5 Cold Home Remedies For Kids

Children are prone to catching colds, and as parents, it can be heart-wrenching to see your little ones feeling unwell. While a visit to the doctor is essential for severe symptoms, there are also cold home remedies for kids that can help alleviate mild symptoms and comfort your child. In this blog, we will explore five effective and safe cold home remedies.

Warm Honey-Lemon Water: A Classic Among Cold Home Remedies for Kids

A blend of honey and lemon stands out as one of the tried-and-true cold home remedies for kids. Honey brings its antibacterial prowess to the table, easing sore throats, while lemon packs a Vitamin C punch to bolster the immune system. For kiddos aged one and up, stir a teaspoon of honey and a splash of lemon juice into warm water. This concoction is great for calming coughs and soothing irritated throats.

Clearing the Way: Saline Nasal Solutions

Saline nasal drops are a gentle yet effective tool in our arsenal of cold home remedies for kids, helping to clear up nasal congestion. They work by thinning out the mucus, making it easier for your child to breathe. These drops are readily available at pharmacies, or you can whip up your own batch with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a cup of warm, distilled water. Use a dropper to gently administer the saline solution into your child’s nostrils.



Steam Inhalation

Counted among the helpful cold home remedies for kids, steam inhalation helps to open nasal passages and loosen mucus. Just fill a bowl with hot water and let your little one breathe in the steam, under your watchful eye to ensure safety. For an extra boost, a few drops of eucalyptus oil can be added to the water.

Soothing Warm Baths

Never underestimate a warm bath as a cold home remedy for kids. It’s wonderful for reducing fever and providing overall relief. Enhancing the bath with a few drops of calming lavender or chamomile essential oil can also help your child rest more peacefully. It’s a gentle, effective way to alleviate cold symptoms.

Chicken Soup

A roundup of cold home remedies for kids just wouldn’t be complete without the timeless chicken soup. This remedy has been passed down through generations, celebrated for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to ease congestion. Just ensure the soup is warm, not hot, for your child’s comfort.


Dealing with a cold is tough for kids, but these cold home remedies are here to lend a helping hand. While they can offer some relief, always keep a close eye on your child’s symptoms and reach out to a healthcare professional if needed. The goal is to ensure your child stays comfortable and hydrated throughout their recovery.

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FAQs on Cold Home Remedies For Kids

How do you treat a child’s cold naturally?

To treat a child’s cold naturally, ensure ample rest, offer warm fluids like herbal teas or broths, and use honey (for children over 1 year) to soothe a sore throat.

How long do children’s colds last?

Children’s colds typically last between 7-10 days, but symptoms can sometimes persist for up to two weeks, depending on the severity and the child’s overall health.

What helps a blocked nose for kids?

For a blocked nose, saline nasal drops or sprays, a humidifier in the room, and elevating the child’s head while sleeping can help provide relief from congestion. Always consult a pediatrician for persistent symptoms.


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