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15 Genius Ideas To Enjoy Flying with a Baby

Flying with a baby is definitely a tough task but you can make it easier with the following genius ideas. When you prepare well for your baby travel, it will be stress-free and full of entertainment.

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The first flight we took with our nine-months-old to Europe was a fantastic one as we properly prepared for it. The younger your baby is, the more planning you need. A baby is never too young for an outing if parents prepare for it accordingly and wisely.

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The following ideas for flying with a baby work like magic:

  1. Most airlines provide special facilities for the families traveling with a baby such as priority boarding.
  2. They provide you ahead seat with more legroom so that you can look after your baby in the bassinet.
  3. Do not opt for the aisle seat as it might hurt when the carts or luggage passes by. You can choose a window seat so that your baby can enjoy the scenery outside.
  4. Travel-cots or baby bassinets are provided to make your travel easy. You also get a seat belt with an extension to fasten it along with your baby. The crew will assist you whenever you need help.
  5. Make sure you reach the airport early enough to avoid hassle during the long check-in queues and security check. You can get plenty of time to calm your baby if needed.
  6. Carry lighter hand baggage with spare nappies, diapers, wipes, sanitizer, clothing, pacifier, cotton, medicines (if any) and anything else your baby needs. Also, put an extra shirt for yourself in the same bag, you never know! Make sure you check the hand baggage latest guidelines of the particular airlines.
  7. Take a sleeping bag or a soft sheet or compact blanket to cover him while sleeping due to the lower temperature inside the plane.
  8. You can carry a few of your baby’s favorite toys, rattles which are compact and easy to carry to entertain the baby during the flight.
  9. In the case of bottle-fed babies, carry the feeding equipment, formula milk, bibs and anything else required for the same.
  10. To keep your hands free carry your baby in a sling.
  11. Either carry a folded stroller or a pushchair on the plane with you. Do not forget to get a tag for the same. The crew will help you to take it from you before entering the plane and will return it to you as you leave the plane.
  12. Just before getting on the plane, change your baby’s nappy as per your convenience. There are special changing tables available for the baby in all the washrooms of the airport.
  13. During take-off and landing, babies might feel some pain in the ears, so it is advised to breastfeed the babies or give them a pacifier to suck during that time to equalize the pressure in the ears.
  14. Put on your most comfortable clothes and shoes with minimum or no accessories and the same goes for the baby. Comfortable babies are the happiest babies.
  15. Books with big and colorful pictures, I-pads could be a lifesaver during traveling to distract your baby.

flying with a baby

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Have more tips to add that made your flying with a baby easier and your travel joyful? Please share in the comments section below.

Wish you very Happy travel with a Baby and Parenting!


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