Himalaya Baby Soap Review

Choosing the best soap for my baby, now a toddler had always been difficult. Initially, like every new parent, I used to apply Johnson baby soap to my newborn. But I was looking for something that would pamper my child, just the way I did. And then my search was over with the Himalaya Baby Soap. I did my research and thought to share Himalaya Baby Soap Review with the new moms who are also searching for the best baby soap.

The Himalaya Drug Company is an Indian company that has a reputation for making healthy and excellent products for decades in India. The products sold by the Himalaya company include Ayurvedic herbal products and medicines, nutritional products, personal care products, and baby care products. Himalaya baby soap has become very popular and has given stiff competition to baby soaps that have been used in India for a long time, including Johnson’s Baby Soap which has a large share of the market for this product. The following is a Himalaya Baby Soap review and some of the details regarding this product:


Himalaya Baby Soap Review – All you need to know

  • Himalaya Baby Soaps are all available online, in Himalaya stores and also easily available in the market. So, I always find it easy to purchase Himalaya Soap, no matter in whichever place I am in.
  • Himalaya has four types of baby soaps which include Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap, Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap, Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap, and Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap. Parents can read Himalaya Baby Soap Review and choose from them, the appropriate soap that will suit the skin type of their baby. For me, the Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap works best for my child as his skin is little dry and this soap keeps his skin hydrated.

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Himalaya Baby Soap Ingredients 

While writing a Himalaya Baby Soap Review it is essential to include details about the ingredients of the soap. As a mother, it was easy for me to go through the ingredients of the soap as everything was written in detail. Each type of Himalaya baby soap has a few core ingredients and also has special ingredients making them slightly different from each other.

  1. The Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

     It includes ingredients like Olive Oil, Almond Oil and is a great soap for healthy, glowing and radiant skin. This baby soap has Vitamin E and Vitamin A which nourishes the skin.


  2. The Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap

    It has many natural ingredients like Watermelon, Khus-Khus, and Neem. This soap helps in keeping the skin of the child cool, has antibacterial properties and also provides antioxidants to the skin. It also is a great soap that protects the skin from inflammation, dryness, and rashes. I tried this variety too and found it extremely beneficial for my baby.


  3. The Himalaya Nourishing Soap

    It has all the basic herbal formulation of the Himalaya baby soaps. It has ingredients like Honey and Sunflower that help moisturizing and hydrating the skin. This soap also has castor oil which helps reduce inflammation and rashes on the skin. The milk in it nourishes as well as cleanses the skin. For babies who have sensitive skin, this soap really works, as it worked for my baby too. It is the best baby soap for sensitive skin.


  4. The Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap

    It has many key ingredients like olive oil, almond oil, Indian Aloe Vera, and Milk. This soap has ingredients that provide Vitamin E, and also help provide deep moisture to the skin. This soap is used to soothe the skin and also keeps the skin soft and supple. I used this particular variety of soap for my child, especially in winter. The Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap is the Himalaya baby soap for dry skin.


Himalaya baby soaps are free of artificial colors, parabens, and other harmful chemicals and are clinically tested. So, I could trust Himalaya soap completely.

Himalaya Baby Soap Side Effects

  • Himalaya Baby Soap Review is not complete without mentioning the side effects of the same. Although the soaps claim to be 100 percent natural and do not cause any irritation in the children, I used to keep them away from my baby’s eyes while bathing as it caused irritation in his eyes.
  • Some ingredients of the Himalaya baby soaps could not be understood so I found it better to switch to the variety where all the ingredients were known to me.


Himalaya Baby Soap vs Johnson Baby Soap

  • Himalaya is an Indian brand as well as Johnson & Johnson is an international brand. However, when it comes to quality of the product both soaps are clinically tested and quite good.
  • Opinions differ when it comes to which soap makes the skin rougher. For me, Himalayas Extra Moisturizing Soap worked wonders for my child as it provides deep nourishment and protects his skin against roughness and dryness.
  • A 75 g of Himalaya baby soap costs Rs. 40 while Johnson baby soap costs Rs. 45.
  • Compared to Johnson baby soap, there are more natural ingredients in the Himalaya baby soap such as milk, honey, almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, etc. So, I always find it easier to choose the best variety of soap for my child. Johnson baby soaps contain many ingredients which are not natural, so I prefer to skip them.  

Himalaya Baby Care Products

Himalaya offers a range of baby care products for its customers. I go for a number of Himalaya baby care products such as soaps, Himalaya baby shampoo, baby oil for massage, diapers, moisturizers, body lotions and so on. I find their baby cream, diaper rash cream, baby lotion, and calamine lotion extremely useful for my child.  This company also sells baby powder, prickly heat baby powder, gentle baby wipes, and also baby gift baskets with different Himalaya baby care products mentioned above.

One positive feedback in the Himalaya Baby Soap Review is that the company has baby care products individually available in the market and the products are also available in combo packs. There are many combo packs offers that help parents save money while buying Himalaya baby care products. Himalaya baby products price list is affordable.


Like every new mother, I wanted to provide the best skin care product for my child, and there Himalaya came as a friend in disguise. It perfectly suited my baby’s gentle skin and now I don’t use any other skincare product for my son except that of Himalayas. It is the best soap for a newborn baby.

Have something to add to the Himalaya Baby Soap Review? Please share your experience with Himalaya Baby Soap with us in the comments section below.

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