Best Play School in India for the Development of Child

Nowadays, it is quite essential for kids to attend play school in India. If we see, a structured early childhood education program before they start elementary school is quite beneficial for a child’s learning. It’s designed to help kids learn while they have fun. Play School in India is the norm for children between 3 and 5.

Playschool aids in the development of strong foundations in social, pre-academic, and general mental skills. It fosters a child’s personal and psychological development, gives them the chance to study in ways that pique their curiosity and aids in their developmental process. I don’t know about yours but I am sure my parents would have searched for the best play school near me in my childhood.

Importance of a Play School

A Child’s development and success in life will be greatly aided by enrolling them in a play school in India. For children of the same age, it provides an ideal setting for learning and growing socially and intellectually. Starting school at a young age is highly encouraged in India because of the positive effects it may have on a child’s development (cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially) as they go through school. The instructors work hard to make learning fun and rewarding for your children by adhering to a straightforward and engaging curriculum including online educational games.


The children will benefit much from engaging in pre-primary school activities and attending kindergarten. It will make it easier for them to learn and grasp new things more quickly and efficiently as they grow up. Preschoolers engage in a wide range of creative pursuits, from working with clay, and online educational games to singing and dancing and even making up rhymes and stories.

This is a great way to help your children develop morally, intellectually, and emotionally and to inspire them to reach their full potential. Essential skills like cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development are also emphasized, guaranteeing your children will flourish intellectually.

How to Select the Best Play School in India for the Development of a Child?

When deciding whether or not to enroll your kid in a preschool, it’s important to consider a few fundamentals. The school should have most of the resources needed for lessons including access to various online educational games. Teachers should be able to adapt their classroom resources to their student’s specific needs and areas of interest.

Educators are responsible for addressing the students’ concerns, including those related to their physical well-being and diet. It’s important to have access to medical supplies and services in emergencies. The possibility of pick-up and drop-off is a useful feature.

Best Play Schools:

It’s no surprise that pre-primary school activities have sprung up throughout the nation, given the essential role that pre-schooling plays in laying the groundwork for your child’s official education.

As a parent, you can search for “ playschool near me” to fetch out the best play school around your region. However, to ease your search, we have prepared the following list of the top 5 pre-primary schools in the country. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, you can look them over and choose the one that’s right for your child.

  • Footprints Education

If you are looking for the best play school in India for your child’s overall development, then you can always rely on Footprints Education. They have an excellent teaching environment with lots of experienced faculties that will help your kid to learn and grow.

A well-structured and planned preschool becomes quite essential, and Footprints Education provides such an environment with a safe and secure campus.

With a presence in 14 cities, they are currently one of the best in the country. They even provide facilities such as online classes, making it even easier for the kids to study.

Footprints not only focuses on academics but understands the importance of extra-curricular activities, making it the best playschool for any child.

When children spend time away from home, Footprints fosters emotional development since they need to feel protected and cared for by the instructors.

It will support their emotional development and, in turn, inspire them to study more as they start to develop trustworthy connections with their instructors and peers.


They also start taking care of both themselves and other people. Activities that foster a feeling of belonging and nurture your kid emotionally as well as his social abilities include playing and eating meals together, sharing toys, and taking part in group activities.

A reputable preschool will always place a strong emphasis on fostering friendly interactions so that your kid may feel secure enough to express their feelings and discover their unique personalities.

It should come as no surprise that your kid will really appreciate all of the extra-curricular activities that are provided by Footprints. There are a variety of activities, from playing and climbing on slides to coloring with crayons, that are sure to keep your child occupied and entertained.

But there’s a lot more to it than simply having a good time! Hand-eye coordination may be improved via pursuits such as painting, crafts, jogging, and climbing. These activities also assist children to develop their motor abilities.

The preschool has implemented a number of safety and security precautions, including:

  • CCTV Auditing – Live CCTV streamings are viewed by the in-house audit team to ensure that all safety and security protocols are adhered to. These measures were taken to protect the children who attend preschool.
  • The use of soft padding, which covers the gaps between the doors and any sharp edges, helps to prevent people from accidentally trapping their fingers in between the doors.
  • Herbal Pest Control – Every weekend, in addition to doing a comprehensive deep cleaning of the premises, we perform a regular herbal pest control treatment.
  • The presence of cushioned flooring considerably lowers the likelihood of sustaining an injury.
  • Guard App requires one-time passwords (OTPs) to be entered by each visitor before they are allowed on the premises.
  • Biometric Access — Each and every parent and member of staff has their own unique biometric access.
  • Footprints solely hire women for its personnel, with the exception of the security guard. At the center, a simulated exercise in evacuation is carried out once every three months. In addition to this, the personnel receives training in fire evacuation procedures, as well as assistance and resources for fire mitigation.


●       Kidzee

This preschool business is the biggest in Asia, with a network of more than 1500 branches spread over 550 cities. Kidzee has a fee of INR 9,000 for a student’s fresh enrolment, while the yearly fee for both returning and new students is INR 5000. Kidzee provides a theme-based and personalized curriculum called “iLLUME”.

It is intended particularly to foster your child’s special talents. Additionally, it provides playgroups and senior kindergarten students with age-appropriate programming. Pre-primary school activities are carried out by well-trained instructors using experimental learning techniques and sensory learning tools.

●       Euro Kids

This well-known preschool network in India was established in 2001 and has more than 900 branches across 350 cities. The student-to-teacher ratio in the curriculum is 10:1, based on the Montessori and Playway techniques. It provides programs for four different age groups: nursery, playgroup, Eurojunior, and Eurosenior.

Your child’s linguistic, motor, cognitive, and self-esteem are all actively developed at our theme-based school. Additionally, it encourages active parental participation in the events of its preschool. It has a happy atmosphere, alluring toys, and kid-friendly furnishings.

●       Podar Jumbo

It opened its doors in 1927 and has over 80 branches spread across India. This playschool is set apart from the competition by its well-organized curriculum based on a play-way approach to teaching young children. Programs vary from infant to senior kindergarten pupils.

The teacher-student ratio at this institution is manageable, ranging from 1:7 to 1:10 depending on the subject a student is enrolled in. Jumbo has established rigorous criteria by adhering to a distinctive ideology called KiducationPodar.


●       Kangaroo Kids

This best play school in India opened its doors in Mumbai in 1993 and has since expanded to more than 80 locations nationwide. The participation of parents is essential to its success. As a result, you will always be able to be by your children’s side as they acquire new knowledge and experience growth.

Each campus is vast and offers a wide variety of opportunities to study and play with many toys. The lessons are designed with your child’s intellectual, emotional, and social growth and physical development in mind. Additionally, it caters to children with particular requirements, making it an excellent and easily accessible choice for many different parents.

●       Hello Kids

This is the first pre-primary school in India that serves students from middle-class families. It has a nationwide network of over 285 branches in over 22 states. It has skilled instructors and a good student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1. The student curriculum at this place is shaped by the Montessori and Playway techniques.

Children one and a half years old or older may enroll in this pre-primary school. The four available program groups are the nursery, playgroup, upper kindergarten, and lower kindergarten. The course content focuses on teaching young children via activities and games from preschool. Yoga, computer fundamentals, routine physicals with licensed medical specialists, and stage activities are provided.


When it comes to their children, parents will never accept anything less than the best, whether it be in the quality of their children’s food, clothes, toys, play school,  education, etc. However, the question that has to be answered is why an average person would have a list of the top choices for apparently insignificant items.

The child’s overall development will benefit from educational and recreational play also focussing on online educational games, so ensure they get enough. Playschools such as Footprints Education can be the perfect choice with all such facilities. Help lay a strong foundation for your child’s future by enrolling them in pre-primary education at one of the aforementioned institutions.


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