Tips for Getting Back To School After Covid

Even in the best of times, starting school or getting back to school may be daunting, and significantly more during a global pandemic. Children may be hesitant about returning to school, particularly if they have been studying at home for several months.

Now in order to help them, you need to explain to them gently about some of the changes they could encounter at school, including the need to wear masks and maintain a safe distance from their peers and instructors.

Assure them that these precautions have been taken to keep children and instructors safe. You may also emphasize how essential it is for children to take care of themselves, such as cleaning their hands with soap and water.

Every school will be a bit different when it comes to reopening procedures and getting back to school. On a national, state, and local level, decisions will be made considering public health and the best interests of our students and teachers in mind.

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Prepare your kid for getting back to school:

Here’s what your kid may expect to find and experience as you prepare your kid for getting back-

1. Wear a mask-

This suggestion is based on evidence that individuals who have COVID-19 can spread the virus before they even realize they have it. Fabric face masks should be used whenever social distance is difficult to maintain, just like on the buses, at carpool drop-off or pick-ups, and while entering the building.

2. Clean and disinfect-

Cleaning and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces can help minimize the risk of sickness, whether your kid is educated at home or at school. Doorknobs, faucets, keyboards, tablets, and phones are examples of commonly handled things. Cleaning and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces can help minimize the risk of sickness.

3. Expect a shift in the current system–

Keep in mind that after getting back to school your educational atmosphere will not be the same as it was when you left. Understanding why these adjustments are essential will make it easier for you to adjust. 

4. Keep hands clean-

When handwashing isn’t an option, encourage your child to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. Explain to him or her that he or she should not touch his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.

5. Practice safe distancing-

Lockers should be removed or grouped. Try creating one-way entrances in school corridors. Make sure to keep a safe distance after getting back to school.

6. Virtual classes are still an option

There’s always the potential of having to go back to an all-virtual learning approach.

7. Get back to a regular sleep schedule-

Due to pandemics and holidays, many students have an irregular sleep schedule. To aid with the change, parents might begin gradually pushing up bedtime. Avoid using devices in the bedroom and try to stick to a consistent sleep routine.


8. Seek medical advice-

If you’re concerned about how a health issue could affect you or a family member then speak with your family physician to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. As after getting back to school you may come in contact with various people who may or are suffering from any health issues.

9. Prevent separation anxiety-

Children may be apprehensive about going back to school and also being apart from their families. Discussing about school with members of the family might help you feel more connected to your home.

10. Expect some pandemic fatigue –

Even in the best of times, transitions may be difficult for children. When you add in a pandemic that has created uncertainty at every step, you have a dangerous combination. Therefore, after getting back to school, you may experience some fatigue which is common and hence is nothing to be worried about.

11. Look for new ways to connect with your friends-

While health must always be the priority, there are several methods to stay in touch with friends even if you are physically separated. 


Implementing these tips will assist you and make you feel better in getting back to school while remaining as safe as possible during the COVID-19 epidemic. Check with your local school district or health agency for additional information on what steps your local schools are taking to decrease the risk of sickness. 



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