Babysitting Services | How Finding Sitters Has Changed Over the Years?

Babysitting services have leveled up. It has changed so much over the years that finding a sitter has made every parent more cautious. Remember the days when moms just picked any random sitter from the neighborhood? Well, those days are gone. Thank goodness, they’re gone.

Nowadays, parents can just get with their friends online to ask for recommendations for a sitter. Even if they are not looking for a sitter, they will find recommendations from their friends so that when the time comes, they can just look up that particular sitter. 


Good Bye Community Board Notices

Parents don’t have to post notices on community boards anymore. That’s good because there are hardly any community boards available nowadays.

If ever there are any, they would just be in grocery stores in small neighborhoods. The chances of connecting to a sitter through a community board notice are pretty slim.

Professional sitters don’t bother looking at community boards, that is if there are any to start with. Suffice it to say, posting on community boards just doesn’t work anymore.

No Need to Rely on Family and Neighbors for Babysitting Services

It’s pretty obvious that babysitting services have leveled up these days. The fact that fewer parents rely on their relatives and neighbors to look after their kids shows that babysitting services are very reliable nowadays.

Babysitting services make it very easy for parents to call on someone at the last minute. This was something unheard of before.

Just a couple of years ago, parents could get hold of a sitter at the last minute. If a sitter canceled, parents would desperately end up knocking on their neighbor’s door or calling on their relatives.

If none of their relatives or neighbors could help them out, well, they would end up at home watching their own kids.

Those were the days when parents couldn’t have a life outside the home. There weren’t a lot of date nights and parents just found it very hard to take a break. Thanks to babysitting services that have leveled up, parents can now easily find someone at the last minute.


Even if the sitter cancels at the last minute, there is always someone whom they can call on. The good thing is that the backup sitter is not just a random person from nowhere.

Babysitting services nowadays make use of free platforms so that parents can vet for sitters. The more sitters they vet for, the more options parents have.

This process works very well especially when parents need a last-minute sitter. Needless to say, this process didn’t exist before.

Thanks to the internet and social media platforms, babysitting services have leveled up making it very easy for parents to recommend someone so that there’s no need to call on relatives or neighbors for help.

It’s Easier to Get to Know the Sitters

Who would have thought parents could get to know the sitter before hiring her? That was unheard of before unless, of course, the sitter was from the neighborhood.

Parents nowadays don’t have to rely on the limited number of sitters from the neighborhood or city.

They have a longer list of options now and they’re not just limited to looking within the neighborhood.


While some parents might think it’s safer to look within their neighborhood, there’s a big chance that they will just end up with someone who isn’t exactly a good fit for them.

Sure, they can trust the sitter but they can’t exactly expect her to do everything. For starters, she might not even be qualified to provide professional childcare.

Babysitting services are now set up in such a way that parents can run background checks. It is now possible to check if the sitter had been charged in the past. It’s for that reason that parents now have a slim chance of hiring a criminal.

It’s also for that reason that parents are able to get to know the sitter well before hiring her. That wasn’t exactly possible before.

It’s pretty obvious that babysitting services have changed over the years. They have provided safe platforms for parents to connect to sitters and learn more about them.

Leading babysitting services even have a reliable system in place where parents can vet the sitters. So, luckily for parents, the change has been for the better.

Finding Trusted and Qualified Sitters Online

You may have heard of Sittercity before, right? Sittercity was the first and current leader and market leader in this online sitter service business. The truth is, Sittercity started it all back when parents were looking for sitters at free sites and other community bulletin boards.

So, if you are looking for a sitter, one of the best places to check out is Sitter city. If you don’t own an account, you can get one for free with a free basic membership.

Once you have logged into your account and signed up for your free basic membership, you can then do a test drive to see if this is the right place for you and your family.

One of the most important things you want to consider is backgrounded checks. With Sittercity, they do background checks that will reveal if the sitter has been arrested and convicted of any crime.

Also, they do screenings on the family members of the sitter to make sure that they are not dangerous. All of these things will help ensure that your kids are safe.


Another great reason why parents are using Sittercity to find sitters is that they offer more than just sitter website listings.

They also offer personalized sitter profiles that allow you to know more about your potential sitter before you ever meet with them.

The site also gives parents the ability to do a price comparison with other sitters. This allows parents to get the best sitter for the best price.

This is a simple process that only requires you to enter the sitter’s name and address and within seconds, you’ll be shown the best price and a list of other sitters that are within the area you’re looking at.

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