7 Best Phonic Books For Beginners

The best way to learn English as a second language is by immersing yourself in the language every day and not worrying about making mistakes along the way, but that can be very difficult if you’re not sure how to pronounce words correctly. A good place to start your English learning journey is with these 7 best phonic books for beginners, which will help you get familiar with the sounds of each letter in the alphabet and some common spelling patterns that you’ll see in books, newspapers, and magazines later on.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Dr. Seuss’ The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of the best phonic books for children learning to read. The rhythmic text and vivid illustrations are perfect for children in their formative years.

It teaches kids about not wasting food, the days of the week, colors, and other topics that help young learners explore more words by category. It’s also been translated into dozens of languages, which means it can be a good way to learn another language as well! 

Dear Zoo – Best Phonic Books

One of the best phonic books is Dear Zoo. In this book, the child writes a letter to the zoo and tells them about the pet that they want to send over.

The letter reads as follows: Dear zoo, I have a new friend/ I need a home./ His name is Freddy. He’s 1 year old./ He likes ____. The next line continues by giving more details on what the animal likes in order to get a better idea of what he would like at his new home.

After this, there are three or four sentences describing what type of environment the person wants to live in (temperature-wise) and if it can be indoors or outdoors. Finally, there are two sentences about where the person lives so that the staff can figure out how to pack up the animal for its new home.

The Story About Ping

Ping was a little bichon/poodle mix who just couldn’t sit still. Even if he had to stay inside, he would always run around and leap over chairs and onto the table. One day, Ping was allowed to go outside to play but the other dogs told him that his tail got in their faces and that he hassled them too much by shaking them off after they rolled in the mud.

They wouldn’t let him play with them anymore so Ping found something else to do: He ran up trees. Sounds interesting……..right? You should check these best phonic books, for the ending!


Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox

Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox are your next best phonic books that you must buy. This is a wonderfully written tale about a girl who saves her village from an awful disease. At first, readers think this was just a fairy tale but it turns out it’s based on real life. It’s a wonderful woven story that makes it to the list of best phonic books,

The Cat in the Hat

My favorite book to teach phonics is The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. This book makes reading accessible to kids of all levels because the simple rhyming words are easy enough for those just starting out, but it’s also a fun story that many more advanced readers will enjoy as well. The colorful illustrations and humor make it both enjoyable and educational!

I Went Walking

The wind was high…….But they walked right by me and left without a sign. An interesting and very meaningful book amongst the best phonic books that teach the hardships and joys of life. A must-read book besides the best phonic books category it deserves.

Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime

This is one of the few phonics programs with a really great plot. The story features Jimmy (a girl, not a boy), and her pet dinosaur Rex. They are having an argument over what time it is, and no matter who is right, they will have to go to bed soon.

These interactive best phonic books have readers take turns calling out what time it could be and reading the digital clock in the corner of the screen.


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