Best Weight Gain Food for Babies and Toddlers

The biggest hurdle that we face with our little munchkins is to make them eat proper food, which will make them stronger. But it is not at all an easy task to make them eat properly. Is your child underweight and you are always worried about his health? Then take a look at these weight gain food for babies that will make your baby gain weight and will make him look healthy.

While weight gain in kids is a central problem for most Indian women, it is essential to note that your goal should be to guarantee a balanced diet that offers all the nutrition you need for your baby to develop and remain safe.


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These weight gain food for babies will assist the kid in achieving a good weight automatically. Offer three healthy, balanced meals a day to your kid, along with tasty sweets. A diverse diet also guarantees she receives enough nutrients, different vitamins, and all the minerals needed for her brain and physique’s overall growth.

You can also check the baby weight gain chart to be sure about the growth and development of your baby.


How to check baby weight?

Some kids don’t seem to acquire weight, and behind that, there might be various explanations for high-calorie food for babies. One cause for this is the relatives of the underweight child’s genetic constitution.

The child may carry comparable physical characteristics if both the mom and the dad are slim. Metabolism also performs a significant role in the weight gain trend of a child.

If your kid is otherwise active and healthy, the weight milestone for her era will eventually be met by consuming weight gain food for babies.

It is also recommendable to check your baby’s growth and development with a baby weight gain chart available with his or her doctor. 


Ensure a Normal Baby Weight

To create healthy eating practices in children, the first years of childhood are essential. They are probable to remain with her for lives when you bring your kid to healthy eating practices at an early era. It will also guarantee fewer mealtime battles and fussy eyes as she develops up.

When you are traveling or dining out, it will create your lives simple and help your baby gain weight faster. It’s up to you to assess at this point whether she should make a preference for junk meat or vegetables and salads–of course, we understand what you’d like your kid to choose!

You should also guarantee that your children are productive and have enough chance to perform, particularly out in the sun, in addition to Weight gain food for babies. This helps create immunity and provides shorter trips to doctors.

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10 Best Foods for Kids to Gain Weight

Here is a weight gain food for babies list at your rescue-

Weight gain food for babies Number 1: Breast milk 

Start with the most evident recommendation–supply your kid with breast dairy to maintain healthy baby weight! It is suggested that during the first 6 months after conception, a child be solely breastfed.

This is the most nutritious, easy to digest, perfectly balanced, and healthiest superfood that can build the immunity for life of your child. It also fosters the mother-child relationship.

If your child is vigorous, smells good, is allergy-free, goes 4-6 stools a day, and wets 6-8 diapers, it shows she gets enough breast milk as Weight gain food for babies. You can bring liquids and semi-solid ingredients to your baby’s diet together with breast milk after 6 months of age. It is also considered as the best Weight gain food for babies.

Helpful Breastfeeding Tips

Weight Gain Food for Babies Number 2: Bananas

This fruit is wealthy in carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6. It’s packed with calories as well, rendering your child a wonderful meal to consume to obtain weight.

Mashed bananas are the best weight gain food for babies or use a smoothie or stir to feed them. Steamed Kerala bananas for excellent outcomes can be mashed and supplied to children.

Pro Tip: While traveling, it can be a component of your baby bag and creates a handy snack.


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Weight Gain Food for Babies Number 3: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be cooked and mashed easily. They’re delicious, nutritious, simple to digest, and safe. They also have a wealth of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, nitrogen, sulfur, and manganese–the finest ingredients to assist children in achieving weight.

Also packed with dietary fiber are sweet potatoes. From this vegetable, you can create delicious purees and soups and help your baby gain weight with this Weight gain food for babies.


Weight Gain Food for Babies Number 4: Pulses

Pulses are nutrient-filled. Protein, protein, calcium, zinc, fiber, and potassium are wealthy. You can bring dals in the shape of soup or daal paani after 6 months of age, which is one of the most common children’s weight gain beverages for Weight gain food for babies.

You can also supply khichdi well-mashed. Moong daal can be readily digested and is an excellent baby choice. Cook greens for a nutritious and fiber-rich dinner with soup and greens.

About 7–9 months is the right moment to bring some fresh flavors and patterns to your child. Start eating semi-solid, mashed, chunky meat. You can begin to make your baby’s organic porridge or cereals accessible on the market as a ready mix.

mixed pulses sorting activity

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Weight Gain Food for Babies Number 5: Ragi

Also recognized as finger millet or nachani, this superfood is ideal for boosting the baby’s weight gain and growth with weight gain food for babies.

It is wealthy in dietary fiber, calcium, energy, protein, and numerous other minerals and vitamins. It is readily digestible, and in the shape of idli, dosa, porridge, malt, or cereals can be brought to children.

In the form of their favorite dishes, sweets, and puddings, toddlers can have the same for healthy baby weight. 


Weight Gain Foods for Kids

Weight Gain Food for babies Number 6: Ghee

There is a robust dietary significance for ghee or clarified butter. Introduce it around your baby’s 8th month of existence. On the bottom of mashed khichadi or daal soup, a few pieces of ghee can be introduced to porridge or sprinkled.

If you are concerned about contamination, home-made ghee from eggs or malai (cheese) is the most excellent alternative for you.

Helping your child reasonably gaining weight is a beautiful meal with the help of weight gain food for babies.

Remember to use ghee in moderation as it can disturb the baby’s tummy by consuming it in surplus to keep a check on your 1 month baby weight.


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Weight Gain Food for Babies Number 7: Dairy products

Dairy products will help baby gain weight faster as compared to anything else. Adding dairy goods such as yogurt to your child’s diet after age will be suitable weight gain food for babies.

Yogurt offers good weight gain in the child with fat and nutritious calories. It also enhances digestion, increases immunity, and assists with stomach disorders. Making yogurt smoothies or slices, with extra pieces of vegetables, can make it enjoyable.

Packaged milk, butter, cheese, etc. should be implemented after the era of 12 months or after getting the view of the pediatrician. Butter and cheese create children’s meals enjoyably and contribute to the fat material needed for good weight gain.

To enhance the taste of a dish served to your child, add a dollop of butter or a slice of cheese as they are the best Weight gain food for babies.


High Calorie Foods for Baby Weight Gain

Weight Gain Food for Babies Number 8: Eggs 

Only after she transforms, one should this protein giant be launched to your child. Eggs are wealthy in saturated fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals; they can be used to create several delicious meals, omelets, fried eggs, boiled eggs, egg-rice, or French toast are weight gain food for babies.

To prevent safety problems, care should be given to inspect for allergies and provide excellent value, disease-free farm eggs. After checking with the pediatrician, families who favor non-vegetarian meals may bring meat or fish into the child’s diet to maintain a proper diet for your 2 months baby weight.

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Weight Gain Food for Babies Number 9: Dry fruits

Only one should launch this protein gigantic to your kid after she turns. Dry Fruits are rich in saturated fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals; they can be used along with several delightful dishes, cooked seeds, etc.

Care should be taken to check allergies and provide exceptional quality, in an attempt to avoid safety issues from Weight gain food for babies.


Weight Gain Food for Babies Number 10: Chicken 

It is considered as the best source of protein and is also the best food for kids to gain weight that gives your child a healthy body and a fit mind. Chicken is a wealthy cause of sugar that can be readily digested.

It enables your kid to create muscle mass and thus achieve good weight, easily accessible, and inexpensive. Chicken is a flexible Weight gain food for babies with the choice that can be delivered in any shape, whether in curries, kebabs, or salads. it is considered as your savior to keep a check on 3-8 months baby weight.


Have more to add to the list of best weight gain food for babies. Please share with us your favorite weight gain food for babies in the comments section below.

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Wish you healthy and happy parenting!


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