Tedibar soapTedibar soap review after use

While I decided to write Tedibar soap review, it is important for me to give my opinion regarding the product.

  • When you open the soap, it has a light pink colored soap packed nicely. It comes with a drain tray which is specially curated for the soap.
  • The soap has got a mild floral fragrance which is amazing, it does not entirely cover your child with its fragrance and that is the best part.
  • This teddy bear soap for babies does its primary job well, it cleanses any traits or dirt or oil nicely and leaves the skin smooth and soft.
  • The soap keeps the baby skin moisturized as well.
  • Unlike the other baby soaps, the tedibar soap does not provide a no-tear formula guarantee. But it is still suggested by dermatologists and pediatricians.
  • You can also use the tedibar soap for fairness purpose as it genuinely gives you a difference after a few weeks of utilization.
  • The tedibar soap uses a syndet base and perfume claiming them as the key ingredients on the package of the soap. You can go through the ingredients at the back of the pack and check the other tedibar soap review as well.

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More products from Curatio Healthcare

You do not only find Tedibar soap online but also find a lot of other products which the company offers like:

  •   SPOO Shampoo
  •   Atogla Lotion
  •   Atogla Cream
  •   B4 Nappy Baby Cream
  •   B4 Nappy Baby Wipes

My tedibar soap review is incomplete if I do not mention the other baby products which the company produces. You can also try these products for your baby.

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Tedibar Soap Vs Himalaya Baby Soap

The tedibar soap review is incomplete without making a comparison between the two brands.

  • Himalaya is one of the most popular brands when it comes to skincare or haircare. Himalaya soap has four different variants which are Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap, Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap, Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap, and Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap.
  • Whereas when it comes to tedibar baby soap, it has got no variants but comes in different packages like a pack of 2,3,5, etc. You must check the tedibar soap reviews before you make a buy online so that you do not have to deal with fake products.
  • When it comes to tedibar soap it uses a single soap variant to give your baby all the nourishment and softness. Whereas, Himalaya baby soap has different variants and you can’t just use all at once.
  • Tedibar soaps cost you double the amount of Himalaya baby soap. Himalaya baby soaps will cost you not more than 60 bucks whereas tedibar will cost you around 123 bucks, but it gives you quality and shows the difference in no time.
  • Himalaya baby soaps clean nicely so does the tedibar soap. It creates a good lather and cleanses dirt and oil in one go as I have mentioned in my tedibar soap review above.
  • Both the soaps do not claim the no-tear formula for your baby.
  • Tedibar baby soap comes with a drain tray whereas Himalaya baby soaps do not.

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Side effects of using Teddybar soaps

You would like to know the tedibar soap side effects in the Tedibar soap review. I have used this product personally and have read lots of other tedibar soap reviews online and I have found no side effects of this product on my child. The only thing to be cautious about it is that you have to keep the soap on the tray otherwise it may melt easily.

So, there are no tedibar soap side effects and it is safe for your child.

To avoid fake products, read the tedibar soap review on the site from where you are planning to buy.

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Let us now consider some interesting facts about baby skin

  •   New-born skin is a lot more than you expect

Most newborn babies are born with a skin having a reddish tint in it and it is not at all soft, smooth or the skin you want to touch all day!

  •   The skin of a new-born baby is extremely thin

When you notice a newborn baby next time, you will see that you can see most of the blood vessels under their skin. That is because newborn baby skin is super delicate and thin.

  •   The skin of babies is really really sensitive!

Whenever the climate changes, you have to make sure to dress your child accordingly! This is because baby skin is so sensitive that it can easily catch the heat or the extreme cold in the environment. So, make sure to dress your child well in winter as well as in summers.

  •   Your genes decide the color of your babies’ skin!

Yes, you heard that right! You can always use natural methods to brighten or lighten the skin tone of your child, but if you look at this tedibar soap review, using this product will never change the complexion of your child’s skin. But you can always use natural products to help it glow.

  •   Do not wash your baby’s skin daily

We often stick to the fact that bathing every day can help you keep clean and healthy. But the fact is the bathing 4 times a week is considered the appropriate dose of washing baby skin until the baby starts to crawl or walk properly. I hope after reading this tedibar soap review, you will make sure to take care of your baby’s skin in the best way possible.

So, concluding my tedibar soap review, I recommend this soap for all the moms out there. This soap leaves the skin clean and smooth without any residue.


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 I hope you liked my tedibar soap review. If you have any information which I missed in the article, you can write your tedibar soap review down in the comments!

 Wish you happy and healthy parenting!







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