6 Things to do with Baby | Learning Through Play

6 Things to do with your Baby _ Learning Through Play

Learning through play is a very serious business at each stage of children’s development. Babies and children learn through play. Learning and playing are indistinguishable, as whatever you do throughout the day is a learning experience for your baby. Anything and everything which is new is fun for the baby. Read 6 things to do with baby.

learning through play - 6 things to do with baby

During the first six months of development, toys that stimulate the senses of your baby will be more interesting to him. You can observe the skills he is developing for the first six months and can choose toys and games accordingly to encourage his abilities.

Here are 6 things to do with baby which you can try.

6 Things to do with your Baby for Learning Through Play

  1. Rhymes and Songs

A baby starts listening to the music when he is in the mother’s womb. He would love to listen to rhymes and songs when he is very young. Babies love to be talked to, musical and rhythmic sounds are easier and soothing for him rather than normal speech. According to research, rhythmic songs and games encourage early speech. Do not miss a chance to sing a soothing lullaby to your baby.

  1. Simple Games

Peek-a-boo is one of the oldest and the best games one can play with the babies. Babies find this game endlessly amusing when you hide your face with your hands or a towel or scarf and peeks out at him by saying ‘peek-a-boo’. They develop a sense of humor at an early age.

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Rolling a ball is again a game loved by all children and the best example of learning through play. When your baby is able to sit without support, roll a colorful, large and softball towards him. He’ll learn to push it back and a real game will start improving his senses.

  1. Testing Perception

Your baby can distinguish between big and small from an early age. You can use different cards to show him different shapes, sizes, and colors. He will show interest in new sights and will be able to grasp as he will grow. Shape sorters and stackers will enhance his critical thinking and problem-solving by learning through play.

  1. Feed Senses and Curiosity

Everything is new and interesting for your baby. He will try to hold everything which you will give him. A baby explores the world through his senses. Try to keep him in a sitting position so that he can see around. Leave small and safe toys within his reach. He will love to hear the noise that toys make and handle them.

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The kitchen is the best source of interesting toys for your babies such as plastic cups, ladles, spoons, spatulas, lids or egg cartons. Let your baby create his own music with them. Make sure he does it under an adult supervision only.

  1. Toys and Books

Choosing toys wisely could help to enhance fine motor skills, mental development, and hand-eye coordination. Toys should be soft, attractive and simple. Mobile toys hanging 25cm above a cot or pram would hold his interest. Noisy toys such as rattles, musical toys are fun for young babies. Baby is never too young to be read to, start as soon as you can. Choose books with brightly colored large pictures and look at them together.

  1. Physical Play

Young babies love to play rocking games, bouncing and swinging with you. These help him to be aware of his movement skills. He will learn to balance and coordinate as well as walking and crawling.

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Have more tips to add that worked for you and your child in learning through play? Please share with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy and Playful Parenting!