How Fathers can help in Breastfeeding?

How Fathers can help in Breastfeeding?

Parenting is not only the responsibility of a mother alone. It is equally a full-time responsibility for a father too. Fatherhood is no longer a Sunday celebration only, it is an everyday affair now. Today’s role as a father has come a long way from only a breadwinner to a co-parent and a nurturer. It is a beautiful and a welcome change if fathers could also help in breastfeeding. A father is no longer a distant role model who inspires his children from a tower. He now shares all the chores which include the upbringing of happy children.

Thanks to the loving fathers who are making a difference and becoming a torchbearer for their children.

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Dads feeling left out

A father is a leading player in the baby-making process, so why should he feel left out once the baby arrives! It is important for the father and baby to develop a bond. There are ways how a father could develop a bond with the newborn baby:

  • Talk to the baby during pregnancy, the unborn child hears the outside sounds. Baby will immediately recognize the father’s voice after birth.
  • Involve in visiting a doctor for regular check-ups, see the baby on the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat.
  • Hold the baby soon after the birth so that the baby gets aware of your touch, smell, and sound.
  • Involve in baby care such as bathing and nappy changing.
  • Start singing, talking and reading to your child.
  • Help in feeding baby – be it bottle feeding or breastfeeding.

Yes, you heard it right – fathers can also help in breastfeeding for baby connect. Breastfeeding is one of the most common ways of developing a bond with the newborn baby. So, why should only moms get this privilege, Fathers are equally entitled to the same.

Newborn baby boy in a basket

Here are the 8 ways to help your wife in breastfeeding:

  • Attend a lactation session after delivery to learn latching techniques and comfortable breastfeeding positions and holding skills.
  • Offer her the comfiest breastfeeding position, which gives proper support to her back.
  • Make sure she uses the breastfeeding pillow or just position a normal pillow beneath your baby so as to avoid the strain on her back.
  • Provide nursing mom a healthy snack or a drink while she gives feed to the baby. She needs to stay hydrated too along with breastfeeding diet.
  • Baby takes in the air while feeding, and needs to be burped. Help your baby in burping after every feed.
  • Usually, babies poop out after feeding, help in nappy changing.
  • Swaddle and put the baby to sleep after nursing is over. It will also give her time to relax and revive.
  • Give your partner a shoulder or foot massage while she is breastfeeding. It will not only relax her, but also prolactin is stimulated which is a milk-inducing hormone.

How fathers can help in breastfeeding-wonderparenting

Have more tips to add how fathers can help in breastfeeding? Please share with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy Parenting and Happy Baby Feeding!


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