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Our hair is an essential part of our body and adds seven stars to our beauty. They also require a lot of hard work to maintain good health and shine. To keep your hair healthy, it is imperative to keep our hair shiny and frizz free, and for this, we must oil them regularly with good oil that not only nourishes but also acts as a medicine for the roots of the hair. Satthwa Hair Oil was founded by Mr. Prashant, who is known for his formulation that he did and made this oil. He was himself facing a lot of hair fall issues and after trying a lot of brands concluded making his oil.


Hey everyone, today we will review the Satthwa Premium Hair Oil sent to me for the evaluation. From the previous month, I’ve been using this hair oil twice a week, and I’m exchanging my opinions on it today.

Satthwa Hair Oil is enhanced with nine incredible oils that create hair longer, and healthier. It argues by unblocking pores to wash the scalp, assists in current development, and stops the graying of new hair.

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Features of Satthwa Hair Oil

  • It comes in a transparent plastic container with an open cap of white flip color.
  • The packaging is very fundamental, and all the information can be found on the sticker of the bottle.
  • The bottle is well positioned in a Satthwa-printed brown carton cabinet.
  • I enjoyed it, and yes, it’s a travel-friendly packaging.
  • It has a very gentle olive oil and castor oil mixture scent.
  • Even with a mild shampoo, Satthwa Hair Oil can be wiped away very readily.

Packaging: Satthwa hair regrowth Premium Hair Oil arrives with a white flip-open cap in a transparent plastic bottle. Related data linked to the item is stated on the bottle. The packaging is very hygienic and compact to use.


Satthwa Hair Oil Ingredients

Satthwa Hair Oil is produced with the use of only natural oils. These natural ingredients are essential for the hair’s health. It is produced using nine natural ingredients including coconut, almond, emu, jojoba, amla, castor, olive, grape seed, and vitamin E oils.

Here are the benefits of the Satthwa Hair Oil ingredients-

  1. Coconut oil – It enables foster hair development, makes it, and avoids dandruff.
  2. Almond oil – It nourishes and strengthen hair and treats damaged hair also.
  3. Castor oil – It enables the scalp to regulate blood flow and avoids flaking.
  4. Amla – It functions as a natural hair conditioner as it is a wealthy vitamin A and C source. It avoids graying of skin and falling of hair.
  5. Emu oil – The dormant hair follicles are excited, and more hair grows.
  6. Jojoba oil – Helps balance the scalp’s PH level.
  7. Olive oil – The harmed, and dry hair can be treated. Make hair by making them smooth and shiny.
  8. Vitamin E – This oil gives the skin the power of keratin.
  9. Grapeseed oil – Helps prevent hair graying and boost hair development.

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Reasons to buy:

  • Satthwa hair oil is mixed with some incredible natural oils with miracle hair and scalp advantages.
  • A light hair oil that falls without leaving any sensation unpleasant or itchy.
  • To some extent, it reduces dandruff.
  • In managing hair fall, it is quite efficient.
  • Satthwa hair oil is free from parabens.
  • Suitable for all kinds of hair and perfect for males and females to use.
  • The fragrance of Satthwa hair oil isn’t too overpowering.

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Satthwa Hair Oil Benefits

The hair growth oil comes in a pale yellow color with a texture that is mildly dense. It has an aromatic herbal blend that is not too powerful.

I usually put some oil in a bowl and then use my palms to massage it beautifully on the scalp. Satthwa hair oil beautifully absorbs into the scalp and leaves no sensation sticky or itchy.

I keep it for 5-6 hours (you can stay overnight) and wipe it off with a shampoo. With the shampoo, it can readily be separated from the scalp.

It has decreased my dandruff to some level after one month of use and also regulated the hair fall. It is the best oil for hair regrowth.

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Top 5 benefits that you will see after using Satthwa hair oil are:

  • Satthwa hair oil Reduces Excess Hair Fall
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Slows Premature Greying
  • Satthwa hair oil prevents dandruff
  • Provides Nutrition to The Hair and Scalp

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Satthwa Hair Oil for Baldness

During each wash, I still lose a few strands of hair, but now the hair loss is much less compared to the past. Its moisturizing characteristics assist in reducing the scalp’s itch.

I have gray hair, and after using this item, I have not noticed any slowdown in hair graying. I will also not comment on whether or not this hair oil is efficient for baldness.

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Satthwa Hair Oil Price

You can even see the manufacturer’s own best hair regrowth oil for baldness journey from the before-after images on his website.

Net Weight: 100 ml.

Price of Satthwa hair oil: INR 599.00 (get two at INR 999.00 only)

Shelf life: 12 months (Lasts long as the only small quantity is required)

Nowadays, many males and females have issues with hair loss. Most of the market-placed hair fall control oils are just namesake and can’t do anything. There are many explanations for hair loss.

Stress, unsuitable diet, disease, dandruff, pollution, shampoo, hormone imbalance, PCOS, nutrient deficiency, thyroid, and other health issues cause hair loss. Satthwa Hair Oil is going to be your savior in this issue.

You’ve heard this from your mom many times, oil your hair! Yeah, your mothers were always correct. Massage of hot oil enables to strengthen hair roots and cure diseases of the scalp.

Oiling and massaging hair helps to prevent many hair issues, including breakage, dandruff, split ends, and many more. By becoming voluminous and healthy hair, you can enhance your character with the Satthwa Hair Oil. 

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How to use Satthwa Hair Oil?

It is essential to use the oil frequently and adequately to deliver the highest results. The step-by-step method of efficient use of Satthwa hair oil is below.

Step 1: Shake the oil well before use (if you use the oil in winter, you may need gentle cooling).

Step 2: Take a small amount of oil in your hand and add it to the scalp. For 3-4 minutes, massage the scalp.

Step 3: Leave Satthwa Hair Oil overnight and clean it for the highest outcomes with an alcohol-free and sulfate-free shampoo.

For the highest outcomes, apply the oil twice a week for 3 to 4 months.

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Advantages of Satthwa Hair Oil

  • Satthwa hair oil is Composed of natural and helpful herbs.
  • Control dandruff prevents hair loss and breakage.
  • Increase blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Satthwa hair oil provides all essential nutrients to the hair scalp.
  • Unique and user-friendly layout.
  • A good hair fall control oil massage helps pierce the oil into the scalp. This enables the hair and skin tissue to be revitalized.
  • It helps to increase blood circulation through the scalp and offers essential nutrients.
  • Good hair drops control oil helps fight the hair drop issue. It enables with hair regrowth.
  • Good hair oil helps to set hair immediately and protects it from becoming fizzy.
  • Satthwa hair oil contribute to your hair bounce and shine.

Indulekha vs Satthwa Hair Oil

Indulekha is one of the biggest competitors of Satthwa Hair Oil. The Satthwa Hair Oil is considered as a better hair regrowth oil than its competitor. The customers who have used the oil have given it a five-star rating and have also recommended it over Indulekha as it is the best oil for hair growth.

Final verdict about the oil

Hair loss or hair regrowth is a more significant issue than just nourishing oils that offer your hair color and power that the Satthwa Hair Oil can provide. I strongly think that having a relatively excellent opportunity for hair regrowth requires more than a magic hair care alternative.

As you would know, feeding your hair from the inside is key to growing new hair follicles, and you cannot add any hair care oil and expect to see excellent outcomes unless you introduce some adjustments in lifestyle and use Satthwa Oil. You should take a well-balanced diet, discover nourishing hair oils that work for your hair sort.

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Satthwa Hair Oil Side Effects

There is a list of Satthwa Hair Oil benefits which we have already seen. The Satthwa Hair Oil side effects are not many. Though the oil is believed to be costlier than the other variants available in the market and also takes a lot of time to get off from the scalp. However, these points can be overseen as Satthwa Oil offers a lot of benefits with proof to its customers.

You should take a well-balanced diet to offer yourself the most significant opportunity, discover nourishing skin oils that work for your hair sort, use a natural sulfate-free shampoo, and do all you can to prevent stress.

Of course, it’s packed with natural ingredients that have been proven to treat hair loss issues, but Satthwa Hair Oil for baldness offer you excellent outcomes on its own. However, the Satthwa premium regrowth hair oil does its bit for you. You to be willing to provide yourself with a unique opportunity to see some beneficial results, you need to take care of the other two items listed above (Diet and Stress).


Please share your experience of Satthwa Oil with us in the comments section below.

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