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14 Helpful Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers

The only resources you will need for breastfeeding – Nursing your baby is a mixed emotion – painful, tiring, frustrating but in the end ‘rewarding’. You are not alone who have trouble breastfeeding. It is perfectly normal initially if the baby is refusing a feed. The baby is also learning and with the time both of you will be comfortable and get used to each other. All you need is just a little help from your spouse, mother or a midwife and few breastfeeding tips.

14 Helpful Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers -wonderparenting


All the expecting and lactating mothers must have done much research on Breastfeeding Tips and How to Increase Breastmilk already, this will only add up to the knowledge.

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Doing Breastfeeding the right way

Before starting, make sure both of you should be comfortable. You can take help of a feeding pillow or just a regular pillow for support. Feeding time should be pleasurable and relaxed so that both of you can take its immense benefits.

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Many mothers have a fear that they’ll run out of breastmilk. You supply what your baby needs, breastmilk is produced according to the demand. The more your baby feeds, the more milk you will produce. The breasts are stimulated to produce milk by the baby’s sucking.

Most moms give feed by the clock. Initially, your baby will feed often and little. Later, by the end of two months, your baby will take more at each feed than before and might feed about every four hours.

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Giving a Breastfeed can be summarized in 3 simple steps:

The Rooting Reflex – Bring your baby’s cheek near to the breast gently. Infants can see 8 – 10 inches. Baby will turn towards your breast immediately with an open – mouth.

Latching – You must have heard that once a good latching is done, everything else will follow nicely. Baby should take the nipple and a good proportion of areola into his mouth. Once he sucks and squeezes the tongue on to the hard palate, the milk is drawn by this combination of sucking and squeezing.

Releasing the Nipple – Once you feel, the baby has taken the feed, you need to break the suction by slipping your little finger into the corner of the baby’s mouth. Instead of being dragged out, your breast will slip out easily.

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Insider’s Guide to Breastfeeding

When your baby has finished taking the feed from one breast, gently break the suction and take him off your nipple and put him on to the other breast. He might not suck the other breast as same as the first one. Always alternate the breast for the next feed. Your baby might continue to suck even after your breast is empty, it is just he loves the sensation. Gradually, you will be able to differentiate between the comfort sucking and an actual feeding.

While feeding, make sure your baby can see you and hear you. It will make the feeding experience more pleasurable for both of you. Keep talking and smiling while he sucks, it will create a strong bond between both of you – one of the most important breastfeeding tips.

Helpful Breastfeeding Tips-wonderparenting

To ensure a good supply of breastmilk after giving birth, you must start working on it right from the pregnancy days.

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Here are some breastfeeding tips for new moms which can help you to ensure good milk supply and keep you out of trouble:

  1. Look after yourself is the key.
  2. Try to get plenty of sleep and take as much rest as you can.
  3. Avoid stress, it affects your milk supply.
  4. You produce more milk when you are rested.
  5. Eat a well, balanced diet, preferably rich in protein.
  6. Avoid highly refined carbohydrates.
  7. Drink about 3 liters of fluids a day.
  8. Keep a drink by your side while feeding and sip it slowly.
  9. Contraceptive pills decrease milk supply.
  10. Try to limit your caffeine intake.
  11. Avoid alcohol while breastfeeding.
  12. Say no to pacifiers.
  13. Take your antenatal vitamin supplements regularly as prescribed by your doctor.
  14. Ensure a proper latching.


Please do not take any hasty decision about the small problems which you might face. The stress will only affect your milk supply and it might lead to more difficulties. Have patience and carry on, Breastfeeding is extremely beneficial for both – the baby and the mother. Read Why Breastfeeding is the best thing for both Mother and the Babyfor more information.

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Wish you a very happy breastfeeding and happy parenting!


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