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Parenting Tips for Toddlers | 5 Tips for New Parents

When your child was a baby, things were different and now you are on a whole new dimension of parenting with your toddler. You need to revise your parenting tips for toddlers. With a baby, a mother runs around to look after if he has even a little complaint. But now your baby has learned to speak and he keeps you dancing on his moves. Whatever you do is on his demand.

Parenting Tips for Toddlers 5 Tips for New Parents-wonderparenting


Right from the taste of morning toothpaste to the bedtime nightwear, choices vary! It is not only what they want but they want it right now. Toddlers act like tyrants! Isn’t it? They have started exploring the world according to their own rules now. They want to try and test everything that they will come across.

It is a challenging stage for parents of toddlers who have a bossy behavior. It is normal and easier to handle by these parenting tips for toddlers.

5 Parenting Tips for Toddlers

  1. Focus shifting

Firstly, you need to connect with your toddler emotionally. Only then you will be able to distract him with something else because he trusts you now completely. Unfortunately, toddlers don’t get distracted easily. You can try to guide them towards an activity that is a bit closer to their original demand.

If your toddler wants a shake in his favorite sipper and you are unable to find it, you can offer the shake in another sipper with new straw. You can also give him the option to choose another sipper or cup which are available with you. These options will help him to forget what he was upset about and freaking out. He might forget the feeling of helplessness in the process of selection and new choices available to him.

  1. Showing empathy

Kids get restless when they are not heard. If you let them know that you understand what they are trying to say, half the battle is won. Toddlers need to know that you hear them positively and understand their feelings. In this way, their demands decrease. Before saying ‘no’ you can validate your child’s feelings. It will convert his disappointment into a meltdown.

If your toddler wants to go to an amusement park, you can listen to him calmly and respond accordingly. You can say, ‘I know you want to go out for some fun. I also wanted to go with you but the weather is not allowing us to go today. Once the weather will be fine, we will definitely go to the park.’ It will reassure your child’s demand and he will understand that you listened and promised to go later. But never make fake promises as it will only result in a bad child behavior later on.

  1. Preparing in advance

We all get irritated when we are upset. So you need to be prepared with toddlers every time. it is one of the best parenting tips for toddlers. Do not plan an outing when your child is upset or tired. If it important to go out, take along his favorite snacks, drinks, and a stroller to make him comfortable.

To avoid frustrating situations, do your best by taking out extra time for any activity. In case your child gets frustrated with a particular activity, keep half an hour margin so he will not feel rushed and panicked.

  1. Decision making

You can let your toddler feel empowered and capable by involving him in decision making. It will make him assure that his voice matters. You can ask him about his pick by giving him options. You can also ask about the dress you are wearing or buying for yourself. It will also increase his self-confidence.

  1. Stick to the routine

You should stick to the routine which he is comforted into. If you are changing his routine suddenly, he will throw tantrums. You can prepare him in advance that you might change this thing later this week. You can introduce changes gradually after discussing with him. It won’t reinforce his rigid behavior.

Have more parenting tips for toddlers to add? Please share with us parenting tips for toddlers that worked for you in the comments section below.

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