Baby Massage Tips and Benefits

Baby massage is one of the best ways to create bonding with your newborn baby. Massage is a delightful and valuable activity that has all the benefits for you and your baby. It is as beneficial for the baby as it is for an adult.

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10 Benefits of Baby Massage:

  1. Baby massage soothes an unsettled baby, it calms down a fretful baby easily.
  2. It is a marvelous way of showing love and to enhance the bonding process.
  3. Giving a massage to the baby every day would help him to recognize the routine.
  4. It is also an ideal way to calm an excited and hyperactive toddler.
  5. Massage allows you to get used to handling your newborn baby in a short time.
  6. It calms down the nerves with its relaxing effects.
  7. Baby massage is a sensual experience for both of you.
  8. It helps in making your baby’s skin soft and smooth.
  9. Using appropriate baby oil for massage made up with natural extracts will lock in the moisture during harsh winters. Mothercare Baby Oil is midwife tested and suitable since birth and could also be used during summers before giving the bath.
  10. Massage eases minor digestive upsets such as wind.

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10 Preparatory Tips for Baby Massage:

  1. Before you start, make sure to give your baby massage in a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Choose a time when there is no one around and disconnect with your gadgets.
  3. Avoid any distractions that can upset or spoil the mood of your baby.
  4. Make sure the temperature of the room is warm and no wind should come in the room.
  5. Lay the baby on your lap or warm towel or sheepskin.
  6. Give massage with warm hands.
  7. Use baby oils that are specifically meant for babies. Never use aromatherapy oils.
  8. If your baby seems upset stop massaging.
  9. Keep talking to your baby quietly and lovingly throughout the massage.
  10. Never ever give a bath to your baby immediately after the massage. At least wait for one hour before giving the bath.

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10 Steps of Giving a Baby Massage:

  1. Start by a light massage with baby oil on the crown of your baby’s head using a circular motion. It also helps cradle cap to disappear after a few weeks.
  2. Give strokes down the sides of your baby’s face. Gently massage the forehead, work from the center out. Move over the eyebrows and cheeks to finish around the ears.
  3. Now massage gently the neck from ears to the shoulders, then from chin to the chest. Give gentle strokes to the shoulders from neck outward.
  4. Massage arms by giving strokes down from shoulders to the fingertips. Use your finger and thumb to gently squeeze all along the arm. Work from the shoulder towards the wrist and hand.
  5. Stroke down the baby’s chest by gently following the delicate curves of ribs.
  6. Massage the abdomen in a circular motion working outward from the navel to release the wind.
  7. Massage your baby’s legs from thighs down to the knees. Stroke the shins (front of the leg below the knee) and move around the calves and ankles. Gently squeeze all the way down.
  8. Rub the ankles and feet stroking from heel to toe. Massage each toe and end with long light strokes running the whole length of your baby’s front.
  9. Now turn him over and massage his back from the shoulders downward and keep talking to him quietly and lovingly as you massage.
  10. Massage both sides of the body symmetrically by giving light and even strokes.

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Baby massage is loving and gives pleasure to the baby with the gentle strokes of your hand by showing the sign of your love. It relieves anxiety and makes the baby secure. Babies need skin-to-skin touch as they feel happiest next to your skin where they can feel your warmth.

Have any more tips to add that worked for you and your baby to make the massage experience enjoyable? Please share them with us in the comments section.

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Wish you a very Happy Parenting and Happy Baby Massage!



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