best baby toiletries

Best Baby Toiletries – Useful Guide for New Parents

Winter is the weather that is extremely tough on your baby’s tender skin. Hot water baths and harsh soaps could take away the essential skin oils. Drop in the level of humidity and heaters further steals the natural skin moisture. It is advised to use only those baby toiletries which are specifically meant for babies based on expert testing.

best baby toiletries


5 Best Baby Toiletries from Mothercare:

  • Baby Oil

Baby oil is used for massage to lock in moisture for smooth and soft baby skin. Preferably it should be made up of natural extracts and midwife tested. Mothercare Baby Oil is the best baby oil which I have used so far.

Baby massage has all the benefits that it has for an adult. It helps to enhance the bonding with your baby. Massage helps you to get used to handling your newborn. Baby massage can calm and soothe an unsettled baby easily. It has sensual and relaxing effects for both of you. Follow the proper procedure and the best baby toiletries for baby massage to make it the best experience.

baby massage

  • Baby Body Wash / Milk Bath

Before giving the bath to your baby, make sure you have everything you need at an arm’s distance. You can give your baby a bath in any room that is warm and have enough space to lay out all that you need. Mothercare baby body wash is midwife tested, gentle on skin and is suitable since birth.

Test the water temperature (29 degrees C or 85 degrees F), gently undress the baby. Start by cleaning his face and ears with moistened cotton wool and wash his head, rinse well with a gentle brushing for cradle cap. Put him in the bath by keeping your one hand under your baby’s shoulders to keep his head out of the water. Wash him gently and lift him out on to the towel. Dry him thoroughly by gently patting.

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  • Baby Shampoo

Since birth, you can wash your baby’s scalp and hair every day with mild mothercare baby shampoo dissolved in water. It is a no-tear formula based shampoo with added conditioner. Baby shampoo is one of the baby toiletries which needs to be wisely chosen. It will also take care of your baby’s cradle cap (scaly patches on baby’s scalp). Cradle cap usually disappears after a few weeks. Make sure you gently remove every trace of shampoo after washing, brush it out with a soft and damp brush. Dry hair softly with a soft towel.

baby bath toys

  • Baby Lotion

Always use baby lotions and creams after baby bath to avoid dryness all over the body. Use Mothercare baby lotion to maintain the skin’s pH levels. Apply moisturizer evenly all over the body gently to provide a shield against dryness. Baby lotion could be used twice to keep the skin hydrated in the harsh winter. Mothercare baby lotion is one of the baby toiletries which could be used in all weather conditions to lock in the moisture of your baby’s skin.

soft baby skin

  • Baby Powder

After nappy changing or bath you can sprinkle baby powder onto your hands before applying to the skin of your baby. Mothercare baby powder is made up of the extracts of olive oil and chamomile. Its lightweight formulation makes your baby’s skin feel more comfortable. By creating a soft layer it helps in reducing the effect of chafing and absorbs is kind to the skin and hypoallergenic. Mothercare’s soft and absorbent powder keeps your baby’s skin dry, fresh, and comfortable.


Bonus Tip – Always make sure the first layer of your baby’s clothing next to the skin is formed by cotton.

Mothercare Baby Oil and Baby Powder are the two products from the range of baby toiletries, which I am using to date even for my eight-year-old daughter and for myself!

The best baby toiletries of the year voted on by real moms- “Mothercare”. A name which I trust upon completely and tons of thanks to the company. The company must have spent years of parenting and hundreds of hours researching and testing baby products. Mothers want to make the safest choice for their babies after rigorous research.

Have any tips to take care of your baby’s skin during winters? Please share with us in comments below.

Wish you a very Happy and Gentle Parenting with the best baby toiletries!




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